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Physical information




Hair color

Black, brown, and gold

Eye color


Distinguishing features

   Dirty, ungroomed fur
   Partially-grown mane
   Smaller than average

Biographical information



Pride Landers (briefly)

Relationship information

Chumvi, Kula, Nala, Sarafina

It's true I'm a little smaller than average. It just means I can't afford to be flaky.

Ni is a male lion.

Ni wandered into the Pride Lands, where he was scared off by members of Scar's pride. However, Nala was dared by her friend, Chumvi, to talk to Ni, and so she set off alone to confront the rogue. Along the way, she got attacked by hyenas, and Ni saved her life. The two became friends, and Nala invited Ni to meet her pride. The two departed for Pride Rock, only to be attacked by hyenas again. Sarafina came to the rescue and, out of gratefulness to Ni for having saved her daughter, let the rogue spend time with the pride. Afterward, Ni went on his way.


Early life

Ni lived in a territory outside the Pride Lands. He was ousted from his pride at a young age due to being a male. After his exile, he became a wanderer.[1]

Friendship with Nala

I don't attack other lions. And especially not young flaky ones like yourself.
―Ni meets Nala[src]

Ni defends Nala from hyenas.

Ni wandered into the Pride Lands and was spotted by members of Scar's pride, who chased him away. Chumvi dared Nala to talk to him, and Nala accepted the dare, as she was determined to prove that she was not afraid of the rogue. However, Ni ended up saving Nala from two hyenas who tried to kill her because she was alone. The two retreated up a tree, caught their breaths, then introduced themselves to each other.

Ni revealed that he had been ousted from his pride since all males were driven away once they reached his age. Nala mistook him for a younger male. This made him laugh and comment that he was a little smaller than average. Nala invited him to stay with the pride for a bit, and he accepted.

On the way to Pride Rock, Ni and Nala were attacked by more hyenas. With Sarafina's help, Ni defeated the hyenas. Grateful to Ni for having saved her daughter's life, Sarafina let the young rogue stay with them for a bit. After spending time with the pride, Ni continued on his way.[1]

Physical appearance

Ni is a small lion. His fur is dirty and ungroomed, and he has a scruffy, partially-grown brown mane. His main pelt is golden, while his muzzle, paws, and underbelly are slightly paler in color. His eyes are reddish-brown.[1]

Personality and traits

Despite being a rogue, Ni is amiable and friendly. He is considerably brave and selfless, as he was willing to risk his life for that of a stranger. He can have a biting sense of humor and likes to call Nala "flaky."[1]



  • Ni's name means "am, is, are" in Swahili.[2]


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