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Lemuta is a male zebra.


King of the Jungle

On a sunny day in the east African steppe, Simba is being playfully chased by Lemuta, who is in turn being chased by Daabi, an aardvark. Simba stops running when he approaches the edge of a spring pool so that he can test the water. Lemuta smacks Simba into the water, and shortly after, Daabi knocks Lemuta into the water as well. The two friends laugh, and knowing Simba's dislike of water, they laugh even harder.

After climbing out of the pool, the three friends see the Ndona lionesses hunting down Lemuta's herd and a herd of gazelles. Lemuta sees Simba's mother, Sarabi, hunting down his own mother, and he is relieved when his mother escapes unharmed. Terrified by what has happened, Lemuta backpedals and runs away, leaving Daabi and Simba alone.

When Simba matures, he is recognized by Lemuta, who is now a full-grown zebra. When Simba expresses joy at seeing his old friend, Lemuta rears his front hooves into the air and snorts angrily at Simba, guarding his herd's retreat. This leaves Simba alone and depressed, and Mufasa approaches his son, noting that Lemuta has collected a harem for himself and that he would give Simba a first-rate chase. Mufasa informs his son that Lemuta can no longer be his friend. Simba questions this, and Mufasa replies that it is how the Lion in the Moon designed nature, so that lions can eat and zebras won't overpopulate.

Physical appearance

Lemuta is described as an adorable zebra foal with a pink blotch on his nose. When he is an adult, he is described as a handsome stallion in his own right.

Personality and traits

As a foal, Lemuta is carefree and playful, but his mother's near-murder by Sarabi terrifies him and subsequently changes his perspective of lions. As an adult, he is a fierce stallion and does not hesitate to see off his former friend, Simba.

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