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Pink nose

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Also known as

   Bungalow Bill (by Timon)
   Captain Quint (by himself)
   Carlos and Consuelo Quint (by himself)
   Chromosome Quint (by himself)
   Claim-jumper Quint (by himself)
   Clockwork Quint (by himself)
   Colosseum Quintius (by himself)
   Concierge Quint (by himself)
   Congo Quint (by himself)
   Cosco Quint (by himself)
   Courteous Quint (by himself)
   Criminal Quint (by himself)
   Culinary Quint (by himself)
   Fire bug (by Smolder)
   Frenchy (by Timon)
   Pet store owner Quint (by himself)
   Toga boy (by Timon)
   Tweedle-dee (by Timon)



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Pumbaa (formerly), Timon (formerly)


Fronk Fegnugen, Pumbaa, Simba, Smolder, Speedy the Snail, Timon

Ha! Ha! Ha!
―Quint's evil laugh[src]

Quint is a male human. He is Timon and Pumbaa's archenemy.


Theft of Pumbaa's gold nugget

Timon and Pumbaa were in Canada in search of gold. While Pumbaa did all the hard work, Timon relaxed and read magazines. Pumbaa did not think it was fair that they were planning to split the gold since he was the only one doing any work. Timon got angry and drew a line, declaring that he could keep everything on his side and that Pumbaa could keep everything on his side.

Cosco Quint convinces Timon to steal Pumbaa's gold nugget.

As the two continued their search, Pumbaa found a giant gold nugget, while Timon found a bottle cap labeled Caribou Cola. Pumbaa was impressed by Timon's find, but Timon forced the warthog to stay on his side of the line. The two began to squabble, unaware that Cosco Quint was watching from above. Upon seeing Pumbaa's gold nugget, Quint resolved to steal it.

Later, when Pumbaa had a party in celebration of the gold nugget, Timon watched through a window. Although he was jealous of Pumbaa's richness, he was too prideful to leave. Just then, Quint showed up and posited that the gold nugget belonged to Timon. He then urged the meerkat to steal it from Pumbaa. At first, Timon was reluctant to do so, as he was Pumbaa's friend, but Quint told him not to worry about it. Together, the two hatched a plan for Timon to distract Pumbaa with a little "show," while Quint put the gold nugget in a bag.

Cosco Quint steals the gold nugget.

Quint and Timon met backstage, where Quint gave Timon the bag, then departed. Pumbaa showed up and asked what Timon had in his bag. Overwhelmed by guilt, Timon confessed that he had stolen the gold nugget and that it was inside the bag. However, when Pumbaa peered into the bag, it was empty, and Timon realized that he had been tricked by Quint.

The friends quickly split up to retrieve the gold nugget. The duo chased Quint and his pet snow dog but ended up falling into deep snow. They eventually made it to a frozen lake, where Quint broke the ice, put a motor on Timon and Pumbaa's iceberg, and sent them blasting away.[1]

Reclaiming his suitcase

Criminal Quint shows Timon and Pumbaa his identification.

Criminal Quint leaped out of a plane with a suitcase that contained his loot. Since his parachute only affected the suitcase, he plummeted to the ground, and his loot blew into Timon and Pumbaa's campsite, replacing their own suitcase in the process.

Unaware of the switch, Pumbaa begged Timon to fetch him his favorite blanket from their suitcase. Timon did so, only to become excited upon seeing Quint's cash. Pumbaa's suspicions were raised when he noticed the dollar signs and thought bubbles above Timon's head. Timon hastily hid the money and attempted to leave the country. Before he could get away, he got tripped by a tree stump and let go of the suitcase, which sprang open on the ground. Pumbaa got a close look inside and realized that the strange stash amounted to exactly $1,290,000.

Timon and Pumbaa discover that Criminal Quint is a thief.

Just then, Quint showed up to claim his suitcase. A skeptical Timon asked Quint about the contents, but the criminal easily gave the exact dollar amount in the suitcase and indicated that his name was printed on the luggage tag. He then showed Timon a wanted poster for identification, and the meerkat begrudgingly relinquished the suitcase. As a reward for their help, Quint gave the duo one dollar.

After Quint left, Pumbaa proclaimed that they had done the right thing, but Timon complained that they could not buy anything with a single dollar. However, Pumbaa proved Timon wrong by purchasing a one-dollar newspaper. On the front page of the newspaper, the duo saw Quint's face and an article about his theft of the suitcase. Pumbaa remarked that they should turn Quint in to the police, but Timon warned that, by returning the luggage to Quint, they had become accomplices in the crime. Thus, the meerkat insisted, the right thing to do would be to get the money back themselves.

Criminal Quint realizes that he has Timon and Pumbaa's suitcase.

