Let's Help Rafiki!
Let's Help Rafiki
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The United Kingdom


Panini Comics


The Lion Guard Magazine


January 12, 2017



Let's Help Rafiki! is a comic inspired by The Lion Guard. It was published by Panini Comics on January 12, 2017, as part of The Lion Guard Magazine.



While on a walk, Beshte and Ono spot Rafiki pacing in agitation. Ono notices that Rafiki's Bakora Staff is missing, and the two conclude that he must be distraught at its absence. They bring their worries to Kion, who sends out his team in search of it.

The team searches several different locations, but to no avail. Eventually, Ono discovers the staff caught in a water current, and the team deliberates how they want to free it. Fuli declares that her speed can save the staff, while Bunga has an idea of his own.

Fuli's path

Fuli informs the team that the current is not as strong downstream and that a tree has fallen over the water, creating a bridge. Bunga declares that they can catch the staff as it floats by, but Beshte doubts that they can reach the tree in time. Confident in her speed, Fuli dashes off to take a shortcut to the staff. Once she reaches the tree, she crouches in wait to catch the staff.

Bunga's path

Ono cries out in distress that the staff has taken a different branch of the river and is heading toward a swamp. Bunga asserts that he had been trying to tell them as much, and suggests that they fetch the staff from there, as it will be easier to catch. Kion reminds Bunga that the swamp's quicksand is dangerous, but Bunga states that he knows a way around it. Once the team reaches the swamp, Bunga uses the water lilies to tell where he should step, as they only grow on mud puddles, not on quicksand. Using this method, Bunga is able to obtain the staff.


Bunga and Fuli survey the staff, which has been broken by the rough current. Kion decides to return the staff anyway, since it will put Rafiki's mind at ease. However, once they return to Rafiki, the mandrill tells them that they can keep it. He then explains that he has made a new staff, since his old one is old and broken. He congratulates the team on their efforts and chides them for not thinking before they act. Kion appreciates Rafiki's advice, and Bunga declares that the mission had been fun.

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