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The Lion Guard

I love watching 'em slide down the hill to the lake.
Tangaagim on Pinguino's rookery[src]

Pinguino's rookery is a group of penguins who live at the Tree of Life. They are led by Pinguino.


The Lion Guard

"Poa the Destroyer"

When Beshte visits Pinguino's rookery, he accidentally trails snow on their ice slide, ruining it. This causes the penguins to slip and fall on the ice. Afterward, Pinguino believes Beshte to have deliberately ruined their slide.

The animals who were victims of Beshte's mistakes, including Pinguino, run into one another and resolve to report the incidents to the Night Pride. Pinguino mistakenly calls Beshte "Poa the Destroyer" due to his frequent catchphrase. The animals report on Beshte to Baliyo, describing him as a monster as tall as the Tree of Life who is on a path of destruction.

Beshte revisits the penguins, but they act evasively, not wanting to offend him. Later, when the Lion Guard plans to reconcile the animals with Beshte, Baliyo leads the rookery to the Tree of Life. Along the way, Bunga says that Beshte will be present at the meeting, which causes Pinguino to leave. On his way home, Pinguino flees from Beshte and falls off an icy ridge. However, Beshte saves him at the last moment.

Together, Beshte and Pinguino return to the Tree of Life, where Pinguino clears his name. The penguins then cheer on Beshte.

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