Timon and Pumbaa attempted to enter Quint's house in Tennessee by acting as a salesman. However, when the plan failed, they disguised themselves as a baby instead. In the process, Timon accidentally detonated a grenade, which caused them to fail again. The duo's final plan was to enter the house as Santa and a reindeer. The two got into costume and tried to give Quint toys, but he told them that it was still June. Though they accepted his rejection and left his house, they took the toys and the suitcase with them.

After Quint realized that there was no reindeer named Pumbaa, he took off after Timon and Pumbaa, and chased them until he had them cornered on a cliff. Timon tossed the suitcase over the edge, and Quint caught it. The meerkat then revealed to Quint, who was standing on thin air, that the suitcase was actually their luggage. Immediately, the criminal plummeted into a prison below and became a convict.[2]

Revenge on Fronk Fegnugen

Clockwork Quint tells Timon and Pumbaa that he has been seeking revenge on Fronk Fegnugen.

Clockwork Quint lived in Switzerland and worked as a clock inspector. When Quint's Swiss town chose Fronk Fegnugen to be their timekeeper, Quint grew jealous of him and desired revenge. One day, when he saw that the clock was broken, he came up with an idea for revenge: fire Fegnugen if the clock was not fixed by noon.

After delivering his ultimatum, Quint left. Eventually, he returned, believing that he would be able to take Fegnugen's job. However, at the stroke of noon, Timon and Pumbaa performed the jobs of the mechanical animals that had previously been on the tower. Quint was enraged by what he saw and left, which meant that Fegnugen could keep his job as a timekeeper. This made Fegnugen, Timon, Pumbaa, and Fegnugen's wife Frieda relieved and happy.[3]

Attack on Speedy the Snail

After Timon and Pumbaa met and befriended Speedy the Snail, the three arrived in Paris, France. There, they encountered Culinary Quint, who kidnapped Speedy so he could turn the snail into a meal at the Eiffel Tower. This incited Timon and Pumbaa to rescue their new friend.

Timon attempts to save Speedy the Snail from Culinary Quint.

Quint trapped Speedy in a cage and prepared to cook him. Before he could do so, Pumbaa interrupted and told Quint that the famous Jerry Lewis was there, but Quint claimed that he was not a fan of Lewis. Meanwhile, Timon freed Speedy from the cage, and the three friends made a hasty getaway. Quint soon realized that he had been tricked and took off after the friends. He managed to catch Timon and Pumbaa, and threw the duo out of the Eiffel Tower. The friends landed in the Louvre Museum, where the Mona Lisa painting fell on Timon.

After the defeat, Timon came up with another plan to rescue Speedy. The duo disguised themselves as a costumer, and Timon asked for a table for one. Unaware of the customer's true identity, Quint brought Timon to a table and gave him a menu. Timon then requested a raw snail with "cute, little gumdrop eyes" and a "swirly, curlicue shell" that was still alive. The plan almost worked until Pumbaa started talking, which made Quint recognize the friends and throw them out of the Eiffel Tower once more.

Culinary Quint prepares to capture Pumbaa and Speedy the Snail.

After he got rid of Timon and Pumbaa, Quint readied himself to cook Speedy again, but the duo showed up in time to stop him. Timon got Speedy out of the pot, and the snail landed on Pumbaa's head. However, Timon ran into Quint and fell into a cooking pot. This made him incredibly hot, so he rushed into a freezer and sat on some ice to cool himself down. Quint promptly trapped Timon in the freezer, then started to chase Pumbaa and Speedy.

After repeatedly outwitting Quint, Pumbaa and Speedy escaped the kitchen and reached the elevator. Quint saw them and advanced on them with two kitchen weapons in hand. Pumbaa and Speedy entered the elevator and closed the door right before Quint could catch them, to their relief. However, their luck did not last, for Quint managed to send them back to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where he finally caught them. Just then, Timon slid in on a huge ice cube, which hit Quint and made him fall out of the Eiffel Tower and land in the Louvre. A sword fell in-between the man's legs, and he passed out. With Quint defeated, Timon and Pumbaa resolved to take Speedy home.[4]

Time as a wildlife photographer

Congo Quint corners Timon and Pumbaa.

While running from Congo Quint, Timon and Pumbaa ended up in baby clothes that a rabbit had been hanging up. Quint caught up to them, only for a female gorilla to appear and save them. She took the friends home, where she decided that they would be her babies and that she was going to take care of them. After the incident, Timon theorized that he and Pumbaa could pretend to be babies so the female gorilla would protect them from Quint.

Not long afterward, a male gorilla knocked on the door and asked the female gorilla to marry him. She accepted and left to get her dress. In the female gorilla's absence, the male gorilla talked to Timon and Pumbaa, who continued to act like babies. However, the male gorilla revealed that he was actually Quint in disguise. Timon and Pumbaa were shocked when they recognized Quint, but there was nothing they could do to stop him.

Congo Quint disguises himself as a gorilla.

