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September 15, 2019

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I was supposed to be eyes for both of us. And now we're stuck in a hole. But don't worry. I'll get us out of here and find the Guard. And everything will be okay.
Makini to Ono[src]

"Marsh of Mystery" is the fifth episode of Season 3 of The Lion Guard. It premiered on September 15, 2019.


On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard travels through a marsh. Along the way, Bunga snacks on snails. Not long after, the team is attacked by mongooses. As the Lion Guard fights them off, Makini bears Ono to safety.


Makini becomes entranced by marsh lights

Once to safety, Makini becomes enchanted by marsh lights, which disappear if one gets too close to them. Ono tries to warn her that she cannot catch the marsh lights, but she ignores him. Eventually, she calms long enough to listen to Ono, though she realizes promptly that they are lost. She starts to look for the right path, only to fall with Ono into an underground tunnel.

Meanwhile, the Lion Guard realizes that Makini and Ono are missing and set off to find them.

Underground, Makini attempts to find a way out of the cavern by climbing the cavern walls, but to no avail.


The Lion Guard faces off against the mongooses

Across the marsh, Bunga snacks on more snails. Just then, the mongooses launch another attack on the Lion Guard and are swiftly defeated.

In the meantime, Makini attempts to climb an overhanging root to safety, but the root breaks, rupturing a hole in the roof that leaks water. Makini then uncovers a secret tunnel, and she and Ono begin to follow it in the hopes of escaping the leaking water. Along the way, they run into a swarm of bats. This gives Ono the idea to mimic the bats' echolocation techniques in order to know which tunnel to follow out of the cave.

Above ground, Kion and Fuli track Makini and Ono by scent. They find Makini's footprints and are baffled that the prints lead in circles.


Makini uses echolocation to escape the underground tunnels during the "Anything" musical sequence

At the same time, Ono attempts to clack his beak at two separate tunnels and listen to the resulting echo. However, he is continually interrupted by Makini, who will not be quiet. He then tells Makini to try, as her voice is louder and higher-pitched. Makini does so, leading the two down the right tunnels ("Anything").

Meanwhile, Bunga eats more snails. Not long after, the mongooses attack again, but Kion pins one and demands to know why they keep attacking the Lion Guard. The mongoose explains that Bunga keeps eating their snails. Just then, Makini and Ono emerge from underground. Together, the Lion Guard journeys toward the next moja kwa moja stone.



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  • The episode was released early on August 3, 2019, on DisneyNOW.

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