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Nala (2019 film)
"Do you see any other big, lovable chunk of warthog here?"
This article is about the character from the 2019 film.
You may be looking for the character from the 1994 film.

Nala (2019 film)
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Hair color

Cream, gold, and tan

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Also known as

Young lady (by Zazu)




Pride Lands


   Pride Landers
   Pride Lands monarchy
   Simba's pride


Queen of Pride Rock

Relationship information

Sarafina (mother)
Simba (mate)
Unnamed cub
Mufasa (father-in-law)
Sarabi (mother-in-law)


Mufasa, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Sarabi, Sarafina, Simba, Simba and Nala's cub, Timon


Azizi, Kamari, Scar, Shenzi

Your reign is over, Scar. Simba is the rightful king. If you want to get him, you have to get through us. Are you with me, lions?
―Nala rallies the pride against Scar[src]

Nala is a female lion. She currently serves as the queen consort of Pride Rock through her marriage to Simba. She is the daughter of Sarafina, and the mate of Simba, with whom she has a cub.

As a cub, Nala was betrothed to Simba, the prince heir of Pride Rock. As the two grew up, they became close friends. One day, Simba recruited Nala to join him on an adventure to the Elephant Graveyard. Once within its borders, they were ambushed by Shenzi and her clan. Just in time, they were rescued by Simba's father, Mufasa, who sent Nala home so he could discipline Simba. Some time later, Nala listened in horror as Scar announced to the pride that both Mufasa and Simba had perished in a wildebeest stampede.

Over the years, Nala grew into a rebellious young lioness who wanted nothing more than to be free of Scar's tyrannical rule. One night, she snuck out of the Pride Lands and escaped to the jungle. There, she reunited with Simba, whom she tried to convince to return to the Pride Lands. However, he refused, and Nala dejectedly set out for home alone. Not long into her journey, she was joined by Simba, who had had a change of heart, and they hastened to the Pride Lands together. While Simba battled Scar, Nala rallied the pride. Eventually, the pride prevailed over Scar's army of hyenas, and Simba reclaimed his birthright as the king of the Pride Lands. Afterward, Nala became Simba's mate and queen, and the two had a cub.


Early life

Oh, how lovely it is to see the future king with his future queen.
Zazu, on Simba and Nala's betrothal[src]

Nala was born to Sarafina. She lived in the Pride Lands as a member of Mufasa's pride. Sometime after her birth, she was betrothed to Simba, the prince heir of Pride Rock.[1]


Visit to the Elephant Graveyard

We've never been that far before. What if we get lost?
―Nala to Simba on the Elephant Graveyard[src]

Simba and Nala explore the Elephant Graveyard.

When Simba learned of the existence of the Elephant Graveyard, he went to fetch his friend, Nala. He found her getting bathed by her mother, Sarafina. Nala agreed to join Simba on a trip to the "water hole," though Sarabi forced the cubs to bring Zazu along as a babysitter.

Along the way, Simba informed Nala about the Elephant Graveyard, and the cubs resolved to lose Zazu. Just then, Zazu revealed that the cubs were betrothed, to which both reacted with disgust. They then raced away across the water hole and lost Zazu among the crowd.

Nala grieves for Simba.

With Zazu gone, the cubs began to scuffle, and Nala easily pinned Simba. Their antics made them roll right into the Elephant Graveyard. While Simba was eager to prove his bravery by exploring the area, Nala warned Simba that they should return home.

As the cubs were exploring, they were surrounded by Shenzi and her clan. They attempted to escape through a network of tunnels but got cornered by the hyenas. Just in time, Mufasa arrived and fended off the clan. He then led the cubs back to the Pride Lands and had Zazu take Nala home.[1]

Scar's coronation

After Mufasa's death, Nala grieved for Simba, whom she believed had died as well. When Scar welcomed Shenzi's clan into the Pride Lands, she hid behind Sarafina.[1]

Young adulthood

Reunion with Simba

Seeing you again... You don't know what this will mean to everyone. What this means to me. You have to come home.
―Nala to Simba, after they reunite as adults[src]

Over the years, the Pride Lands turned into a wasteland under Scar's rule. Nala was restless to leave the kingdom, but Sarabi encouraged her to stay and defend her home.