At long last, the female gorilla returned with her wedding dress and started to talk with the "male gorilla" about the wedding. While they were talking, Timon snuck up behind Quint and zipped down his costume, which exposed his real face. Enraged by the deception, the female gorilla kicked Quint out of the house. Timon and Pumbaa were relieved to be safe, but Pumbaa was unhappy that they were lying to the female gorilla. Though he longed to tell her the truth, Timon convinced him that they were safer with her and that "nice guys finish last."

Later that day, someone knocked on the door, and the female gorilla opened it. Three old gorillas came inside to see the "new babies." The three cuddled Timon and Pumbaa until the female gorilla showed the friends her surprise: three baby gorillas whom she had brought to play with them. Pumbaa was uncomfortable with the idea and decided to tell the female gorilla the truth. Upon Pumbaa's confession that they had been taking advantage of her "maternal instincts for personal safety and comfort," she began to angrily chase them.

Congo Quint takes a picture of Timon and Pumbaa.

While running from the female gorilla, Timon and Pumbaa ended up at a dead-end, and the gorillas surrounded them. All of a sudden, a net fell onto the gorillas, trapping them. Quint emerged from the underbrush and hefted what looked like a high-tech gun. He pointed it at Timon and Pumbaa, and boasted that he had finally caught them. However, when he pulled the trigger, the gun took a picture, which revealed that Quint was actually a wildlife photographer and that the gun was actually a camera.

Quint claimed that he was going to be famous for his picture of Timon and Pumbaa, and that all the magazines would want it for their cover. The man started to leave, but the female gorilla grabbed him through the net and started to violently hit him against the ground. Timon seized Quint's camera and took pictures of the fight so he could sell the photos to magazines himself.[5]

Recruiting Pumbaa to be a bull

Carlos and Consuelo Quint saw Pumbaa running at a fast speed and mistook him for a bull. The men promptly caught him and took him to a bullfighting arena, where they fired El Toro and replaced him with Pumbaa. El Toro was angered by the decision and refused to leave without a fight.

Later, the Quints guarded Pumbaa's room while Timon snuck in to save his friend.[6]

Time as a ship captain

While on a cruise ship, Timon and Pumbaa tried to trick Captain Quint into thinking that they were "anti-stowaways," but the captain was not convinced. He was about to throw the duo off the cruise ship when Speedy the Snail arrived and vouched for them.

Later, Quint witnessed the cruise passengers jumping out of the boat because Timon had tricked them into thinking that there was gold underwater.[7]

Time as a concierge

Concierge Quint tells Timon and Pumbaa that they are not welcome in his hotel.

One day, Timon and Pumbaa's new napping spot, a palm tree, got airlifted to a posh hotel with the friends still in its branches. Upon landing at the hotel, the two were dazzled by the sight of the hotel's rooftop swimming pool. They resolved to nap in it, but Concierge Quint grabbed them and threw them out of the hotel. Pumbaa lamented how he always picked troublesome napping spots, but Timon told the warthog that his napping spot was perfect and that they were going to sneak back into the hotel.

In order to infiltrate the hotel, Timon and Pumbaa hid in one of the suitcases that Quint was pushing. However, Pumbaa passed gas, which made Quint open the suitcase and spot the two. Quint chased Timon and Pumbaa up the stairs, then ran into a person (which was really Timon and Pumbaa in disguise). The person opened a door for Quint and told him that Timon and Pumbaa had gone that way. The door turned out to lead outside of the hotel, which caused Quint to fall down. With the concierge gone, Timon and Pumbaa took a nap in the pool, but Quint caught the two and threw them out again.

Concierge Quint temporarily captures Timon and Pumbaa.

Just then, Timon saw a sign for a seminar. He rearranged the words and put a picture of Simba in place of the original picture. Timon and Pumbaa tried to enter the hotel again, but Quint stopped them. Timon claimed that they were on the way to a seminar, which convinced the concierge to let them in. However, when the Simba picture fell down, Quint realized that he had been tricked and started to chase Timon and Pumbaa again. The duo managed to escape into an elevator. Quint went from staircase to staircase in order to capture them, but they continuously outsmarted him. Eventually, Timon and Pumbaa made it to some sun chairs, where they napped, but Quint caught them and threw them out once more.

For their next infiltration attempt, Timon and Pumbaa used toilet plungers to climb up the hotel. The two ran into Quint, and Timon put the plungers on the concierge's eyes. As Quint chased Timon and Pumbaa, the two blew up balloons of themselves to trick him. The concierge eventually caught the balloons, but they deflated, which caused him to fall.

Concierge Quint gives Timon and Pumbaa a bill.

Later, Quint caught Timon and Pumbaa sitting at a table with drinks. The duo told him that they would keep coming back to the hotel no matter how many times he threw them out. This made Quint figure out how to make the friends want to leave the hotel once and for all: treat them like real hotel guests.

