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Blue and green

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Herman (mate)

Lara is a female gazelle. Although she seems beautiful at first, she reveals to Herman that she is truly as ugly on the outside as he is, and the two become mates.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Beauty and the Wildebeest"

When Herman is approaching a water hole to get a drink of water, his ugliness chases away the animals that are gathered around the pool, leaving him alone with Lara and her friends. Once the two realize that they are in the presence of such an ugly beast, Lara's friends laugh and mock him for his appearance until Lara tells them to leave Herman alone. She then asks Herman if he will attend her birthday party, and, ignoring the protests of her friends, he accepts the invitation.

While Herman gets a makeover by Rafiki, the savanna celebrates Lara's birthday with a giant cake. As the festivities commence, a muscular gazelle named Mel pops out of the cake and attempts to serenade Lara with song, but she is disgusted and rejects his kiss. Just as Mel moves in for another attempt, Lara turns to find that Herman is at her party and handsomer than ever. Outraged at being outdone by a wildebeest, Mel challenges Herman to a fight in which they will run at each other full force and collide horns. Determined to win Lara's heart, Herman agrees.

As the two charge at each other, Herman suddenly realizes that he must be true to himself and dunks his head underwater, changing back into an ugly beast. Mel stops short at Herman's transformation and runs away, screeching. Despite his victory, Herman is sad that he is ugly again and begins to troop away with Rafiki until he is stopped by Lara, who admires him for his bravery. She then dunks her head underwater, revealing herself to be ugly as well, and the two share a romantic kiss.

Personality and traits

I am so glad you had the courage to be yourself! It gave me the courage to be myself too!
―Lara to Herman after she reveals her true form[src]

Lara eventually feels confident enough to reveal her true form to Herman

Lara is a kind-hearted and loving gazelle. Despite Herman's ugly appearance and her friends making fun of him for it, she still has romantic feelings for the wildebeest, even inviting him to her birthday party. As she is shown rejecting Mel's love for her, Lara doesn't seem to like anyone who is so cocky about their appearance that they automatically assume that they will win her over.

It is apparent that Lara was at first insecure about her true unattractive appearance, fearing that everyone would either make fun of her or run away from her like what constantly happens to Herman. However, when she sees that Herman learns to be true to himself, she feels confident enough to reveal her true form, not just to the wildebeest, but to all the animals surrounding them.


  • Lara is voiced by Kath Soucie.[1]


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