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I'm ready, too. Many of my herd were killed in that same attack.
―Muwa recounts an army ant attack

Muwa is a zebra who makes her first and only appearance in How True, Zazu? She is a Pride Lander.



Muwa is a zebra who lived during the reign of Mufasa.

How True, Zazu?

Do we have to include the ostriches? They have such a short attention span.
―Muwa to Nzee and Pembe

Muwa first appears alongside her son, joining in on Pride Lander gossip. While the children go off to play, she, Nzee, and Pembe stay behind to discuss the kingdom's troublesome majordomo, Zazu. When Pembe suggests calling together a council of animals, Muwa asks for the ostriches not to be included.

Later, Muwa helps defend the Pride Lands against an army attack, claiming that the same type of creature had once killed zebras in her herd. When the attack is over, the young animals confess to Mufasa that they had been framing Zazu for lying to the king. Muwa is furious with her son, but Mufasa instructs the children to help Zazu gather news in order to correct their earlier mistake.

Physical appearance

Like her son, Muwa is long-bodied, slender, and sturdily-built. Her pelt is striped with black and white, and her mane is bi-colored and short-cropped. One of her ears appears to be black, while the other is white.

Personality and traits

What kind of trouble? What have you been up to?
―Muwa to Sukari

Muwa's personality is not explored. However, it is hinted that she is somewhat overprotective and strict, as she questions her son on what kind of trouble he has been up to.