After pampering Timon and Pumbaa, Quint gave them a long paper bill for their napping spot. Knowing they did not have any money to pay the bill, the two attempted to escape the hotel, and Quint chased them. They outsmarted Quint once again, after which they flew out of the hotel and landed on a bed that a truck was carrying.[8]

Theft of Timon and Pumbaa's gold

Courteous Quint rescues Timon and Pumbaa.

While mining for gold in the Klondike, Courteous Quint found Timon and Pumbaa, who had been frozen by a strong wind. He rescued the two friends by licking the ice that encased them. After the rescue, Quint set up a camp, and Timon and Pumbaa warmed themselves up with blankets. Pumbaa thanked Quint for saving their lives, but Timon did not trust the man's niceness and wondered what he was doing in the Klondike. Pumbaa suggested that they ask him, but Timon claimed that they had to be sneaky.

Timon went to Quint and started a conversation that led the man to reveal that he was mining for gold. He confessed to Timon and Pumbaa that, though he had been wandering the frozen tundra for 50 years, he had not found anything. After Quint showed the two friends his shovels and picks for digging up gold, Pumbaa gave the man a map. However, Timon took the map back and claimed that Quint did not need help. Pumbaa suggested that they team up with Quint so they could dig up gold with his equipment, which made Timon change his mind.

Timon agrees to ally with Courteous Quint.

Together, Timon, Pumbaa, and Quint went out to mine for gold. They came across a cave and assumed that there was lots of gold inside. Timon and Pumbaa rushed toward the cave entrance, but Quint stopped them and warned them about a polar bear that dwelled inside the cave. He suggested that they let him enter first. Pumbaa readily agreed to the plan, but Timon stopped Quint from entering and warned the man that his politeness did not fool him. The meerkat then decided that he would go in first.

Upon entering the cave, Timon discovered that it was full of gold. Suddenly, a polar bear appeared and ate him. Timon managed to get out of the polar bear's mouth and ran away, but it chased him into a dead-end. Just in time, Pumbaa and Quint rescued Timon from the predator. After the ordeal, the group went back outside to fetch their equipment. Though Pumbaa praised Quint for the rescue, Timon still refused to trust the man.

Courteous Quint warns Timon and Pumbaa about a polar bear that is inside the cave.

Later, Timon, Pumbaa, and Quint returned to the cave and mined for gold. While they were working, rocks nearly fell on Timon, but Quint saved the meerkat's life. In spite of the rescue, Timon refused to trust Quint.

Afterward, Timon, Pumbaa, and Quint went to a swimming pool. Pumbaa asked Timon if he could bring him some scissors, and the meerkat did so, running around the pool with the scissors in hand. He was soon stopped by Quint, who warned him that he might get seriously hurt if he ran around with scissors. Timon still refused to trust Quint, which made Pumbaa wonder why he did not trust a man who had saved his life four times. Timon replied that Quint was only saving his life because he wanted the meerkat's gold.

Courteous Quint is revealed to be Claim-jumper Quint.

Shortly after saying this, Timon got gold fever. He gave one gold piece to Pumbaa, one to himself, one to Quint, then one to himself again. Quint suggested that Timon split the gold, but Timon put all the gold in one bag.

Later, Timon, Pumbaa, and Quint prepared to cross some ice. However, the ground crumbled and broke apart, which made Timon fall into a crevice with the gold. Pumbaa caught Timon, and Quint caught Pumbaa by the tail. Because of how heavy and difficult Timon and Pumbaa were to lift, Quint told Timon to throw the bag to him, but the meerkat refused. Pumbaa told Timon that he had to trust Quint and reminded him about all the times Quint had saved their lives. Timon reluctantly agreed to throw the bag of gold to Quint. However, after Quint got the bag thrown to him, he revealed himself to be a gold thief named Claim-jumper Quint. A hook from a helicopter grabbed on to Quint, who let go of Pumbaa's tail and let the duo fall to their deaths. To the two's fortune, they landed safely in a large pile of snow. Meanwhile, Quint's helicopter entered a police aircraft, and the police arrested him.[9]

Exposing Hero X's secret identity

Chromosome Quint tells Timon about his plan to reveal Super Duper Hero X's secret identity.

When Timon disguised himself as Super Duper Hero X to make money, he got kidnapped by Hero X's archenemy, Chromosome Quint. Pumbaa worried about Timon and wondered who could help him. Just then, Speedy the Snail showed up and declared that he was there to meet Hero X. Pumbaa broke the news that the hero had been kidnapped and carried off in Quint's aircraft. Speedy revealed that whenever something went wrong, he would sing, and so he performed a song for Pumbaa. After the performance, Pumbaa suggested that they find Timon.

Meanwhile, Quint introduced himself to Timon, whom he mistook for Hero X. He told the meerkat that he was going to reveal Hero X's secret identity to all the animals who were gathering around Pride Rock for the presentation of a newborn lion cub. Timon tried to tell Quint who he really was, but the man continued to believe that he was a superhero.

Chromosome Quint prepares to reveal Super Duper Hero X's secret identity to the animals at Pride Rock.

