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   Muhimu's herd
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Leader of Muhimu's herd

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Hamu (son)


Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, Hamu, Kion, Ono, Swala, Twiga


Cheezi, Chungu, Dogo, Goigoi, Janja, Kijana, Reirei, Scar

I have faith in you, Kion. And... And I promise to make things easier from now on, not harder.

Muhimu is a female zebra. She is the leader of a herd of zebras in the Pride Lands. She is the mother of Hamu.

When Muhimu's herd and Swala's herd embarked on a migration to Mbali Fields, Muhimu was argumentative and difficult. However, after Bunga repeatedly saved her life, she took ownership of her mistakes and apologized for having made the Lion Guard's job more difficult. Shortly afterward, she gave birth to a son, and the herds defended her and her foal from a hyena attack. The group then continued on to Mbali Fields.


Early life

Muhimu lived in the Pride Lands. At some point in her life, she became the leader of a zebra herd.[1]

Migration to Mbali Fields

When are we getting this show on the road? I need to get to the grazing grounds. Before it is time.
―Muhimu, shortly before the start of the migration[src]

When Muhimu and her herd got into a fight with Swala and her herd, the Lion Guard rushed to put a stop to the argument. Once there, Bunga got sat on by an actively fighting Muhimu, who continued squabbling with Swala until Kion roared for silence. With the herds now paying attention, he and Beshte pointed out that the grazing grounds in the Pride Lands were open to everyone, but Muhimu and Swala explained that there was only one small patch of grass left for them to share.

Muhimu fights with Swala over a depleted grazing ground.

After Kion consulted with his father, Simba, Bunga announced to the herds that they were going to be taken across the Pride Lands to Mbali Fields. During his announcement, he ran into Muhimu, but she refused to acknowledge that she had sat on him earlier. She then told Bunga that her need to reach the new grazing ground was imperative.

Meanwhile, Ono reported to Kion about a route they could take to Mbali Fields. After Ono's report, Kion announced to the herds that he would be leading them to Mbali Fields, and the two herds cheered for him. With a proud Kion in the lead, the herds set out on their journey.

Muhimu sets out for a new grazing ground alongside the Lion Guard.

Eventually, the herds made it to a canyon, where Kion attempted to encourage the fatigued and hungry gazelles and zebras. Ono assured Kion that they were close but voiced his worries about an oncoming storm. As the herds paused to behold Mbali Fields, Muhimu lost patience and began to charge down the canyon with her herd. Not to be outdone, Swala and her gazelles tore after them.

A frantic Lion Guard attempted to stop them, but a huge pile of rocks fell into the midst of the canyon, blocking the way into Mbali Fields. As more rocks continued to fall, Bunga leaped onto Muhimu, and she realized that he had just saved her life. Meanwhile, Kion deduced that they must scout out another route, for the rocks were unmovable. Ono rushed to fulfill this new command. However, when he returned to Kion, he admitted that the only other way to Mbali Fields would take them through the Outlands. Grimly, Kion accepted their fate.

Muhimu stands up for Kion.

As the herds set out, the storm broke over the canyon, and the combined herds began to complain about Kion's leadership. No sooner had they finished griping when a flash flood forced the herds to race to higher ground. While Ono led the herds to higher ground, Kion and the rest of the Guard rescued those still trapped in the rising waters. This included Muhimu, who found herself in Bunga's debt once more.

Once the herds were safe, they began to complain about Kion, criticizing his choice to take them through the canyon. However, Muhimu spoke up and took the blame for having started the stampede. She then promised to make things easier from then on, and Kion thanked her for her support.

Because of Muhimu's words of encouragement, the herds trusted Kion to lead them into the Outlands. However, just as they entered the Outlands, Muhimu began to go into labor, and Kion was forced to make a difficult choice. While he sent Beshte, Fuli, and Ono ahead to keep leading the herds, he and Bunga stayed behind to help Muhimu give birth.

Muhimu nuzzles her newborn son.

Under the careful watch of Swala and several others, Muhimu gave birth to a son. No sooner had the zebra foal been born when he emitted a loud bray, which attracted the attention of Janja and his minions, Cheezi and Chungu. The three plunged down the ridge in the hopes of scattering the gazelles and zebras, but Kion ordered the herds to protect Muhimu and her foal while he and Bunga took on the hyenas.

