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Black, brown, gray, tan, and white

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   Little Makini (by Janna)
   Little mandrill (by Janja)
   Mandrill (by Scar)
   Young Mjuzi (by Kongwe and Rafiki)
   Young one (by Rafiki)




   Tree of Life
   Pride Lands (formerly)


Pride Landers (formerly)


Royal Mjuzi

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Kitendo (father)
Fikiri (mother)


Anga, Beshte, Bunga, Chama, Fikiri, Fuli, Furaha, Janna, Kiara, Kion, Kitendo, Kongwe, Ma Tembo, Mzaha, Nala, Ono, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Rani, Simba, Timon


Chuluun, Fahari, Jiona, Kenge, Makucha, Ora, Scar, Ushari, Janja (formerly), Kiburi (formerly), Mzingo (formerly), Reirei (formerly)

Someday, I'll be a Royal Mjuzi, knowledge-keeper of the Pride Lands, just like him! It's so exciting! Rafiki says if I'm quiet, I'll be able to hear the Lions of the Past like he does. But I still haven't heard them! I only heard what you were saying. Can you believe it? I can't believe it.
―Makini meets Kion[src]

Makini is a female mandrill. She served as Rafiki's apprentice before becoming the Royal Mjuzi of the Tree of Life. She is the daughter of Kitendo and Fikiri.

As an adolescent, Makini began training under Rafiki to be the next Royal Mjuzi of the Pride Lands. However, early into her training, she became an unwitting pawn of Ushari the cobra; not only did his spies learn how to summon evil Lions of the Past by spying on her and Rafiki, but his minions stole her bakora staff and used it in a ritual that summoned the spirit of Scar.

Later, after Scar's defeat, Kion sought healing at the Tree of Life for his scar. Makini accompanied him and the Lion Guard, and used her familiarity with the landscape to keep them pointed in the right direction. Once at the Tree of Life, Makini became the new Royal Mjuzi under Queen Rani.


Early life

You see, when Makini was born, the Lions of the Past told me that she would be the one to continue my role in the Circle of Life.

Makini journeys with her parents to the Tree of Life.

Makini was born to Kitendo and Fikiri.[1] At the time of her birth, Makini was chosen by the Great Kings of the Past to be Rafiki's apprentice.[2]

As an infant, Makini journeyed with her parents to the Tree of Life to see if Rafiki would take her on as the next Royal Mjuzi of the Pride Lands. While on the journey to the Tree of Life, the family stopped at a river, where Kitendo teased Makini by getting into the cold river water. Fikiri tried to explain the importance of testing the water first, but Kitendo contested that his way was more fun.

Makini presents herself to Rafiki.

Later, Kitendo explained to Makini that she may become a Royal Mjuzi someday because she had her mother's wisdom, while Fikiri assured Makini that she had her father's curiosity and sense of fun. Both parents then told her that they would be with her until she was ready to be on her own.

While crossing the desert, Kitendo and Fikiri taught Makini to learn from her past in order to have a better future. They then presented her to Rafiki at the Tree of Life, and he accepted her as his apprentice.[1]

Start of Royal Mjuzi training

I know the bakora staff can help me hear the Great Lions of the Past, but is there a way to hear the Bad Lions of the Past too?

Kion was concerned at how quickly the start of the dry season had caused things to get out of hand, so he consulted with the spirit of his grandfather, Mufasa. Unbeknownst to Kion, his conversation with Mufasa was being overheard by Makini. After Kion's conversation was over, she introduced herself and told him that she was Rafiki's new apprentice. Makini gushed over what she had heard, but Kion told her not to talk about it too much. Unbeknownst to the pair, Ushari had overheard everything.

Makini spies on Kion as he communicates with the spirit of his grandfather, Mufasa.

Later, Makini began her training with Rafiki, but her excitement and impatience kept her from making any progress. Rafiki told her that the hardest part of listening was finding the quiet to hear. He then sent her out to find her bakora staff, the special staff carried by all Royal Mjuzis.

As Makini searched for her staff, she encountered Ushari, who casually asked her if there was a way to speak to the evil Lions of the Past. Makini was unsure, so Ushari convinced her to get Rafiki to reveal if there was a way to talk to Scar. After Makini found a staff that spoke to her, she returned to Rafiki. Meanwhile, Ushari summoned his skink friends to spy on Makini and reveal to him what Rafiki told her about Scar.

Makini finds her bakora staff.

At the Lair of the Lion Guard, Makini asked Rafiki if there was a way to talk to Scar, and Rafiki explained that it depended on if the Great Lion was good or bad. He revealed that the Great Lions of the Past were in the sky, that their voices were in the wind, and that they were the lions who appeared when Kion used the Roar of the Elders. However, the Evil Lions of the Past, like Scar, appeared in fire if they were unleashed by the Roar and the bakora staff. The skinks went off to tell Ushari what they had learned.

In the meantime, Rafiki introduced the royal family to Makini, who went with Kiara to help Ma Tembo the elephant find a new water source. In the Outlands, Ushari and Janja decided to use what they had learned to summon Scar. They resolved to get Makini's bakora staff, since she was too inexperienced to be a threat, and to attack one of Kion's loved ones and bring them to the volcano, since Kion's Roars were at their most powerful when he was angry.

Rafiki introduces Makini to the royal family.

The hyenas kidnapped Kiara and took Makini's bakora staff. While the rest of the Lion Guard rescued her, Janja tricked Kion by getting him to use the Roar out of anger, which caused the volcano to erupt. When Janja threw Makini's staff into the volcano, Scar was successfully summoned.

