Lulu (meerkat)
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Fur color

Brown, cream, orange, and pink

Eye color


Distinguishing features

   Blond hair
   Long eyelashes

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Hakuna Matata

Lulu is a female meerkat.


Hat Trick

Timon tries to impress Lulu by "standing out." Pumbaa helps by making a "hip hat" for Timon to wear that will impress Lulu. After two failed hats, Pumbaa makes another one that is heavy enough to knock Timon down, and Lulu quotes, "Timon does anything to stand out".

The Swing

In order to impress Lulu, Timon constructs a swing made out of a tree bough and a vine, and invites his crush to try out the contraption. From afar, Pumbaa observes the spectacle, even climbing into a tree to gain a better vantage point. Lulu climbs onto the swing but expresses her concern that the branch will not be able to hold her weight. Waving her aside, Timon insists that she's safe and then begins to push her from behind, but as the swing moves forward, the weight of Pumbaa on the branch causes it to snap and fall on Lulu. As Lulu storms away, vowing to never again fall into one of Timon's "schemes," Timon glares furiously at an apologetic Pumbaa.


Once again in a mindset to impress Lulu, Timon has Pumbaa hide in the bushes and make rustling noises. The meerkat then swings down on a vine to save Lulu but smacks into a tree and causes a branch to fall on his crush. Infuriated, she chases him around the bushes with a stick in hand, yelling at him that she can defend herself well enough.

Who Saves Whom?

When Lulu gets trapped in the fog, Timon dives in to save her, but Pumbaa ends up rescuing her instead, prompting a profuse thank you from Lulu.

Physical appearance

Lulu's fur is cinnamon brown and contrasts greatly with her hair, which is blonde. Her nose is black, and her stripes are a darker cinnamon against her main fur. Lulu's underbelly is yellowish, and the area around her eyes is also cinnamon, just lighter than her main pelt.

Personality and traits

Lulu can be critical and quick to judge, though she is mostly even-tempered. Despite Timon's romantic approaches, she does not cave to her instincts.


  • Lulu's name means "pearl" in Swahili.[1]


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