In the meantime, Pumbaa and Speedy found Quint's aircraft. The two friends climbed to the very top of Pride Rock and tried to enter the aircraft from above. Pumbaa wondered how he and Speedy could get inside, and the snail suggested that they sing, which caused them to slide into the aircraft. Once inside, they ran into Quint and Timon. Timon tried to get Pumbaa to tell Quint that he was not Hero X, but the warthog merely stated that he was.

Just then, Pumbaa got trapped by Quint, who ran out of the room. Pumbaa showed Timon that he had brought Speedy with him, but the meerkat did not believe that a snail could help them escape. Speedy then revealed to his friends that he was Hero X and freed the duo from Quint's trap. Together, the three friends resolved to defeat their enemy.

Chromosome Quint controls a seagull ship so he can kidnap Speedy the Snail.

Meanwhile, Quint nearly revealed Hero X's secret identity to the gathered animals. However, Timon, Pumbaa, and Speedy turned off the power, which made them believe that Quint was defeated. Little did they realize that by turning off the power, they had caused the aircraft to stop flying. Because of their mistake, the aircraft nearly hurt the gathered animals and destroyed Pride Rock.

Later, at Speedy's home, Timon and Pumbaa said goodbye to their friend and thanked him for saving Pride Rock and all the animals. Timon found it funny how they had been risking their lives to save Speedy even though the snail had been a superhero all along. Pumbaa was just glad that Quint would remain behind bars. Just then, a seagull, which turned out to be an aircraft controlled by Quint, kidnapped Speedy. This left it up to Timon and Pumbaa to rescue their friend.[10]

Recruiting Simba to be a gladiator

When Timon and Pumbaa got sent to Rome, Colosseum Quintius ordered that the two be fed to a lion. Realizing the danger they were in, the duo tried to escape the stadium. However, they were too late, and the lion caught them both. To their fortune, the lion turned out to be their friend, Simba, who refused to eat them. This angered Quint and the audience.

Colosseum Quintius tells Simba to either eat Timon and Pumbaa or fight Claudius.

Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba tried to leave the stadium, but Quint stopped them and demanded that Simba either eat Timon and Pumbaa or battle Claudius, a gladiator lion who had never lost a fight. In response to Quint's ultimatum, Timon devised a plan to make it seem like Simba had eaten his friends so they could trick Quint into letting them go. After Timon and Pumbaa hid in Simba's mouth, the lion started to leave the stadium. However, Timon and Pumbaa began to fight, which made Quint suspicious. Finally, Timon made Pumbaa release gas by accident, and Simba was forced to spit the two out in disgust.

Exposed, Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba retreated and ran out of the stadium, with Quint in pursuit. After a long chase that culminated in both groups using chariots to escape one another, the friends left Quint behind. As they attempted to depart Rome, Quint captured Simba and declared that the lion would fight Claudius to the death the next day.

Colosseum Quintius fights Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba with his sword.

When it came time for the fight, Claudius and Simba entered the Colosseum and prepared to battle each other to the death. Just as both lions readied themselves for the fight, Claudius fell asleep. It was then revealed that, while Timon and Pumbaa had been unable to get Claudius to call off the fight with Simba, their attempts to make him forfeit had kept him up all night.

Enraged that Claudius would not fight and that Simba still refused to eat Timon and Pumbaa, Quint decided to fight the trio himself. During the battle, Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba messed around with Quint's attempts to kill them, and Quint accidentally broke one of the pillars that was holding up the Colosseum. This caused the pillars to fall down like dominoes. As the Colosseum began to collapse, Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba escaped to safety, and Timon planted a sign in the ground that read: "Beware of Fallen Empire!"[11]

Time as a pet store owner

Pet store owner Quint captures Timon and Pumbaa for his pet shop.

Timon and Pumbaa got sent to a pet shop that was owned by Pet store owner Quint. At first, both disliked being in the pet store, but Timon changed his mind after they got pampered by Quint's machines. The two were put into a "golden cage," where Timon marveled at the air conditioner, private bathroom, and many available bugs. Pumbaa, however, was homesick and did not want to stay in the pet shop. Meanwhile, Quint went to lunch and left the pet shop secured with laser beams.

As time went on, Timon continued to enjoy the pet store's pampering and even began to call the shop his "new home." Conversely, Pumbaa suggested that, since Quint would not let them go, they should escape. Timon refused to listen to Pumbaa's urging and resolved to stay in their cage.

Pet store owner Quint tries to prevent Timon and Pumbaa from escaping.

Later, Pumbaa opened a vent with a fork so he could escape. Timon told his friend that he should give their cage a chance and try to relax, but Pumbaa continued to make his escape, insisting that he would get away with or without Timon. At Pumbaa's words, Timon turned around and was given some bugs. He started to show Pumbaa the bugs but noticed that the warthog was gone. Believing that his obsession with the pet store had caused Pumbaa to leave him, Timon became overcome with misery and guilt. However, it was soon revealed that Pumbaa had actually been in the bathroom.

