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Rafiki (2019 film)
Rafiki 2019
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Pride Lands

Everybody is somebody. Even a nobody.

Rafiki is an adult male mandrill.


The Lion King

I know exactly who I am. The question is, who are you?
―Rafiki to Simba[src]

At Pride Rock, Rafiki presents the newborn prince, Simba, to the animals of the Pride Lands. After the ceremony, he draws a painting of Simba on his tree.

Rafiki presents a newborn Simba to the Pride Lands

Months later, Scar becomes the king and allows the hyenas to take over the kingdom. Rafiki and Zazu watch from a distance in disapproval.

Years after, a piece of Simba’s mane reaches Rafiki’s tree, and he realizes that Simba is alive. He journeys to the jungle, where he finds Simba distressed over the prospect of returning home. Rafiki reveals that he had known Simba’s father, Mufasa, and implores Simba to follow him in order to see his father again.

Look harder 2019

Rafiki shows Simba his reflection

Rafiki leads Simba on a chase through the jungle until they reach a pool. He instructs Simba to look at his reflection. Though at first doubtful, Simba does so and sees Mufasa’s face in the water. He encounters the spirit of his father, after which he agrees to return home. Rafiki celebrates the decision as Simba races off.

Later, during the battle at Pride Rock, Rafiki uses his staff to fend off hyenas. After the pride achieves victory, Rafiki watches Simba ascend Pride Rock.

Months later, he presents Simba’s cub to the Pride Lands.

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