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Rafiki Remembers


The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series


1995 - 1997



I am Rafiki, the baboon, as old as the hills. I wander over the African plains, going my own way, singing my own songs. But when the time is right, I am where I need to be. My time has been long, and I have many stories to tell, going back to the beginning of time...I remember them all.

Rafiki Remembers is a series of magazine stories published in The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series. They were released between 1995 and 1997.


The Rafiki Remembers stories resemble traditional African lore and feature numerous animal species from The Lion King universe. The stories are told by Rafiki to a group of lion cubs, whom he teaches various lessons to. Several chief characters from real African lore are featured, such as Anansi the spider.


Stories appear in order of issue number
  1. The Leopard and the Baboon
  2. The Crocodile's Tears
  3. The Giraffe and the Oxpecker
  4. How the Birds got their Colours
  5. Sun and Moon
  6. The Tortoise's Punishment
  7. The Greedy Guest
  8. The Toad And The Rat
  9. Why Stories Are Told About Anansi
  10. How Baboon Lost his Tail
  11. Fire Against Rain
  12. How Anansi Learnt to Weave
  13. The Dove and the Hen
  14. Why Monkeys Keep Out of the Way
  15. A King for the Frogs
  16. Tables Turned
  17. Anansi Know-all
  18. Proud Fish
  19. A Witch Doctor for the Hyenas
  20. Why Dog Chases Animals
  21. The Lion's House
  22. Why the Warthog Is Ugly
  23. The Coming of Darkness
  24. The Bees' Drum
  25. The Flying Lion
  26. The Shark and the Monkey
  27. The Bearded Stone
  28. The Friends
  29. The Selfish Hare
  30. The Stupid Ass
  31. How Squirrel got his Tail
  32. Up in the Sky
  33. Snail Tricks Squirrel
  34. How Anansi Shamed Himself
  35. The House that Built Itself
  36. Leopard and Little Cat
  37. Wooing Ways
  38. Fox and Crow
  39. Test of Strength
  40. Why Flies Buzz
  41. Why Hippo Has No Coat
  42. Why the Monkeys Have no House
  43. The Dancing Elephant
  44. When Fowls Were Lords
  45. Thunder and Lightning
  46. We All Need Friends
  47. The Song of the Veld
  48. The Ostriches' Chicks
  49. Why the Hyena Smells
  50. The Greedy Buffalo
  51. The Pig's Tale
  52. The Long Wait
  53. Finding Is Keeping
  54. The Bean Feast
  55. Choosing Friends
  56. How Lion was Tricked
  57. Tears of the Hartebeest
  58. The Quarrel
  59. Hyena's New Coat
  60. The Honey Guide
  61. Revenge of the Tortoise
  62. How Crab Lost His Head
  63. The Foolish Spider
  64. Why Wild Dog Hunts
  65. Why Rock Rabbit Has No Tail
  66. The Greedy Baboon
  67. Why Leopard Hates Dogs
  68. Anansi and Squirrel
  69. Guinea Fowl and Crab
  70. Toktokkie the Beetle
  71. Up in the Clouds
  72. How Wasp got his Waist
  73. Cruel Chameleon
  74. Who Stole Duiker's Eggs?
  75. Hare and Hyena
  76. Anansi and Lizard
  77. Bushbuck's Husband
  78. How Zebra Got His Stripes
  79. Goat's Escape



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