Back in the Pride Lands, Ma Tembo was having difficulty hearing water because of all the chanting animals around her. Realizing that Ma Tembo needed silence in order to hear, Makini quieted the crowd, and Ma Tembo was at last able to hear and locate a water source. Pleased with herself, Makini celebrated her official status as Rafiki's apprentice.[2]

Painting with the Great Kings of the Past

I was just taking a little break. For inspiration! But now that that's over, I can really, really focus on painting!
―Makini, after playing with Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha[src]

Makini engages in a bug-eating contest with Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha.

Rafiki taught Makini to make paintings according to the whispers of the Great Kings of the Past. In the midst of their lesson, the mandrills were interrupted by a trio of young animals: Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha, who declared that they wanted to live with Rafiki at his tree. Though Rafiki was hesitant to accept them, he eventually gave in to Makini's pleas and allowed them to stay.

Later, Makini was having a bug-eating contest with Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha when they were approached by the Lion Guard and an annoyed Rafiki. Kion questioned the three young animals as to why they were not with their herds. The three admitted that they were outcasts. Rafiki insisted that they must return to their families, for it was part of their duty to the Circle of Life. Seeing the importance of Rafiki's words, the three young animals agreed to return to their herds.

Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha rescue Makini and Rafiki from a fire.

Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha were unable to fit in with their herds and so decided to return to Rafiki's tree. There, they disrupted yet another of Rafiki's lessons. The mandrill ordered them to return to their herds and leave Makini to her training. Reluctantly, the three agreed and left the pair to their work.

Shortly afterward, sparks from a nearby fire began to drift across the savanna, igniting the grass beneath Rafiki's tree. Makini and Rafiki noticed the danger too late and found themselves trapped on a branch high above the fire. Ono happened to notice the danger and warned Kion about the situation. Before the Lion Guard could reach Rafiki's tree, Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha arrived and led the mandrills to safety. They then began to put out the fire themselves.

Makini paints for the royal family at Pride Rock.

The Lion Guard took off to save Makini and Rafiki, only to find that Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha were battling the fire themselves. The Lion Guard joined in, and together, the two groups put out the fire. Rafiki thanked them profusely for their help and, as a token of thanks, offered Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha a home at his tree. The three were honored by Rafiki's offer but admitted that they had found a new home near Big Springs for their family.

That night, Makini painted for the royal family, much to the awe of her audience.[3]


Rafiki just told me I'll be painting the elephants for the Ukumbusho. It's so exciting!

In Mizimu Grove, Ma Tembo directed her herd in preparing for the Ukumbusho Tradition. In the midst of the preparation, Makini arrived to help paint the elephants for the ceremony.

Makini gathers yellow flowers to make paint for the elephants' sunbursts.

Under Ma Tembo's direction, the Lion Guard began practicing their lines, while Makini mashed up various fruits to make paints for the celebration. Just then, Timon and Pumbaa arrived to help the Lion Guard with their lines. However, before they could start, Ma Tembo pointed out that the Lion Guard was traditionally composed of lions only, which prompted Makini to suggest that she paint each Lion Guard member to resemble a lion. Though Fuli was reluctant to accept the idea, Makini dressed up the Lion Guard to resemble lions, then departed to paint the elephants.

Makini was painting sunbursts on the elephants' foreheads when she suddenly ran out of yellow paint. In a panic, she related to Ma Tembo how she had used all her paint on the Lion Guard, and Ma Tembo suggested that she collect more yellow fruit from the nearby forest. Makini did as she was told, clearing a hive of bees from a clump of yellow flowers in order to bring the plants before the elephants. She then continued to paint the herd.

Makini apologizes to Ma Tembo for having caused the bees' attack.

Later, Makini watched Ukumbusho. In the midst of the ceremony, a horde of bees attacked the elephants, chasing them from the grove. The Lion Guard took off to halt the stampede. While on the run, they realized that the bees were attracted to Makini's flower paint.

Later, back at Mizimu Grove, Ma Tembo apologized to Simba for panicking and explained that bee stings in the trunk could be very painful. Makini rushed over and apologized for having caused the chaos, to which Ma Tembo assured her that she had not known. When Makini volunteered to collect more yellow fruit for the paint, Kion suggested continuing the ceremony without any paint. Ma Tembo agreed to the plan, and the Ukumbusho Tradition continued in a new way.[4]

Kenge's attack

Oh, oh, I know! Ponya flowers! I'm almost totally sure that's what Rafiki said can help!
―Makini, as she ponders how to heal the Lion Guard[src]

When Kenge bit and paralyzed three members of the Lion Guard, Ono went to fetch Rafiki for help. However, when Ono arrived at Rafiki's tree, only Makini was at home. She offered to accompany Ono instead and use her minimal healing skills to assist the Lion Guard.

Makini attempts to use her minimal healing skills to heal the Lion Guard.

Once at the scene of the fight, Makini forgot what the antidote, ponya flowers, looked like. Ono recalled what the flowers looked like and managed to locate a patch of them. At the same moment, he saw the hyenas returning to the melon patch with Kenge. Hearing this news, Kion ordered Bunga and Ono to deal with the thieves while Makini collected the flowers.

Later, Makini attempted to use the ponya flowers to heal the Lion Guard. At the same time, Bunga arrived and declared that he must face Kenge alone, but the Lion Guard insisted that Makini accompany him to the fight. Though reluctant, Makini eventually agreed, and Kion declared that he had a plan to defeat Kenge and the hyenas.

