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Ooh! Pretty impressive, isn't he?
―Martin's comment on any of the armadillo's performance[src]

Martin Pardon is a host of a wildlife documentary show titled Kingdom of the Creatures. His hosting career is soon replaced by Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"TV Dinner"

Martin is seen filming his show Kingdom of the Creatures with an armadillo as the star, giving it steaks as food. Martin's cameraman, Ron, has doubts about armadillos shoving turkeys out of the ground with shovels and other things, but Martin just goes with it, shouting at Ron that the armadillo is the star of the show and he deserves a big, juicy steak for lunch. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed notice the armadillo enjoying its meal, and the hyena trio attempt to star on Martin's documentary show so they could have steaks too.

Martin shout

Martin shouting at his cameraman Ronald

While Martin does the second take about how the armadillo protects himself from predators, Shenzi appears and performs a ballet dance. Martin yells "cut" and talks to Shenzi, who tries to convince him to give her some steaks. But Martin takes her down by spinning her away.

On the third take, Martin talks about what the armadillo does during the rainy season. Then Banzai appears and performs a singing act. Martin yells "cut" again and sarcastically praises Banzai for his performance. He then abruptly turns him down like he did to Shenzi.

Martin with Ed

Martin with Ed

On the fourth take, Martin talks about how the armadillo doesn't take himself seriously. Then Ed appears and performs slapstick comedy. However, like his cohorts, he gets taken down by Martin. The hyena trio then suggest that they should become directors for the TV show.

Later, the armadillo gets a movie deal and leaves the Serengeti, forcing Martin to find another animal star. The host then sees the hyenas return and nervously offers them jobs as actors while being fed, but the hyenas decide to become directors and eat Martin. With the hyenas as the show's new hosts, they make a take (titled "'Next' One" on the clapboard, thus making it the fifth take) with Martin in a cooking pot.

Personality and traits

Martin natures

Martin's fake nice nature compared to his true mean nature

While being recorded, Martin passes himself off as a generous man who shows strong loyalty towards wild animals, as he makes comments on how impressive the armadillo star is on every one of his performance.

However, while not on camera, Martin is revealed to be an arrogant jerk who shows no respect towards others. He constantly bullies and shouts at his cameraman Ron, even for asking him a pretty valid question about the armadillo. He also rudely turns down Shenzi, Banzai and Ed whenever they try to get involved in his documentary show.

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