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Mufasa's Death
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The Lion King (Complete Score)


The Lion King


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Run away, Simba. Run. Run away and never return.

"Mufasa's Death" is a musical piece composed by Hans Zimmer for The Lion King. It was unofficially released as part of The Lion King (Complete Score).


In the soundtracks

"Mufasa's Death" was first released on the official soundtrack as a remixed version of the score titled "...To Die For". This version of the track is a combination of "Mufasa's Death" and its counterpart, "Stampede". The latter portion that scores the hyena chase is worked into "The Hyenas" on non-English versions of the soundtrack.

In the film

The score picks up at the point where Simba finds Mufasa's dead body and carries through to the end of the chase scene with the hyenas.

The score does not appear on the original cast recording for the stage musical. However, it is used in the stage show itself. Similar to its use in the film, the score is used when Scar, after killing Mufasa, urges Simba to run away before ordering the hyenas to kill him.

Behind the scenes

  • A second version of the cue exists. This version omits a lot of the sad theme, instead replacing it with an arrangement of Mufasa's theme played on pan pipes. This version is identified as the "JK Version", while the version used in the film is identified as the "RR Version".
  • The score's cue in the film is "5M11 'Mufasa's Dead'".

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