Makini gathers the stolen melons while Bunga distracts Kenge and his hyena cronies.

Bunga and Makini followed Kenge and the hyenas to Embamba Canyon, where Bunga distracted the thieves. Meanwhile, Makini stole their melons and hid them behind rocks. In his attempts to catch Bunga, Kenge accidentally bit Cheezi and Chungu, paralyzing them. He nearly bit Janja, but a melon was thrown his way. He then turned his attention to Makini. She threw her bakora staff at him to keep him back, but he simply snapped it in half with his teeth.

Just then, a fully healed Lion Guard approached. The hyenas attempted to run but were hindered by their paralyzed legs. Taking advantage of this, Kion used the Roar of the Elders to blast Kenge and the hyenas back to the Outlands, where the melons were out of their reach. Together, the Lion Guard and Makini rolled the stolen melons back to the patch.[5]


You know what I think, Rafiki? I think Christmas celebrates the gift of the Circle of Life.

Makini listens as Rafiki tells the story of how Christmas came to the Pride Lands.

Rafiki taught Makini about the holidays of the Pride Lands. One such holiday intrigued Makini, and Rafiki explained that it was called "Christmas" and that it had been brought to the kingdom by two outsiders, Timon and Pumbaa. He then launched into the tale, explaining that Christmas always began when a large star shone brightly in the sky, lasting throughout the day and night.

After Rafiki finished his tale, Makini commented that Christmas was a celebration of the Circle of Life, and Rafiki agreed. He then tapped the Christmas painting, bringing it to life, and the star at the top began to twinkle.[6]

Combating the drought

I saw it in the Back Lands. It's a big watering hole with lots of water. It was part of the zebra herd's grazing grounds.
―Makini on Dhahabu's watering hole[src]

Makini tells Simba about a mysterious watering hole in the Back Lands.

Due to a severe drought, the Lion Guard was forced to break up a fight between Twiga's herd and Vuruga Vuruga's herd. Kion took the problem to his father, Simba, who questioned Rafiki on how past kings had dealt with a water shortage. Rafiki was doubtful that the paintings of the past would reveal anything to him, though one painting depicted a king leading the Pride Landers to a mysterious watering hole.

Makini recognized the watering hole and explained that she had seen it before in a neighboring kingdom, the Back Lands, and that it belonged to a herd of zebras. Simba deduced that the herd must belong to Dhahabu. He then instructed Kion to ask the zebras for permission to use the watering hole in exchange for whatever boon they desired.[7]

Sumu's attack

I've got it! I've got it! Well, actually, the gourd's got the ash, but I got the gourd.
―Makini, after she collects volcanic ash[src]

Makini and Rafiki attempt to heal Simba from a scorpion's sting.

In the Lair of the Lion Guard, Makini and the Lion Guard discussed how Scar had been defeated by Simba, which had inspired the Kumbuka celebration. Bunga tried to argue that his uncles, Timon and Pumbaa, were the true heroes since they had distracted the hyenas, but Makini and the rest of the Lion Guard credited Simba with the victory.

At Pride Rock, the Pride Landers honored the Kumbuka celebration. However, in the midst of the festivities, Simba was stung by a scorpion. Rafiki explained that the only cure was volcanic ash, which could be found in the Outlands. He then tasked the Lion Guard with retrieving it. Bunga offered to carry the gourd that would hold the ash, but when he almost broke it, Rafiki ordered Makini to accompany the team.

Makini collects volcanic ash for Simba's sting.

The Lion Guard reached the inner volcano, where Makini placed a pinch of the ash in her gourd. As the team turned to leave, Scar arose from the flames, revealed himself to Kion, and admitted his part in the plan to kill Simba. Despite Scar's admission, Kion directed his team to leave, as he was worried about arriving too late to save his father. Scar then called his army forward, and they cornered the Lion Guard at the edge of the lava.

With no option left, Kion used the Roar of the Elders to blow away Scar's army, and the Lion Guard made a quick escape. Scar sent Mzingo and his parliament after the Lion Guard, and the vultures nearly wrestled the gourd from Makini. However, the rest of the team arrived just in time to fend off the vultures, and Kion used his Roar to ensure that they were not delayed again. Makini and the team arrived shortly after Bunga and Fuli, who delivered the remedy to Rafiki.[8]

Locating Kongwe

Rafiki will be so impressed if I can remember every super-wise thing you've ever said, Kongwe. But it's not easy. "A patient creature never misses a thing." I think that's right. Sure sounds smart, don't you think, Fuli?

Makini and Fuli are tasked with finding Kongwe, the wisest animal in the Pride Lands.

At Pride Rock, Rafiki tasked Makini with finding Kongwe, the oldest and wisest animal in the Pride Lands. Beshte commented that Kongwe lived near Urembo River, which was a half-day's walk from Pride Rock. Simba worried that this was too long of a delay, but Fuli volunteered to lend her assistance in order to speed up the trip.

Fuli and Makini traveled to Urembo River, where Makini confessed that she did not know Kongwe's species. While searching for her, Fuli accidentally stepped on Kongwe's shell, which alerted the tortoise to their presence. The two realized that they had found Kongwe, and Makini informed her that Simba desired her presence at Pride Rock. Kongwe attempted to offer words of wisdom to the two, but only Makini was receptive to the tortoise's advice.

Makini marvels at Kongwe's wisdom.