Together, Bunga and Kion distracted Cheezi and Chungu, but Janja managed to break through their defense to attack the zebras. However, he was kicked in the face by Muhimu's foal. The hyenas then scrambled to get away, having been bested by the herds' teamwork. With the hyenas defeated, the Lion Guard led the rest of the gazelles and zebras to Mbali Fields, where Bunga played happily with Muhimu's foal.[1]

Babysitter for Hamu

Maybe Hamu can stay with Bunga. They really get along together.

Muhimu tasks Bunga with babysitting her son, Hamu.

Reirei and her pack plotted to attack Muhimu's herd. Nearby, Kion picked up the pack's scent, and the Lion Guard rushed to rescue the zebras from their attackers. Too late, the pack struck, and Reirei's children, Dogo and Kijana, managed to isolate Muhimu's son, Hamu, from the rest of the herd. Ono spotted the double attack, and Kion ordered Bunga and Ono to save Hamu while he, Beshte, and Fuli rescued the remainder of the herd.

With the danger abated, Muhimu begged the Lion Guard to stay and watch over the herd. Beshte suggested that she take some time for herself, but Muhimu reminded him that she had her son to attend to. Just then, she noticed Bunga playing with Hamu and suggested that he take care of her son for the day. Bunga agreed to the task, much to Muhimu's relief.

Muhimu converses with Twiga at the watering hole.

Later that day, Twiga the giraffe attempted to keep her daughter, Juhudi, under control. Exhausted, she took a drink from a water hole, where she encountered Muhimu relaxing. Twiga asked Muhimu where Hamu was, and Muhimu explained that she had left her son with Bunga so that she could take some time for herself. Twiga wondered if Bunga would watch over Juhudi as well.

Once back in the Pride Lands, Reirei and her pack overheard Muhimu and Twiga discussing Bunga's babysitting duties at Hakuna Matata Falls. Elated, Reirei decided to attack the little ones while they were separated from their parents.

After Bunga and his charges defeated Reirei's pack, Muhimu and the other children's parents visited Hakuna Matata Falls, and Bunga explained to them how their children had bravely fended off Reirei's pack. The parents were shocked that Bunga had taught their children how to defend themselves, and Muhimu praised him for being the best babysitter ever.[2]

Saved by Ono

Muhimu and her herd were circled by a flock of vultures until they were led to safety by Ono.[3]

Scar's attacks

At Mizimu Grove, Rafiki and Simba announced Makini's mpando mpaya. In the midst of the celebration, the Army of Scar attacked, and the Pride Landers rose up to defend themselves. The battle paused when Scar appeared in the flames and threatened to overtake the entirety of the Pride Lands. Frightened by Scar's unexpected appearance, the remaining Pride Landers, including Muhimu, fled Mizimu Grove.

Muhimu listens to Simba.

Kion used the Roar of the Elders to defeat the Outlanders, while Simba deliberated what to do with Ma Tembo. Simba approached the Pride Landers once the Lion Guard had calmed them and admitted that he had had knowledge of Scar's return for some time. Ma Tembo noted that she understood why he had kept it a secret. The herds deliberated whether they should leave the Pride Lands, and Simba told them to inform him of their decision the following morning at Pride Rock.

The next day, Kion implored Muhimu and the others to follow him to Mizimu Grove before they decided to leave the kingdom. The herds followed Kion to Mizimu Grove, where Makini's baobab tree seed had survived the fire. This inspired the Pride Landers to remain in the kingdom and work together to defeat Scar.[4]

Physical appearance

Muhimu is tall and sturdily built, with a thick neck, a round middle, and thin legs. Her coat is striped with black and white, and she has a black diamond-shaped mark that runs between her eyes and ends just above her muzzle. Her hooves, nose, and tail tip are black, and her ears are white. A long black and white mane runs up her back and ends in several strands of black hair over her forehead. She has bright blue eyes.[1]

Personality and traits

At the start of her herd's migration, Muhimu was irritable and skittish, and had an inclination to start trouble. She was too impatient to listen to Kion's orders and set a poor example for her herd. However, by the end of the migration, she learned to trust Kion and keep her head long enough to ensure that her herd stayed in line. She thanked the Lion Guard several times for their help and even took responsibility for her mistakes.[1] She is a loving mother toward her son, Hamu, but enjoys taking some time for herself.[2]



  • Muhimu's name means "important" or "especially, particularly" in Swahili.[6]


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