Makuu's Trap
Makuu's Trap
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The United Kingdom


Panini Comics


The Lion Guard Magazine


June 30, 2017

Makuu's Trap is a comic inspired by The Lion Guard. It was published by Panini Comics on June 30, 2017, as part of The Lion Guard Magazine.



A pair of wildebeests approach the Lion Guard for help with Makuu, who had attacked them while they were drinking from the river. They explain that a calf had been left behind at the scene of the crime, to which Kion resolves to save him. Ono offers to save the calf using his incredible sight, but Bunga worries that Makuu is plotting something.

Ono's path

Kion assures Bunga that they will be careful, and the team sets off to save the calf. Once at the river, they realize that he is hiding and begin to search for him along the riverbank. Unbeknownst to the team, Makuu is listening from the sidelines and informs his float that they will wait for the Lion Guard to find the calf, then launch their attack.

The Lion Guard overhears Makuu's conversation, and Ono advises them to be quiet. He then suggests that he use a code once he's found the calf to lead the team in the right direction. Ono launches his plan, and Makuu is confused. The Lion Guard, however, understands the code perfectly.

Bunga's path

At the river, Makuu's float complains that they want to eat the calf, but Makuu assures them that the Lion Guard will arrive to save him, which will enable the float to defeat them. However, when the team arrives, they are quick to notice the float's absence, and Bunga leads the team on a shortcut across the river.


The calf races toward the Lion Guard, warning them of the danger, but Ono assures him that they are aware of the situation. Just then, the crocodiles attack. Kion orders Makuu to back off, but the crocodile refuses, until Beshte arrives and soaks the float in mud. With the crocodiles distracted, the Lion Guard escapes to safety with the calf.

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