Fuli attempted to hurry along Kongwe, who made frequent stops to observe her surroundings. Fuli explained her quick-paced lifestyle to Kongwe, but the plan backfired when Kongwe withdrew into her shell to ponder Fuli's words. Fuli grew impatient with Kongwe and attempted to move the tortoise herself. However, when she and Makini pushed on Kongwe's shell, the tortoise toppled down the side of a shallow ravine. With no choice but to lead Kongwe through the ravine, Fuli and Makini joined her on lower ground and began to guide her back toward Pride Rock.

Along the way, Kongwe marveled at a dead tree that was clinging weakly to the side of the ravine. As she watched, the tree's roots sprang free of the dirt, and the tree toppled to the ground. To Fuli's relief, Kongwe was unharmed. However, Fuli realized that they could not move Kongwe around the tree, and so she lead the team through the Back Lands.

Makini attempts to defend herself and Kongwe from Makucha.

Once in the Back Lands, the three were confronted by Makucha the leopard, who expressed interest in eating Kongwe. Fuli jumped to the tortoise's defense, and Makucha backed off, though he warned Fuli that they were in his territory. Fuli and Makini continued guiding Kongwe through the Back Lands. Suddenly, Makucha jumped out of the underbrush, and Fuli managed to fend him off.

At sunset, Fuli, Makini, and Kongwe converged with the rest of the Lion Guard. Together, they went to Pride Rock, where Kongwe advised Simba and Kion to be patient, for good always triumphed over evil in the end.[9]

Exploring the Lair of the Lion Guard

Well... It looks like a long time ago, the lions of the Pride Lands found a way to defeat a great evil, and this chamber holds the secret.

Makini shows off various paintings in the Lair of the Lion Guard.

The Lion Guard examined paintings in the Lair of the Lion Guard in the hopes of finding a way to defeat Scar. During their search, Makini informed the team that the Lair included many paintings, some of which the Guard had never seen.

Just then, Kion noticed a boulder blocking a painting and instructed Beshte to move it. With the boulder out of the way, the Lion Guard found a secret passage leading deep into the heart of the Lair. Makini used her bakora staff to bring a painting to life. The painting detailed how the original Lion Guard, led by Askari, had defeated a great evil by venturing deep into the Lair's chambers. Determined to find a means of defeating Scar, Kion led the Lion Guard into the caverns, while Makini stayed behind for her own safety.

Makini discovers the collapse in the tunnel.

Makini continued to examine the Lair's paintings, despite the danger. In the process, she stumbled upon the collapsed ground where the Lion Guard had fallen through. Worried for their safety, she jumped into the pit after them. Makini eventually found the Guard by following their paw prints, and Kion reluctantly allowed her to join the quest.

The team ventured on until they reached a canyon. Makini used her bakora staff to awaken a nearby painting, which showed the bravest of Askari's Lion Guard walking in midair across the divide. The Guard then realized that it was an optical illusion, for a stone bridge blended in with the rest of the landscape. The team crossed over safely.

Makini explains the meaning of the paintings to the Lion Guard.

Under Kion's leadership, the team reached another chamber, where Makini led them to a painting. She explained that a group of evil lions had attempted to overtake the Pride Lands, but Askari and his Lion Guard had foiled their plans using an unstoppable force. She then led them into a chamber where there was a pool of water and yet another painting.

At first, the team could not decipher where the unstoppable force was, but then Kion realized that it was their reflection – or the Lion Guard itself – that was the unstoppable force. Makini brought the painting to life, and it showed how Askari's Guard had worked together to defeat the evil lions. Makini apologized for not having explained this earlier, but Kion reminded her that the journey had taught the Lion Guard their value.[10]

Mpando mpaya

Every baobab tree in Mizimu Grove was planted by a Royal Mijuzi while they were training. And tonight, I get to plant mine!

At Big Springs, Timon and Pumbaa wandered by on the trail of a slug. No sooner had they left when Makini arrived and showed off a plant root that would be part of her mpando mpaya, which was the traditional planting of a new baobab tree by a Royal Mjuzi. This prompted Kion to chase after Timon and Pumbaa, and ask them to perform at Makini's mpando mpaya.

Makini plants her baobab tree in Mizimu Grove.

At Mizimu Grove, Rafiki and Simba announced the celebration, and Timon and Pumbaa performed their song ("Tujiinue"). In the midst of the celebration, the Army of Scar attacked, and the Pride Landers rose up to defend themselves. The battle paused when Scar appeared in the flames and threatened to overtake the entirety of the Pride Lands.

That night, Kion noticed something on the ground and rushed off to speak to the Pride Landers. At Pride Rock, he interrupted Simba's somber opening statement and implored the Pride Landers to follow him to Mizimu Grove. The herds followed Kion to Mizimu Grove, where Makini's baobab tree seed had survived the fire. This inspired the Pride Landers to remain in the kingdom and work together to defeat Scar. Makini then planted her baobab tree as the Pride Landers looked on.[11]

Battle for the Pride Lands

The Tree of Life is a safe place for animals who are hurt or sick.

Makini joins the Lion Guard on their journey to the Tree of Life.

Makini watched with Rafiki and Simba as the sun rose on the day of the Pride Lander invasion of the Outlands. She later joined Rafiki in attending to the injured Ono and expressed worry for him. She brought Rafiki tuliza blossoms to feed Kion to help with the pain from his scar.

