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Makuru Kasiksi
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Black, cream, and purple

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   Pride Lands
   Hakuna Matata (formerly)


Pride Landers

Makuru Kasiksi is a female spider. She is a Pride Lander who fled the reign of Scar.



Makuru Kasiksi lived during Scar's reign. Due to the poor conditions of the Pride Lands, she left to live in the jungle.

Operation Pridelands

On their way to fetch Makuru Kasiksi, Timon tries to hush Pumbaa, but Pumbaa expresses little fear of Makuru Kasiksi. Timon, however, reminds him that they could anger her by waking her up from her nap, and Pumbaa realizes the extent of the situation. Together, they tiptoe to Makuru's Kasiksi's den, where they find her asleep in her web.

Makuru Kasiksi asleep in her web

As Timon and Pumbaa observe the sleeping spider, they remember the words of Gaucíngoua, who had told them to be crafty. Thinking quickly, they decide to collect fireflies in order to light up Makuru Kasiksi's web. With the web lit up, they plan to steal all her food so that she'll have no choice but to return to the Pride Lands.

In the middle of stealing her food, Timon and Pumbaa are spotted by Makuru Kasiksi, who expresses shock at seeing the two in her den. Though the two try to convince her to return home to the Pride Lands, Makuru Kasiksi refuses to leave her plenitude of food. Once the spider falls back asleep, Timon and Pumbaa finish taking her food.

Eventually, Makuru Kasiksi wakes up, and Timon pretends to not know what had happened to her food. With no choice but to leave, Makuru Kasiksi agrees to return to the Pride Lands.

Physical appearance

Makuru Kasiksi is a massive spider, nearly matching Pumbaa in size. Her main body is purple, though her eye shades and joints are yellow, and her abdomen is black and emblazoned with a white skull.

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