It is a sign of terrible evil.
Mark of Evil

The Mark of Evil burned into the earth

The Mark of Evil is an ancient symbol representing great malevolence in the history of the Pride Lands. It appears in the form of a scarred eye. In the early history of the Pride Lands, the Mark was held by a pride of evil lions that attempted to conquer the lands before being defeated by the original Lion Guard. Since then, several lions have possessed it, most infamously Scar.



The Mark of Evil was first observed in a pride of evil lions who waged an attack on the Pride Lands. However, they were thwarted by Askari, the leader of the first Lion Guard.

The Lion Guard

"Let Sleeping Crocs Lie"

The Mark of Evil appears in the volcano shortly before Scar appears before Kiburi and his float.

"Divide and Conquer"

During a battle with several Outlanders, Kion catches a glimpse of Scar's spirit in a nearby fire. After the fight, he observes the spot of the fire and sees the Mark of Evil marred into the dirt. Rafiki recognizes the symbol as a sign of terrible evil and leaves to consult the paintings of the past for more information.

"The Scorpion's Sting"

The Mark of Evil appears in the volcano shortly before Scar appears before Janja.

"Cave of Secrets"

The Mark of Evil appears as a cave painting during the story of how a pride of evil lions nearly overtook the Pride Lands; however, they were defeated by Askari, the first leader of the Lion Guard.

"The Fall of Mizimu Grove"

The spirit of Scar emerges among a patch of flames in the Pride Lands. After he disappears, the Mark of Evil is left behind, but Simba wipes it away.

"Battle for the Pride Lands"

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Kion receives the Mark of Evil from Ushari

During the final battle, Kion is bitten by Scar's minion, Ushari, and thus obtains the Mark of Evil. After the defeat of Scar and the death of Ushari, the Mark of Evil disappears from the lava, which cools into solid rock.

"Friends to the End"

Kion begins to wonder if he is turning evil due to his violent mood swings. He gazes into a puddle, where the spirit of Scar appears and mocks him for bearing the Mark of Evil. To this, Kion asserts that he may look like Scar, but he will never act like Scar.

"Return to the Pride Lands"

Upon the Lion Guard's return to the Pride LandsVitani (who formed her own Lion Guard in their absence) observes that Kion bears the Mark of Evil. This causes her to believe that Kion intends to invade the Pride Lands, leading to a fight between the two groups.

Bearers of the Mark of Evil

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  • In the episode "Cave of Secrets", the painting shows the evil lions of the past bearing the Mark of Evil; however, they do not have scars over their eyes. This indicates that one does not necessarily need to have a scar over their eye in order to bear the Mark of Evil.
  • Though Kovu has a scar over his eye, it was inflicted by his mother Zira, not a cobra, and he is never acknowledged as bearing the Mark of Evil by the Pride Landers.[1]
  • The Mark of Evil takes a different appearance for each of the three lions who possess it: Scar's is a curved scar across his left eye, the Strange Lion's is a curved scar across the corner of his right eye, and Kion's is two curved scars on top of his left eye and one on the bottom.


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