When Rafiki brought up the Tree of Life, Makini mentioned how she had traveled there in her youth. Rafiki commented that the two of them had met there. Rafiki later gave Makini permission to accompany the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life. In addition to sharing information from her previous trip, she was tasked with feeding Kion tuliza.[12]

Journey to the Tree of Life

Makucha's plot

So many animals from all over go to the Tree of Life to be safe. And it's so hard to find. So it's a good thing I know how to get there.
―Makini, as Makucha overhears[src]

While traveling through the Back Lands, Makini and her friends encountered Makucha and his friends, Jiona and Fahari, who attacked them in an effort to drive them out of the territory. Makini grabbed Ono and carried him up a tree to safety, much to his consternation. Makini and her friends – as well as the leopards – were then forced to take refuge when a powerful windstorm, or harmattan, sprang up. After some discussion, Makucha reluctantly agreed to lead the Guard out of his territory.

Makucha attempts to kidnap Makini so she can lead him to the Tree of Life.

Along the way, Makini extoled the Tree of Life to her companions, unaware that Makucha was listening with interest. Liking what he had heard, Makucha conspired with his fellow leopards to capture Makini and eliminate the rest of the Guard. This would enable them to prey upon the Tree of Life's inhabitants without the Guard's opposition. However, Ono was able to alert the Guard to the plan, and they rescued Makini.

After another confrontation, the Guard was able to take shelter from a particularly strong gust of wind that blew away the leopards. Making their way safely out of the storm, they continued on their journey.[13]

Befriending the snow monkeys

They can't move at all? Somebody should tell them! Bunga! Snow monkeys! Ono says don't move around!
―Makini, after the snow monkeys fall into a hole in the snow[src]

The Lion Guard traveled through a range of mountains, which Makini failed to recognize from her previous journey. This was due to Kion's effort to shorten their route in spite of his teammates' worries. When they ran across a family of snow monkeys, Makini suggested asking them for directions.

Makini realizes that they are out of tuliza.

As Kion's temper began to flare, Makini discovered that they had run out of tuliza. After Kion accidentally triggered an avalanche, he entrusted Anga with keeping Makini and Ono safe, and Makini gratefully accepted the help. She later encouraged the monkeys to trust Anga while the Guard led the family to a new hot spring.

Makini later attempted to frighten off some flying squirrels who appeared when they found a possible new home for the monkeys. Later, when the monkeys and Bunga fell into some unstable snow, Makini tried to warn them not to move. After Anga succeeded in rescuing them, Makini and the others traveled with the monkeys to their new home.[14]

Saving Domog's pack

Don't worry, Bunga. We'll stop that snow leopard.
―Makini on Chuluun[src]

As the Lion Guard continued traveling through the mountains, they approached another moja kwa moja stone, and Anga spotted some tuliza to replenish Makini's dwindling supply. After going to retrieve it, Bunga encountered a group of red pandas, who believed Bunga was a "chosen one" destined to save them from "the ghost of the mountain." Makini considered Bunga's fur, which was dyed red by the pandas, to be cute. She was later surprised by the arrival of the red panda elder, Domog. Makini, finding the pandas cute as well, voted to help them deal with their mysterious adversary.

Makini indicates the moja kwa moja stone.

While searching for the ghost, the Guard was forced to flee an avalanche. While running, Makini dropped her staff, but Fuli retrieved it. Makini thanked the cheetah enthusiastically. Later, she hung back with Ono per Kion's instructions as they reached the end of the "ghost's" trail. They soon discovered that the "ghost" was actually a snow leopard named Chuluun, whose fur allowed her to blend in with the mountain snow. After Chuluun escaped them, Makini encouraged a despondent Bunga, and the Guard rallied the red pandas to drive off their foe.

With Chuluun gone, the Guard found the moja kwa moja stone and continued on their way, unaware that Chuluun had joined Makucha in trailing them to the Tree of Life.[15]

Lost in the marsh

Oh, Ono, I am so, so sorry. I was supposed to be eyes for both of us. And now we're stuck in a hole. But don't worry. I'll get us out of here and find the Guard. And everything will be okay.
―Makini to Ono, after they fall in a hole[src]

While making their way through a marsh, the Guard heard several approaching creatures, which scared Makini. She quickly grabbed Ono and carried him to safety despite his protests that they did not know what they were dealing with. Makini's mad rush left the pair separated from their friends in the bewildering marshlands. As she searched for the others, Makini spotted a strange blue light, which Ono recognized as a marsh light from her description.

Makini follows the marsh lights.

Makini eagerly started to follow the phenomenon, which began moving away. In doing so, she ignored Ono's warnings about it. After she failed to catch the light or those like it, the pair found themselves even more lost. Just then, the ground beneath them collapsed, dropping them into an underground cavern. Makini apologized to Ono and attempted to climb out but failed. She suggested Ono fly out, but he reminded her that he could not see.

The rest of the Guard, having noticed Makini and Ono's prolonged absence, began looking for them. Meanwhile, while attempting to get herself and Ono out of the pit, Makini inadvertently caused water to begin flowing into the space. She then spotted a tunnel leading out of the cave. With Ono's encouragement, she entered it. The pair then ran into a colony of bats, which Makini found cute and Ono found upsetting.

Makini and Ono use echolocation to escape the underground.

Makini and Ono then discovered that the tunnel branched off in two directions. They hit upon the idea of trying to use the same method as the bats to navigate. Ono attempted it but was unable to do it. However, they discovered that Makini, whom Ono had been telling to keep quiet, had the perfect loud, high-pitched voice to mimic the bats' echolocation. The two identified the correct tunnel and followed it up to the surface. They emerged from the ground in the midst of their friends.

