Porcupine brothers
Porcupine brothers
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Brown, gray, and pink

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Brown and black

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Pride Lands


Pride Landers

The porcupine brothers are a pair of male porcupines.



The porcupine brothers lived in the Pride Lands during Simba's reign.

The Lion Guard

"Bunga the Wise"

When floodwaters devastate the Pride Lands, the porcupine brothers find their home, a hollowed-out log, destroyed. The Lion Guard comes to the rescue, overturning their home and restoring it to its former glory. As the brothers crawl their way back into the log, Fuli comments that they have to do this every time a storm comes, and Beshte explains that this is the porcupines' home. As the Lion Guard walks away, the brothers can be heard arguing over their quills being uncomfortable in the cramped space.

"Beware the Zimwi"

The porcupine brothers listen to Rafiki tell a story about the fabled Zimwi monster. They react with worry when Rafiki mentions that the Zimwi only emerges during a full moon and Bunga points out that there is a full moon that very night. They are similarly spooked when Beshte makes strange noises while practicing for his audition with the Bellow Fellows.

The Lion Guard mistakes the porcupine brothers for the fabled Zimwi

After the story, the Lion Guard and their friends sleep next to one another at Hakuna Matata Falls, while the porcupine brothers set off on their own. This leads to a series of misunderstandings in which various animals, including the Lion Guard, mistake the brothers for the Zimwi.

Eventually, the Lion Guard confronts the brothers, only to discover their true identity. The brothers then explain that they had huddled together due to their fright of the Zimwi and that the termite mound had made them appear much taller than they actually were.

"Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas"

The porcupine brothers participate in Bunga's "The Twelve Ways of Christmas" celebration.

Physical appearance

The porcupine brothers are brown-furred with white-tipped quills. One has large black eyes and a red nose, while the other has large brown eyes and a black nose.



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