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Hi! I'm Malo Mole. I like to dig, you know?
―Malo Mole meets Simba[src]

Malo Mole is a male mole.

Malo Mole met and befriended a lion cub named Simba. While showing off his digging skills to the cub, Malo accidentally fell into a river, and Simba jumped in to save his life. After the rescue, Malo thanked Simba and vowed to return the favor someday. Later, when a stampede of zebras threatened Simba's life, Malo saved him by digging a deep hole for him to take shelter in.


Early life

Malo Mole lived in the Pride Lands.[1]

Friendship with Simba

Blimey! The little guy's digging like mad!
―Simba on Malo Mole[src]

Simba was traipsing around the Pride Lands when he spotted a strange animal approaching him from underground. At first, he thought it was a tunnel snake or a digging worm. However, when a mole popped out of the ground, he was doubly surprised. Simba introduced himself to the little creature, and the mole told Simba that his name was "Malo Mole." He then added that he loved to dig, and the young prince commented that it must be terribly exhausting to dig all the time. Malo disagreed and boasted that he was a great digger. He started to dig a hole, and Simba politely told him that he was an awesome digger. Malo instructed him to go to the top of a tall rock and look down. When Simba did so, he saw that Malo had shaped an elephant's face out of dirt tunnels. Simba was amazed. Malo then asked what he should dig next, and Simba suggested he dig a big hole. Malo merely dismissed this suggestion as "child's play."

Malo Mole shows off his digging skills.

Malo began to dig again and accidentally flung dirt into Simba's face. The cub protested, but Malo reminded Simba that one should never stand behind a digging mole. When he finished the hole, he asked Simba what he should dig next. Simba, who was impressed by Malo's speed and skill, had no idea. Malo then said that he would see how far he could get by just digging straight. However, as the little mole continued to dig in a straight line, Simba saw that he was heading straight for the river. He tried to stop Malo, but it was too late. The mole dug right out of the side of a cliff and fell into the river below. Malo, who was unable to swim, began to cry out for help. Simba heroically leaped in after him and pulled him to safety.

When Simba asked if Malo was okay, the mole said that he was fine and thanked Simba for saving his life. He then told Simba that he wanted to return the favor one day. Simba bid Malo farewell and raced off for home. However, as he was running, he slipped over a small pile of rocks and sprained his paw. He began to limp and realized that he could barely walk. He then looked up to see a stampede of zebras racing toward him. Unable to walk, Simba watched helplessly as the zebras closed in on him. But as they got closer, Simba heard a voice calling urgently to him. He looked up to see Malo waving at him to climb into a large hole he had dug. Simba limped over to the hole and hid inside with Malo. As the zebras ran past, Simba was safe inside the hole. When the stampede was over, Simba climbed out of the hole and thanked Malo for saving his life. The mole told him that he was welcome but that it was his turn next time.[1]

Physical appearance

Malo Mole is a small mole. He has gray fur, with a pale underbelly and paws.[1]

Personality and traits

Simba: Hey! Watch out! You throw all the dirt at me!
Malo: Rule number one: never stand behind a digging mole!
—Malo Mole and Simba, as Malo digs[src]

Malo Mole is quirky, friendly, and quite talkative. He is very proud of his accomplishments in digging and loves to show off his special skills to Simba. When Simba saved his life, he was gracious and appreciative. In the end, he repaid his debt by saving Simba from a stampede of zebras.[1]



  • Malo Mole's name means "finish" in Swahili.[2]


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