Ono praised Makini for having helped him, and she noted that the pair of them worked well together. Anga spotted the next moja kwa moja stone. However, on their way to it, Bunga got distracted by a marsh light, despite Makini's attempts to warn him.[16]

Dragon Island

Oh! There's the tuliza patch up on the hill. I'll pick some.

As the Guard's journey continued, they arrived at Dragon Island. Makini recalled having visited the ocean on her previous trip to the Tree of Life. Anga informed Makini that there was tuliza growing on the island, to Makini's relief. However, the Guard was warned against visiting the island by an old civet. Makini was puzzled by his references to dragons, having not met any previously, and soon headed off to gather some tuliza. However, the group was soon confronted by Ora and his fellow Komodo dragons, to Makini's horror.

Makini collects tuliza for Kion.

After Kion's anger led to an overly powerful Roar, Makini started to offer him some tuliza but was forced to retreat as a flood of ocean water rushed in. Anga aided Makini in getting to safety, but Makini lost her newly collected tuliza in the process. Fuli later assigned the two and Ono to find the island's moja kwa moja stone and to try and locate some more tuliza as well. The trio succeeded in both tasks, though a nervous Ono briefly believed they had run across another dragon. Makini did her best to reassure him.

Upon examining the stone, Makini noted with dismay that, thanks to Kion's Roar, their group was now cut off from the mainland. Anga then spotted the dragons attacking their friends and Lumba-Lumba the dolphin. After getting Makini to a safe spot, she and Ono joined the fight. Makini then fed Kion some tuliza, and he was able to use the Roar to clear a path for them to return to the mainland.[17]

Crossing the desert

I know that I was here with you, Mom, but my friends think we might be going the wrong way. I wish I could run back to the Pride Lands and ask you for help. What would you say? Maybe... "As you move forward."
―Makini, after the Lion Guard gets lost in the desert[src]

The Guard found another moja kwa moja stone but discovered that the river it depicted had dried up. Makini thought back to her original journey to the Tree of Life, when she had traveled with her father, Kitendo, and her mother, Fikiri, to meet Rafiki for the first time. Makini unwittingly splashed Fuli, to the cheetah's annoyance. As they approached the next stone, they continued to find signs of the region drying up, and Makini recalled a waterfall she had seen on her first trip.

Makini recalls her previous journey to the Tree of Life.

Kion allowed Makini to lead the group to the waterfall, but it too had dried up. They came across another of Rakiki's paintings. As the group progressed, Makini recalled additional fun detours from her youth, but the present failed to match up with her memories. Eventually, the group had to stop her from leading them off their path, as they were determined to progress in their journey. Makini thought back on her childhood again, recalling how her parents had discussed the possiblity of her becoming a Royal Mjuzi.

Makini's recollections conflicted with Ono's memorization of the map Rafiki had painted in the Lair. Even so, Kion reluctantly allowed her to take the lead again. When she led them out into a sandy region, Kion mistakenly believed she had done so for another fun diversion and became angry. After encountering Tupp the jerboa, a still irritable Kion insisted that they leave the desert. The group was caught in a brief sandstorm. When Makini offered Kion some tuliza, he spit it out after finding it covered in sand, to Makini's chagrin.

Beshte comforts Makini.

Later, as the group rested to avoid the heat of the day in the desert, Makini's thoughts turned to her mother and father again. She recalled a song they had once sang to her ("As You Move Forward") and confided her doubts about her memories to Beshte. Beshte reassured her and advised her not to dwell on her past mistakes, and Kion apologized for his earlier outburst. The group ran into Tupp again and, with his help, found a plant from which they were able to get water. Makini also used it to wash off some tuliza so she could feed it to Kion.

Through Tupp's advice about looking to the sky for guidance rather than the earth, the Lion Guard realized that they had been mistaken about a landmark. With their path corrected, the group realized that several of Makini's seemingly bad memories had in fact been correct. Kion apologized to her again, and Makini accepted his apology. She commented about a detour they could take when they returned to the Pride Lands so she could visit her parents.[1]

Detour at Flamingo Beach

Nothing, Kion. Shwari. Just close your eyes. Don't worry! It's... It's all gonna be okay. Just think happy lion thoughts.
―Makini calms Kion[src]

As the Guard's journey continued, Makini reached for some tuliza to feed an irritable Kion, only to find that she had run out. While Anga searched for a new supply, the group ran into an inland sea, which Bunga was quick to name after himself. Makini recalled Rafiki telling her about the soothing properties of salt water. Per her advice, most of the Guard decided to soak in the water. Fuli, meanwhile, headed off to find some tuliza that Anga had discovered.

Makini struggles to keep Kion calm.

The group was soon disturbed by a migrating flock of flamingos, whom Makini attempted to steer Kion away from as he tranquilly floated in the water. After a false alarm involving Bunga and the partying birds, Makini lost track of Kion. Makini and the others raced to find and calm him after he was angered by some of the birds. Just then, Fuli – accompanied by her new friend Azaad – arrived just in time with the tuliza, which Makini quickly fed to Kion.

With the crisis averted, Makini gratefully noted that their new tuliza supply should last them for quite some time. With that, the Guard left the sea behind.[18]

Recovering Makini's staff

My staff had the rest of our tuliza. And nobody here will help us find tuliza! But what if you need some more? And my staff makes the moja kwa moja stone paintings come to life too! But I think the only place I can find a new bakora staff is in the Pride Lands. We'll never find the Tree of Life now!
―Makini, after she loses her bakora staff[src]

Makini searches for her missing bakora staff.