Pumbaa told Timon that there was still room for one more to escape, and Timon expressed joy at seeing his friend again. The warthog went on that Timon was the only one who could come up with a clever way to escape and the only one who could easily fit through the vent. At last, Timon agreed to Pumbaa's plan of escape.

Pet store owner Quint gets locked in a cage after his pet shop is destroyed.

Pumbaa tied Timon to a rope, and the meerkat climbed through the vent and into the hall. Timon pushed a button that opened all the cages and freed the other animals in the store. The duo then attempted an escape of their own. However, in the process, Timon ate some bugs and accidentally dropped one on the floor, which set off an alarm.

Quint entered the store and saw Timon and Pumbaa trying to escape. Timon pushed some buttons that made the store close, and the duo made their escape, leaving Quint inside. The man desperately tried to re-open the store but accidentally caused the shop to get destroyed. He also got himself locked inside a cage.[12]

Time in the circus

One day, Quint met with a clown named Meanie. He claimed that their previous performances had not been so successful, so he hired Timon and Pumbaa to follow Meanie's lead. Later, Meanie decided to quit his job as a clown, as he believed that the audience loved Timon and Pumbaa more.[13]

Competition with Timon

Claim-jumper Quint, the king of Rottingham, planned to steal a pile of gold rocks that Timon and Pumbaa had found while trying to catch some water bugs. Timon and Pumbaa insisted that he keep the gold until he told them that they could use it to buy bugs. This made the duo change their minds, but Quint declared that he owned the forest.

Claim-jumper Quint makes himself the owner of the forest.

Timon and Pumbaa tried to find a way to stop Quint from stealing the gold. Timon suggested that he become Robin Hood and Pumbaa become his merry man, Little Hog. The friends tried various ways to stop Quint, but none of their plans worked. After their many failures, Timon and Pumbaa decided to disguise themselves as a woman. Quint encountered Timon in his woman costume and became attracted to the disguise. While Timon talked to Quint, Pumbaa sneakily took the bags of gold. The two then escaped with the loot.

After the friends escaped Quint, Pumbaa gave the gold to the forest animals, but Timon insisted that they use the gold to buy bugs. Pumbaa suggested that Timon instead challenge Quint to a competition. Timon did so, and Quint declared that the winner of the competition could keep the gold. Pumbaa added that the winner could also take what was behind curtain number three.

Claim-jumper Quint battles Timon.

Shortly afterward, Quint and Timon began their competition. While Quint won the first round, Timon won the second round. To break the tie, Quint suggested that he and Timon have an archery contest. They used Pumbaa as a target, specifically an apple that they placed on his head. Quint and Timon both succeeded in shooting the apple, which resulted in another tie. For the tiebreaker, Quint suggested that they flip a coin, with Quint claiming tails and Timon claiming heads. Quint flipped the coin, and it landed on heads. Therefore, Quint won.

As the winner of the competition, Quint forced Timon to return the bags of gold. However, he first wished to look at what was behind curtain number three. He did so, only for nothing to be behind the curtain. Pumbaa then pulled a rope that made all the gold fall on the king. Timon shot his arrows at Quint, which made Pumbaa proud.[14]

Time as a zookeeper

When Timon and Pumbaa saw a buzzard get captured by Quint, who put it in a truck headed to a zoo, Timon told his friend that it would be great to live in a zoo and suggested that they get themselves captured. In order to ensnare more animals, Quint put leaves on a pit, which covered a trap. Timon pretended that he wanted to nap on the leaves, but Pumbaa quickly rescued his friend, which resulted in a lion falling into the pit instead.

Quint sets a trap.

Timon and Pumbaa tried again to get themselves captured, this time by using a rope. Timon asked Pumbaa to hold the rope for a second, then came back with toothbrushes. The meerkat saw his friend not holding the rope, and the two realized that the rope had gotten attached to a rhinoceros' horn. As the rhinoceros chased Timon and Pumbaa, a crate fell on and trapped it.

For their third attempt to get captured, Timon and Pumbaa used a big net. However, when they struggled to trap themselves, Pumbaa asked a gorilla for help. The gorilla did as Pumbaa had asked, only for Quint to capture it instead of the duo. Later, coconuts fell on Timon and Pumbaa, and a snake landed on the coconuts. Quint captured the snake and thanked Timon and Pumbaa for helping him capture so many animals.

Quint feeds Timon and Pumbaa to the snake.

Timon and Pumbaa tried one last time to get themselves captured. This time, they snuck inside the back of the truck. The two were about to enter when they saw that the animals whom they had accidentally helped Quint capture were in cages and angry at them. At the sight, Timon changed his mind about getting captured and decided that he would prefer to remain in the jungle.

