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Brown, cream, pink, and white

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   Nzee's herd
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Nzee (mother)



I'm with you, Cheka. I'm really tired of Zazu's tattletale ways. How do you play get-Zazu?
―Nzuri to Cheka[src]

Nzuri is a female gazelle calf.



Sukari, Lulu, Nzuri, and I were chasing the baby ostriches, and the next thing we know, Mufasa comes running up and tells us to stop being mean to them.
Cheka recounts an example of Zazu's nosiness[src]

Nzuri lived during the reign of Mufasa. As a youngster, she often got told on by Zazu for various play schemes.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

How True, Zazu?

Cheka: We could give Zazu wrong information. That way, he'd get in trouble with Mufasa.
Nzuri: That sounds like fun.
—Cheka and Nzuri[src]

Nzuri and her mother journey to a water hole and join a group of animals in gossip about the nosy majordomo, Zazu. Though Nzuri and her young animal friends attempt to give their input about Zazu's annoying antics, the parents shoo them away to play while they discuss the matter further.

Once away from the adults, the young animals, Nzuri among them, scheme to feed Zazu lies in order to get him in trouble with Mufasa. Enchanted with the idea, Sukari begins to chase Nzuri around in excitement.

The young animals put their idea into play, but the plan ends up working too well, and after a fearsome army ant attack, the children confess to Mufasa all that they had done. Though Nzee is angry with her daughter for her foolishness, Mufasa is fair and instructs the young animals to help Zazu gather news from the Pride Lands in order to correct their earlier mistake.

Physical appearance

Since she is young, Nzuri is very small and slight with twin horns just growing in. Like her mother, she has a light brown pelt that is touched by patches of cream on her chest, neck, and face, all of which are outlined by darker fur. Her eyes are brown.

Personality and traits

Don't worry, Lulu. It'll be fun.
―Nzuri to Lulu[src]

Young and naïve, Nzuri has little idea what consequence her actions have on the future. She enjoys playing with her friends, even when their games go beyond simple fun, and is often a conspirator of the children's dastardly plans. She is the second of the young ones to find favor in lying to Zazu, showcasing her deceitful nature. However, by the end of the story, she apologizes for what she's done and does her part to make up for her disastrous actions.


  • Nzuri's name is similar to "zuri," which means "good, nice" or "beautiful, pretty, lovely" or "cute, attractive" in Swahili.[1]


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