While traveling through a forest, Makini noted that the group was running low on tuliza and asked Beshte's new friend, Tenuk, about replenishing it. However, Tenuk and several other animals ended up panicking when the plant was mentioned. After feeding Kion some of their dwindling supply, Makini accidentally left her staff behind, and it was stolen by Smun's prickle. Upon discovering its disappearance, Makini became worried, but Beshte helped her to calm down.

After asking around, the Guard and Makini learned that the staff had been stolen on the orders of Mama Binturong, who had been terrorizing the forest and hoarding all the tuliza she could lay her paws on. The group headed to her lair and were forced to rely on Bunga to travel through the Stone Forest surrounding it. Makini was ecstatic when Bunga returned with the staff, though she recoiled at the lingering odor of the stink attack he had used against Mama Binturong and her minions. Despite this, she laughed with the others when Bunga was surprised by their knowledge of his "secret" weapon.[19]

Kion's breakdown

Are... Are they going to fight?
―Makini on Kion and Fuli[src]

Makini urges Kion to take some tuliza.

Nearing the end of their journey, the Guard was urged on at a rapid pace by Kion. When he began to grow irritable, Makini fed him some tuliza but noted with concern that the plant seemed to be becoming less effective as time went on. When Bunga suggested that Kion was in danger of turning evil, Makini reproved him. She later reported on the friendliness of the animals she had met on her first trip to the Tree of Life. The group then ran across a goose nest and was shocked to see the goslings leaping from it.

The Guard acted to protect the hatchlings, only to discover that they were in the midst of learning how to fly. Between this and an encounter with some peacocks, Kion's temper began rising, and he impatiently urged his companions on. He later exploded at Yun Mibu, another new friend of Beshte's. When Makini urged him to take some tuliza, he refused, having also realized that the plant was not helping as much as it had originally. As Fuli tried to get him to calm down, Makini worried that the two would end up fighting, with Bunga asserting this as evidence that Kion was turning evil.

Makini encourages Kion to rest.

Kion was shocked by Bunga's words and moreso when Makini and the others remarked on his increased aggression. After snapping again, he left. Bunga once again voiced his fear that Kion would become evil, but Makini and the others responded with hope for their friend. The friends went looking for Kion and found that he was hanging from a branch over a massive drop. Yun Mibu was persuaded to help, and he and Anga were able to rescue Kion. Makini praised them for the save.

After Kion apologized to everyone, Makini offered him some tuliza again, and Kion accepted gratefully. She then joined the others in encouraging Kion to take a rest, as they hoped it would help alleviate his irritability.[20]

Arrival at the Tree of Life

Oh, no! My staff. It must have slipped off when I fell into the water.

Makini is trapped in the middle of a frozen lake.

Nearing the end of their journey, the Guard attempted to shorten their trip by crossing a frozen lake, only to have the ice break undernearth them. Makini ended up stranded on a floating chunk but was rescued by Kion and Fuli. In the process, she lost her latest bakora staff and so was unable to give Kion any more tuliza. When the group reached the next moja kwa moja stone, Makini was unable to verify the stone's nature.

Ono still remembered Rafiki's map and was able to lead everyone to a mountain pass that led to the Tree of Life. However, Bunga's attempt to retrieve a beehive resulted in a rockslide that blocked the pass. Makini tried to calm an anxious Kion, and the group got to work trying to remove the rocks. However, their efforts were interrupted when the Night Pride, protectors of the Tree of Life, arrived and mistook them for invading enemies.

Makini marvels at the sight of the Tree of Life.

Makini worked with Ono to free a trapped Bunga while the rest of the Guard engaged the Night Pride. During the battle, Kion used the Roar against one of them, which prompted their leader, Rani, to forbid the Guard from proceeding to the Tree of Life. When the Guard, aside from Bunga, rejected the notion of fighting their way in anyway, Makini questioned whether their journey had ended prematurely. The Guard then worked to free Bunga and finished clearing the pass.

Acting on the instructions of her grandmother, Queen Janna, Rani returned to the pass. Upon seeing that the Guard had opened the pass but obeyed her command not to enter, and hearing Kion's plea for Ono, Rani and the Night Pride welcomed the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life.[21]

Stay at the Tree of Life

Janna's training

This is where Rafiki said I'd be a Royal Mjuzi someday! He started my training!
―Makini on the Tree of Life[src]

Makini admires her new bakora staff.

The Lion Guard were welcomed by Queen Janna, who asked Makini to remain with her after the rest of the Guard was led away by various members of the Night Pride. The two renewed their acquaintanceship. Janna then offered to continue Makini's training as a Royal Mjuzi, much to the mandrill's delight. She showed Makini the paintings that recorded the history of the Tree of Life and gave Makini the bakora staff of the Tree of Life's last Royal Mjuzi. Rani then entered and informed Janna and Makini about the arrival of Makucha's army, which she blamed on Kion and the Guard.[22]

Makini assisted Queen Janna in healing Ono's eyesight. She was present when Mama Binturong arrived under the guise of an injured animal.[23]

Rani's coronation

Animals of the Tree of Life. Queen Janna has completed her journey in the Circle of Life. As is tradition, we will gather at the Willows to say goodbye to Queen Janna. The coronation ceremony to make Rani the new queen of the Tree of Life will happen at sunset.
―Makini, after Janna's death[src]

Makini presents Rani as the new queen of the Tree of Life.