Later, Timon lay on a hammock, while Pumbaa lay in the mud. Timon was about to eat a tortilla filled with bugs, but Pumbaa kept insisting that they free the animals whom they had helped Quint capture. The two went to the zoo, where Quint showed up and considered Timon and Pumbaa to be the snake's food. He promptly put the duo in a bag and dropped them into the snake's cage.

Quint gives Timon and Pumbaa their very own cage.

After Timon and Pumbaa flew out of the snake's cage and landed on two hedgehogs, Timon expressed a desire to leave the zoo, but Pumbaa complained about the captured animals again. The two dressed up as cleaners, and Quint made them get in the gorilla's cage. The gorilla put Timon and Pumbaa on a tire swing and made them fly into the rhinoceros' cage. The rhinoceros poked Timon and Pumbaa with its horn, and the two flew into the lion's cage.

After Timon and Pumbaa escaped the lion, Pumbaa saw a machine and accidentally pushed a button that opened the cages of the zoo, which caused all the animals to escape. Timon and Pumbaa promptly snuck out of the room with the machine and ran into the animals whom they had unintentionally helped Quint capture. The animals attacked Timon and Pumbaa, and Quint put the two in their very own cage. Pumbaa told Timon that he had been right about living in a zoo. Soon, they realized that they were in a petting zoo, as they saw children on a field trip coming to pet them.[15]

Freeing Excalibur

Quint struggled to pull a sword called Excalibur out of a rock while Timon and Pumbaa watched him. After the trouble with the sword, Quint left for lunch. In his absence, he forced Timon and Pumbaa to pull Excalibur out of the stone before a dragon attacked, else he would be very angry with them.

Quint struggles to pull out Excalibur.

Timon and Pumbaa had trouble taking Excalibur out of the rock as well. Timon eventually got the idea to create a vacuum cleaner, as there were no vacuum cleaners in medieval times. The vacuum cleaner plan backfired, so Timon and Pumbaa opted to use a magnet instead. However, according to the manual Pumbaa was reading, the magnet would not take Excalibur out of the rock; rather, it would draw in other swords. Just as Pumbaa had read, several swords started flying at Timon and Pumbaa. The two fled for their lives but ran straight into a dead-end. Timon immediately let go of the magnet, which caused the swords to land on the table where Quint was having his lunch.

Timon tricked Quint into thinking that he and Pumbaa had pulled Excalibur of the rock by using one of the regular swords as a fake. Quint was not convinced and made Timon and Pumbaa return to the rock. Timon read a note on Excalibur, which claimed that they had to get help from the Lady of the Lake. Timon and Pumbaa went to a lake and found a man instead of a lady. The man showed the two the "pancake of doom," which would magically take Excalibur out of the rock.

Quint prepares to fight the dragon.

Timon and Pumbaa showed Quint the "pancake of doom" and performed a magic trick to make Excalibur come out of the stone, but the magic did not work. Quint threw Timon and Pumbaa back at the rock, which caused some of the rock to break. This gave Timon an idea. The meerkat gathered explosive objects to blow up the rock while Quint finished up his lunch. After Timon blew up the rock, Excalibur flew into the air, to Timon and Pumbaa's joy. However, it landed in another rock. Quint was oblivious about the sword being in a different rock and believed that it had gotten removed completely.

Just then, Timon, Pumbaa, and Quint saw a dragon about to attack. Quint smashed the dragon with the rock, which made the dragon give up. Quint noticed that Excalibur was still stuck in a rock and got angry at Timon and Pumbaa. Timon explained what had just happened, and Quint decided to use the rock as a weapon instead of Excalibur.[16]

Losing his ship

Timon and Pumbaa get in trouble with Captain Quint.

Captain Quint asked Timon and Pumbaa for their tickets, but they did not have anything to show him. Timon quickly came up with a distraction while he and Pumbaa made a run for it. After realizing that Timon and Pumbaa were stowaways, Quint had one of the crew secure the two friends so they would not get into trouble; that way, he could deal with them after dinner.

Quint's assistant took Timon and Pumbaa to a room. Timon tricked the man into entering first, which allowed the duo to lock him inside and escape. After they fled, they hid in the captain's room and saw that Quint was not driving the boat. Timon took the captain's hat and played with the wheel. Pumbaa wanted to be the captain too, but Timon would not let him because there was only one captain and because the warthog did not know about nautical matters.

Captain Quint gets grabbed by an octopus.

Timon noticed that the boat was en route to a desert island. He tried to get help, but no one answered his calls. The meerkat then turned the wheel, and the boat veered in a different direction. After Timon's success, Pumbaa got the idea to trick Timon into thinking that someone had called him. When Timon began to talk on the phone, Pumbaa took the hat and drove the ship. Timon soon realized that he had been tricked.

Just then, Pumbaa saw that the boat was about to run into an octopus. After the boat shaved the octopus' head, Timon took the hat from Pumbaa, and the two started fighting over who should be the captain and which way they should go. In doing so, they accidentally set the ship in motion. Later, Timon and Pumbaa saw a big wave coming after them. Pumbaa quickly pushed a lever that caused the boat to jump from one road to another, and the wave collapsed.

