Nala's father
Nala's father
Physical Attributes




Fur color

Gold, red, and white

Distinguishing features

Head tuft

Biographical Information

Pride Lands


Pride Landers
Simba's pride

Familial Information

Sarafina (mate)
Nala (daughter)
Kion (grandson)
Kiara (granddaughter)
Simba (son-in-law)

Kion's grandfather did fall from a big branch. But he was saved by the Lion Guard of his day.

Nala's father is an adult male lion. He is the mate of Sarafina, and the father of Nala.


Early life

As a cub, Nala's father fell from a tree, but he was saved by the Lion Guard. Upon reaching adulthood, he reared a single daughter, Nala, with Sarafina.

The Lion Guard

"Paintings and Predictions"


Nala's father is saved from a fall by the Lion Guard of his time

When Bunga steals Rafiki's staff, he stumbles upon paintings of Nala's father as a cub and mistakes him for Kion. Curious, Bunga touches the paintings with Rafiki's staff, bringing them to life, and watches in horror as Nala's father falls from a tree. A frightened Bunga proceeds to protect Kion from every tree they encounter, terrified that Rafiki's paintings predict the future.

Later, Rafiki reveals that the painting is in fact of Nala's father. In the past, Nala's father had fallen from a tree branch and been saved by the Lion Guard of his day.

"Cave of Secrets"

Nala's father appears in a painting during the musical sequence, "Wisdom on the Walls".

Behind the scenes

  • The revelation of this unnamed lion being Nala's father contradicts a statement made by The Lion King directors Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers during the film's Tenth Anniversary Reunion discussion panel, where they stated that the general assumption is that Nala's father is either Mufasa or Scar.[1]


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