Pumbaa's Sadness
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Giustina Porcelli


Emilio Urbano

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September 1998



Pumbaa's Sadness is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published in September of 1998.


The story begins with introducing Simba and Pumbaa. Pumbaa is sad because Timon went on a holiday to the land of meerkats. A few seconds later, Zazu arrives and scolds Simba, saying that he can't watch over him when he just disappears. Simba tells Zazu to stop the argument, because they are not alone and Pumbaa just can't listen to arguments. Zazu then apologizes and asks why Pumbaa is so sad. Simba explains that Timon went on a holiday and Pumbaa is depressed. Even though the situation is unpleasant, Zazu tells Simba that the orders of Mufasa are more important and that it's time to go home. Simba says that he will bring Nala with him tomorrow.

The next day, on the way to visit Pumbaa, Simba and Nala decide to play a little prank on Zazu. They hide in the bushes and Zazu tries to find them. When he jumps into the bushes, he gets wrapped in a bunch of leaves. The two then laugh. But when Zazu says that he wouldn't want to see himself jumping into the bushes, Simba gets an idea. The cub tells Zazu to try to cheer up Pumbaa. But Zazu declines the plan, because he doesn't want to be the clown. Nala then tries to tease him a bit, saying that he "isn't as funny as he thinks he is". Zazu then agrees to cheer up Pumbaa. The three then prepare a show for him.

When Zazu comes in, Pumbaa starts to laugh, even though Zazu isn't enjoying it. Then, Timon comes in, annoyed that they were having a party and didn't tell him about it. When Pumbaa sees that Timon is back, he jumps on him. Then, the party continues.


  • This comic was published twice in Italy, once in 1998 and once in 1999.[1]
  • This comic contradicts the movie in that Nala (as a cub) and Zazu already know Timon and Pumbaa, when in the movie they meet when Simba and Nala are grown up. On top of this, Zazu told Simba that he heard from Mufasa that he needed to follow him, but in the movie, by the time Simba meets Timon and Pumbaa Mufasa is dead.



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