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Bhati, Harold, Mufasa, Nala, Simba, Timon

...and the ones [Simba] leaves behind, love interest Nala, her mischievous kid brother Mheetu, and her wisecracking companion Bhati, a bat-eared fox.
―A description of Simba's friends[src]

Mheetu is a male lion. He is a member of Scar's pride. He is the son of Sarafina, and the younger brother of Nala.


Early life

Mheetu was born to Sarafina. He had an elder sister named Nala. The family lived in the Pride Lands as members of Mufasa's pride.[1]

Nadra's gang

At one time, Simba had a whole menagerie of friends, including another lion cub (Mee-Too) and a bat-eared fox.
―A description of Simba's friends[src]

As a cub, Mheetu was a member of his sister Nadra's gang, alongside a bat-eared fox named Bhati. Meanwhile, Simba's gang consisted of Timon and Harold. The friends often played Kopje, or "King of the Hill," together.[1]

Mufasa and Simba save Mheetu

Scar managed to lure a young Mheetu into a wildebeest stampede in the gorge. However, his real intentions were to get an adolescent Simba killed. Simba risked his life to save Mheetu, but it was Mufasa who ultimately saved the two from the stampede.[1]

Concentration camp

Initially, Nala had a little brother that I included so she could protect him from Scar. There was a lot in the Pride Lands while Simba is away with Timon and Pumbaa, but it was too depressing. How do you animate a concentration camp?
Linda Woolverton[src]

When Scar's poor reign resulted in a drought and famine, Nala struggled to protect Mheetu from Scar's hyena minions.[2]

Personality and traits

Mheetu was Nala's "tag along" little brother who was always getting into trouble.
―A description of Mheetu[1]

Mheetu is gullible, innocent, and playful. He is also constantly getting into trouble.[1]



  • Some sources spell Mheetu's name as "Meetoo" or "Mee-Too."[3][4]


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