Timon and Pumbaa tell Captain Quint to go down with his ship.

After Timon and Pumbaa escaped the wave, Pumbaa took the hat from Timon and saw that the ship was about to fall off a cliff. The boat hit the octopus again, and the octopus chased it, grabbed it, then submerged with it. Upon realizing that water was flooding into the ship, Pumbaa took an inflated female octopus out of the boat to distract the octopus while the ship got out of the water.

An enraged Quint went to his room and saw that Timon and Pumbaa had been controlling his ship. The boat suddenly hit an ice cube, which caused the entire vessel to sink. Timon, Pumbaa, and Quint got on a small boat and watched the larger ship sink. When Timon and Pumbaa told Quint that he was supposed to go down with the ship since he was the captain, he got mad and put the duo on a raft.[17]

Time as a lumberjack

Quint threatens to kill Timon and Pumbaa if they do not relight the fire.

After Smolder warned Timon and Pumbaa about the dangers of fire, the duo put their fire out. Just then, Quint, who had just gone fishing, forced the two to relight the fire. He showed Timon and Pumbaa that they could find fire at a nearby volcano.

While Timon and Pumbaa were on their way to relight the fire for Quint, they ran into Smolder. Instead of telling the bear the truth, Timon claimed that he and Pumbaa were using the fire so they could walk on hot coals. Smolder made Timon and Pumbaa walk on hot coals but still did not find it to be a good excuse for them to use fire. He warned them once again that he would eat them if he ever caught them with another flame.

Quint cooks Timon and Pumbaa.

Timon and Pumbaa ran to the water due to how the hot coals had hurt their feet. However, in doing so, they encountered Quint again. Timon told the lumberjack that he and Pumbaa had dropped the fire somewhere in the water, but Quint merely sent the duo back to the volcano. Just then, Pumbaa got an idea. Pumbaa made Timon dress up like a fire to distract Smolder while he gave the real fire to Quint. After the warthog left, Smolder walked up to Timon, who tried to distract the bear. Smolder started to hit Timon with a shovel, so the meerkat fled in fear. The bear ended up hitting Pumbaa and decided to eat the warthog. In order to save his friend's life, Timon painted a picture of fire on Smolder's back so that the bear would panic and allow the two friends to escape.

Once again, Timon and Pumbaa ran into Quint and could not produce him a fire. Timon was about to make up an excuse as to why they did not have any flames, but Quint merely kicked the duo back to the volcano.

Quint gets trapped in Smolder's stomach with Joey and Suzie.

As Timon retrieved some fire, Smolder put it out and chased the duo around the volcano. Timon and Pumbaa ended up bumping into each other, falling off the volcano, and landing next to Quint and his fish. Timon nearly told Quint the truth, but the lumberjack realized that the duo smelled good and decided to eat them instead of his fish.

While Quint roasted Timon and Pumbaa, Pumbaa asked Timon why he had not told Smolder the truth in the first place. The meerkat replied that it was sometimes easier to lie. Suddenly, Smolder marched up in a rage. Timon and Pumbaa let Smolder know that Quint was the reason they were using fire, which made the bear realize that they were not the bad guys after all. Smolder freed Timon and Pumbaa, destroyed the fire, and ate Quint. In Smolder's stomach, Quint met up with two children named Joey and Suzie.[18]

Physical appearance

Quint is a tall and beefy man with fair skin and black hair. His eyes are black.[1] Quint's outfit differs depending on his occupation or role; for instance, he wears a black mask while working as a criminal, a white toga while working as a Roman official, etc.[2][11]

Personality and traits

Quint often uses aggression and deceit to coerce others into doing what he wants.

Typically, Quint is arrogant and conceited, with a conflated ego. He is exceptionally manipulative and sly, and likes to trick others into doing his bidding. He will go so far as to pretend that he is someone's friend, only to betray them and steal from them.[9] In other cases, he will simply use his superior strength and force of personality to bully others into serving him.[18]

Despite Quint's devious tendencies, he sometimes acts as a simple workman. For instance, Timon and Pumbaa once believed that he was a hunter who wanted to kill them, but he merely wanted a photograph of them to sell to magazines. Even so, he tends to get in Timon and Pumbaa's way, intentionally or not.[5] Oftentimes, in the defense of his business or occupation, he will get into scrapes with Timon and Pumbaa because of their failure to comply with regulations or rules.[8][17]



  • Quint has a habit of giving himself nicknames that relate to his occupations or roles, e.g. "Criminal Quint" when he is a criminal, "Congo Quint" when he is a photographer, etc.[2][5]
  • In "The Pain in Spain", two Quints (Carlos and Consuelo Quint) are seen together. This indicates that there may be more than one Quint.[6]


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