Physical information




Fur color

Black, brown, and cream

Eye color


Distinguishing features

   Large chin
   Long tail

Biographical information



Pride Lands


   Lara's herd
   Pride Landers

Relationship information

Lara (unrequited)



Mel is a male gazelle. Cocky about his appearance, he tries to win Lara over, even though she rejects him. When Herman shows up after getting his makeover from Rafiki, Mel challenges the wildebeest to a fight for Lara's heart.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Beauty and the Wildebeest"

While Herman gets a makeover by Rafiki, the savanna celebrates Lara's birthday with a giant cake. As the festivities commence, Mel pops out of the cake and attempts to serenade Lara with song, but she is disgusted and rejects his kiss. Just as Mel moves in for another attempt, Lara turns to find that Herman is at her party and handsomer than ever. Outraged at being outdone by a wildebeest, Mel challenges Herman to a fight in which they will run at each other full force and collide horns. Determined to win Lara's heart, Herman agrees.

As the two charge at each other, Herman suddenly realizes that he must be true to himself and dunks his head underwater, changing back into an ugly beast. Mel stops short at Herman's transformation and runs away, screeching. Despite his victory, Herman is sad that he is ugly again and begins to troop away with Rafiki until he is stopped by Lara, who admires him for his bravery. She then dunks her head underwater, revealing herself to be ugly as well, and the two share a romantic kiss.

Personality and traits

My dear Lara, whatever gift you've received, you should get back, because my gift to you is beyond compare, my gift to you is the only thing you'll ever need to have, my gift to you is me!
―Mel as he tries to win Lara over[src]

Like the stereotypical jock, Mel is cocky and confident in his ability to woo. He thinks little of Lara's feelings and automatically assumes that his good looks and charm will win her over. When confronted, he is quick to anger and even more quick to defend his pride. He also turns out to be very cowardly since he instantly escapes from Herman after seeing his true form.



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