Nala urges Simba to return to the Pride Lands.

One night, Nala snuck out of the Pride Lands with the help of Zazu. She eventually reached a jungle, where she attempted to hunt Pumbaa. She was thwarted by an adult male lion, whom she recognized as her childhood friend, Simba. The two had a joyous reunion. Nala informed Simba of Scar's takeover of the Pride Lands, but Simba insisted that they go on a tour of the jungle instead of dwelling on their problems. The two spent a romantic evening together.

Eventually, Nala brought up the subject of Scar again and urged Simba to claim his birthright. Simba refused, and Nala sorrowfully bid him farewell.[1]

Battle of Pride Rock

Shenzi: Now, this is a meal I've waited my whole life for.
Nala: I've been waiting too. And I'm not a cub anymore!
—Nala battles Shenzi[src]

Nala fights in the battle of Pride Rock.

On her way back to the Pride Lands, Nala was joined by Simba, who had had a change of heart. Together, the two rallied the lionesses against Scar and his hyena minions. A battle broke out, and Nala took on and defeated Shenzi.

After the pride emerged victorious, Nala nuzzled Simba. She then watched him take his place as king. Some time later, the two became mates and had a cub together.[1]

Physical appearance

As a cub, Nala was smaller and slighter than her friend, Simba.

As a cub, Nala had slightly fuzzy fur. Compared to her friend, Simba, she was small and lean. Even so, she was quite physically strong, as she could pin him with little effort. She had creamy golden fur, dark-lined teal eyes, rounded ears, and black lips. Additionally, she had a white muzzle, a light underbelly, and dark spots on her lower legs.

As an adult, Nala became much larger and acquired a slender but strong build. Her fur also became smoother, sleeker, and glossier. She proved to be an adept hunter and fighter, as she kept pace with large prey like Pumbaa and managed to pin a full-grown Simba on his back.[1]

Personality and traits

We have to do something, Sarabi. We have to fight!
―Nala expresses her readiness to resist Scar's rule[src]

As a cub, Nala loved to tussle with her best friend, Simba.

As a cub, Nala was playful, fun-loving, and adventurous. She was exceptionally close to Simba and knew him well. Whenever he acted strangely, she caught on right away, such as when she realized that they were not going to the water hole like he had told his mother, Sarabi. Though mischievous, she was not as reckless as Simba. She was far more aware of danger and would often try to warn him if their fun went too far. Despite the two's friendship, Nala was disgusted by the prospect of marrying him in the future, as she only thought of him as a friend.

After growing up under Scar's tyrannical rule, Nala became more mature, fearless, and protective of her pride. The devastation Scar wreaked on her home made her doubt the possibility that he would ever become a better ruler. She did not hesitate to express her disapproval of Scar and even went so far as to suggest to Sarabi that the pride either forcefully dethrone him or leave the Pride Lands altogether. Nala developed a particular grudge against Shenzi due to their tumultuous history. Eventually, their rivalry culminated in a fight from which Nala emerged victorious.

An adult Nala rallies the pride against Scar and his hyena minions.

Nala remained steadfast in her opposition of Scar, no matter the circumstance. She was willing to risk being punished for treason if it meant saving her pride, and she defied Sarabi by leaving the Pride Lands to search for help. After reuniting with Simba, Nala served as his voice of reason and talked sense into him, reminding him of his responsibilities to the Pride Lands. Her courage and faithfulness in Simba allowed her to quickly take on a leadership role among the lionesses and rally them to her cause.[1]



  • Nala's name means "gift" in Swahili.[4]


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