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We've got to do something about that bird. I'm afraid to open my mouth.
―Nzee about Zazu

Nzee is a gazelle who appears in The Lion King: Six New Adventures. She is the spokesperson and presumed leader of the antelope.



Nzee is a gazelle who lived during the reign of Mufasa and later Simba. During Mufasa's reign, she often got spied on by Zazu, who reported her everyday doings to Mufasa.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Vulture Shock

Nzee: It's like this, Simba. We love our water hole. It's cool. It's fresh. And it's clear.
Simba: But?
Nzee: But we can't drink with that slob Kiboko in it!
—Nzee and Simba

Nzee is seen during a skirmish between her herd and Kiboko, who is hogging a water hole. During the confrontation, Nzee speaks for her herd, but Kiboko's rude acts make her lose her temper, and she nearly attacks him in mad rage. At the end of the story, she helps Simba rescue Kopa from a flock of vultures, temporarily putting aside her ill feelings for Kiboko.

How True, Zazu?

Oh, it's that nosy Zazu. It's terrible the way he reports everything we do to Mufasa. I told little Nzuri that the grass was better on the east side of the water hole, and Zazu went and told Mufasa that I didn't like the grass on the west side. Then Mufasa came by and asked me what was wrong with the grass!
―Nzee about Zazu

Nzee is first seen joining in on Pridelander gossip with her friends, Muwa and Pembe. While the adults consider calling together a council of animals to discuss Zazu's nosiness, the children move away to play in the water hole.

Later in the story, Nzee helps to stop an army ant attack. Not long after this, her daughter Nzuri confesses to lying about Zazu in order to get him in trouble. Though Nzee is furious, Mufasa is fair and instructs Nzuri and her friends to help gather news around the Pride Lands in order to make up for their earlier mistakes.

Physical appearance

Tall and graceful, Nzee possesses the physical qualities of a typical gazelle. Her build is slight, her legs long, and her upper body sturdy. She has a pelt of light brown that is touched by patches of cream on her chest, neck, and face, all of which are outlined by darker fur. Like most gazelles, Nzee has black eyes.

Personality and traits

That does it! Let me at him! Let me at him!
―Nzee loses her temper

Nzee has an authoritative air about her, responsible and unafraid of confrontation. She often acts in the best interest of her herd, though she is more than willing to work for the good of the Pride Lands when it is requested of her, seen when she fends off an army ant attack alongside her fellow Pridelanders. She is also very fiery and can have a short temper, two traits which are clearly shown when she attempts to attack Kiboko during a water hole skirmish.