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Pride Landers Unite!
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Howy Parkins


Jack Monaco

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The Lion Guard





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   January 21, 2019
   January 5, 2019 (Ukraine)
   January 20, 2019 (India)

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We'll fight for what's right. Pride Landers, unite!

"Pride Landers Unite!" is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 2 of The Lion Guard. It premiered on January 21, 2019.


"Simba's son, Kion, is tasked with assembling a group of animals to protect the Pride Lands."[1]


2019-02-06-03 29 03

The Lion Guard gathers the Pride Landers together to plan against Scar's attacks

The Lion Guard rushes to stop Bupu's herd and Laini and her galagos from stampeding. Once calm, the groups admit to having been scared of a jackal attack, and the Lion Guard concludes that the Pride Landers must unite against the threat of the Outlanders. They gather together Bupu's herd, Laini's group, Ma Tembo's herd, and Mbeya's crash ("Pride Landers Unite!").

At first, the Pride Landers are tense, but Kion works to defuse the tension. He instructs the animals to race toward Bunga. However, the event soon gets out of hand, for the animals trip over the galagos and end up in a heap.

2019-02-06-03 33 48

Makuu vigorously trains the Pride Landers to defend themselves

Kion then gets the idea to call Makuu the crocodile for help. Makuu begrudgingly agrees to help, but his training is too rigorous and ruthless for the other Pride Landers to master. Kion urges Makuu to be kinder to his fellow Pride Landers, but Makuu leaves in a huff and vows to only look out for his own float if trouble should arise.

Unbeknownst to the Pride Landers, Shupavu and Njano spy on the proceedings and report back to Scar. Scar decides to attack Makuu's watering hole since the crocodiles' alliance with Kion is fraying.

2019-02-06-03 42 59

The Pride Landers stand united against the Army of Scar

The Army of Scar besieges Makuu's float, with Kiburi targeting Makuu. Ono witnesses the battle and reports his findings to Kion. Together, the Lion Guard and their Pride Lander allies storm the watering hole and fight off the Army of Scar.

After the fight, Makuu thanks the Pride Landers for their help and vows to return the favor should they find themselves in trouble.



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  • When Kion takes some of Bupu's herd away to train, Boboka is seen with them. However, when it cuts back to Makuu and his cadets, Boboka is seen there as well.
  • When the galago troop arrives at Pride Rock for training, Laini is mistakenly colored like the other members of her troop.
  • Makuu's line of "Impressive...most impressive. But you're not a crocodile yet." is a near-verbatim quote of Darth Vader from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, with the word "crocodile" in place of "Jedi".



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