As Queen Janna's time grew short, Makini attended to her and silently denoted her failing condition to Kion when he arrived with the Night Pride. As Janna spoke her final words to the Night Pride, she announced that Makini would serve as Rani's Royal Mjuzi when Rani succeeded her as queen. After Janna's passing, Makini took up her duties and assisted a grieving Rani by announcing Janna's death to the animals of the Tree of Life. She also announced the arrangements for Janna's memorial and Rani's coronation.

Later, Makini showed Rani the paintings recording the Tree of Life's history, including ones Makini herself had made under Janna's direction. Reassured in her new role by Makini's revelation, Rani found herself attending to her duties as queen with Makini's help. Makini later presided over Rani's coronation ceremony.[24]

Battle for the Tree of Life

Queen Janna showed me a painting from a long time ago. That's Askari. Legend has it that Askari would go to Cikha Escarpment to practice the Roar...until he learned everything that the Roar can do.

When Bunga entered Rani's den, looking for Kion, Makini attempted to quiet him to allow Rani some much-needed sleep. Despite her efforts, Rani was awakened. When Bunga demanded answers about Kion's recent reluctance to use the Roar, Makini broke in, revealing that Cikha Escarpment was where Askari, the leader of the first Lion Guard, had obtained the Roar of the Elders. Makini suggested that Kion may be seeking to master the Roar's full power, and Bunga and Rani headed off to investigate.

Makini and the Night Pride attempt to move a boulder blocking the Tree of Life's exit.

Makini later greeted the remainder of the Night Pride when they arrived looking for Rani. Just then, they were trapped in the Tree of Life by Makucha's army, which had been reinforced by Mama Binturong and other allies. Their attempts to move the rock proved fruitless, but Makini recognized Beshte's voice when he came to their aid. She then recognized an even more hopeful sound when Kion arrived and began using the Roar against the invaders.

With his newfound control over the Roar, Kion freed the trapped animals, then banished the attackers from the Tree of Life. Makini greeted him enthusiastically, pleased to discover that she had been right about the reason for his absence.[25]

Lion Guard's return to the Pride Lands

Kion, I think I have to stay. I'm Queen Rani's Royal Mjuzi now. This is my place in the Circle of Life.
―Makini, as the Lion Guard leaves the Tree of Life[src]

Makini bids the Lion Guard farewell.

Makini was present when Janja and Jasiri, led by Azaad, arrived with news that the Outsiders had invaded the Pride Lands. Having settled into her role as Rani's Royal Mjuzi, Makini decided to remain at the Tree of Life. She bid a fond farewell to her friends, then watched with Rani as they departed for the Pride Lands.[26]

When the Lion Guard returned to Pride Rock, Rafiki noted Makini's absence. He soon deduced that she had found her place at the Tree of Life and was amused, as Queen Janna had predicted it.[27]

Kion's coronation

Animals of the Tree of Life, friends from near and far, it is my honor to present...King Kion!
―Makini, during Kion's coronation[src]

Later, Makini officiated at Kion and Rani's wedding, marking Kion as the new king of the Tree of Life. After completing the ceremony, she warmly embraced her pleased parents, who were among the attendees of the wedding.[27]

Physical appearance

Makini is a small and slender mandrill, with gray fur and a pale underbelly. Her hands and feet are dark brown. The same brown fur collars her neck. Atop her head is a slightly lighter yet still dark brown patch of fur. Her hands, feet, and muzzle are pink. Her face is gray, with blue stripes just underneath her eyes. From her nose to her forehead is a large magenta stripe, which ends just between her eyebrows. Her eyes are olive-green. Her teeth, while petite, are sharp.[2]

Personality and traits

The hardest part of listening is finding the quiet to hear.

Makini expresses enthusiasm for her role as a Royal Mjuzi.

Makini is a free spirit. She is exceptionally cheerful and excitable, to the point that she does not always realize when she is talking over someone. She is eager to learn and takes pride in her position as a Royal Mjuzi. However, she has trouble staying calm and is easy to deceive.[2] Sometimes, Makini's curiosity leads her into trouble, and she struggles to listen attentively, such as when she ignored Ono's warnings about the marsh lights and fell into a pit as a result.[16] After becoming Rani's Royal Mjuzi, Makini became more mature and responsible. She frequently encourages Rani about her role as queen and does what she can to lessen the lioness' burdens.[24]



  • Makini's name means "calmly, quietly" or "with dignity" or "calmness, quietness" or "dignity" or "intelligence" or "attention, concentration, attentiveness" in Swahili.[29]
  • Makini has lost a total of seven bakora staffs:
    • Her first staff was stolen by Janja and thrown into the volcano as part of a ritual to summon Scar's spirit.[2]
    • Her second staff, which was decorated with various leaves and flowers, was destroyed in a fire.[3]
    • Her third staff, which was decorated with long grass strands, a single flower, and blue painted stripes, was apparently destroyed or lost. This was not seen onscreen.[7]
    • Her fourth staff, which was a lighter brown than the previous one and decorated with a single flower and small leaves, was bitten in half by Kenge.[5]
    • Her fifth staff, which was decorated with blue flowers, fell into a lava flow and caught fire.[8]
    • Her sixth staff, which was made of red wood and decorated with flowers, was broken in half when she tried to use it to move Kongwe.[9]
    • Her seventh staff was lost when a frozen lake she was crossing with the Lion Guard began to crack underfoot.[21]


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