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Physical Characteristics
Hair color

Reddish-brown, black

Eye color

Yellow, red, black



Sociocultural Characteristics



Pride Lands



Pumbaa, are you nuts?! We're talking about a lion. Lions eat guys like us!
Timon to Pumbaa

Lions are creatures that appear in The Lion King universe. They serve as the main characters of the franchise, with the exception of The Lion King 1½ and The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa.

Physical characteristics

Physically, lions are a tawny golden color, and are the only cats whose sexes can be told apart at a distance. Males bear thick, shaggy manes of either blond, black, red, or brown, while lionesses are barren around the neck. Both sexes have a tail tuft, always black in color, though cubs are born without this tuft. Lion eyes are most commonly amber, but brown-eyed green-eyed, red-eyed, and blue-eyed lions have been observed.


In the Universe

The lions in the film series look and behave markedly different from actual lions. The Pridelanders are the main group of lions featured throughout the franchise, though other prides such as Malka's pride and the Outsiders have been lightly touched upon.

Universe Pride

Simba's pride, the primary pride of lions in the franchise

The Pridelanders operate in a monarchy system, where the firstborn child of the current ruler serves as the crown prince or princess. This child is anointed, then presented before the animals of the kingdom in a ceremony that occurs at dawn. Sometime after, the ruler-to-be is assigned a lion or lioness whom they will marry upon reaching adulthood, though this tradition appears to have been broken with Kiara.

Though hyenas are their sworn enemies and portrayed as such in most material, lions have been known to conspire with them. Scar maintained a friendship with hyenas from young adulthood to late adulthood, and both Kion and Kopa befriended a hyena, Jasiri and Asante respectively.

True to their species, lions have rival prides, as seen with the Outsiders and Pridelanders. Power can be stolen through usurpation, as seen with Scar and Simba. The lion Tanglemane was run out by a pair of rogues and lost his crown in the process.


  • In the first movie, hyenas take on both lions and lionesses. In reality, hyenas only mob lionesses if there is a three- or four-to-one advantage. However, male lions are avoided at all costs. Even if the hyenas outnumber a male twenty-to-one, the hyenas will give him a wide berth.[1] Although, there is a known case of twenty hyenas attacking a male lion when he entered their territory.[2]
  • In The Lion King universe, only the male lions have whiskers, while the lionesses have none.



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