Makuu's watering hole
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General information

Watering hole


Pride Lands



Societal information

   Kiburi (formerly)
   Nduli (formerly)
   Tamka (formerly)

Notable visitors



   Makuu's float
   Pride Landers

Makuu's watering hole is a watering hole in the Pride Lands. It is the home of Makuu and his float.


The Lion Guard

"Let Sleeping Crocs Lie"

Makuu's float crams into a new watering hole

When the Lion Guard accidentally wakes Makuu's float from hibernation, Makuu informs them that his float must find enough water to survive the dry season. Kiburi rebels against the Lion Guard's decision and incites the crocodiles to spread across the Pride Lands. Kion condemns Kiburi, and Makuu agrees.

Kion leads the crocodiles to another watering hole, which is small and overcrowded. While Makuu is grateful for the water, Kiburi is resentful and challenges Makuu to a mashindano. Makuu emerges victorious, and Kiburi is banished from the Pride Lands. Makuu's float returns to the watering hole, and Makuu declares a new "crocodile way."

"The Little Guy"

Kiburi's float attacks Makuu's watering hole

Makuu and his float are practicing fighting moves, with Hodari watching in adoration. Just then, a stampede of cape buffalo charges at the float. In the confusion, Makuu is injured. However, after the stampede is calmed, Makuu orders his float to continue their practice.

Seeing Makuu injured, Hodari offers to join the float, but Makuu merely laughs at him. Unbeknownst to the float, Njano and Shupavu are watching from a nearby tree and report the float's doings to Scar.

Later, Kiburi and his float (with a newly recruited Hodari) attack Makuu's float using their tactics, which Hodari had taught them. Hodari turns on his old float when Kiburi dishonorably fights an injured Makuu, and the Lion Guard joins in, ensuring victory for Makuu's float.

After the fight, Makuu indicts Hodari as an honorary member of the float.

"Pride Landers Unite!"

Kiburi leads an attack on the watering hole, but the Pride Landers defeat them.

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