Nyani Grove
Nyani Grove
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Pride Landers

His family probably lives in the big baboon tree in Nyani Grove.
Kion on a lost baby baboon

Nyani Grove (also called the Baboons' Forest) is a location in the Pride Lands.

Physical Attributes

Nyani Grove is a forest in the Pride Lands. It is a relatively flat area, composed of tall trees and boulders.


The Lion Guard


Fuli delivers a baby baboon to Nyani Grove

When the Lion Guard saves a baby baboon from Mzingo and his flock, Kion tasks Fuli with returning him to the baboons in Nyani Grove. However, when Fuli arrives in Nyani Grove, the leader of the baboons tells her that the baby belongs to the baboons in Mapango Cliffs.

Though loathe to travel so far, Fuli reluctantly sets off for the cliffs. As she leaves, the leader of the baboons tells her to bring a message to their neighbors, after which he and his fellow baboons pelt fruit at Fuli.

"Ono the Tickbird"

Kifaru causes destruction to Nyani Grove due to the absence of his tickbird, Mwenzi.

"Beshte and the Beast"

Ono alerts the Lion Guard that the crocodiles, hyenas, and jackals are hunting a herd of sable antelope. Kion suggests cutting through Nyani Grove, which inspires Shujaa to charge through the grove and begin clearing a wide path. In doing so, he knocks the baboon leader's troop from their trees, and they charge into a herd of cape buffalo, inciting a stampede.

"The Queen's Visit"

At Nyani Grove, Reirei and her jackals terrorize Dhahabu. However, they are defeated by the Lion Guard, Raha, and Starehe.


  • "Nyani" means "baboon" in Swahili.[1]


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