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Hair color

Brown, cream, and orange

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Biographical information
Also known as

   Your Highness
   Cub (by Mzingo)
   Daddy's little girl (by Kovu)
   Pride Lander (by Kovu)
   Princess (by Kovu and Simba)
   Roasty toasty princess (by Nuka)




Pride Lands


   Pride Landers
   Pride Lands monarchy
   Simba's pride


   Princess of Pride Rock
   Queen of Pride Rock (temporarily)

Relationship information

Simba (father)
Nala (mother)
Kion (brother)
Kovu (mate)
Mufasa (paternal grandfather)
Unnamed maternal grandfather
Sarabi (paternal grandmother)
Sarafina (maternal grandmother)
Zira (mother-in-law)
Nuka (brother-in-law)
Rani (sister-in-law)
Vitani (sister-in-law)
Scar (great-uncle)
Bunga (adoptive uncle)
Timon (adoptive great-uncle)
Pumbaa (adoptive great-uncle)
Askari (distant relative)


Anga, Beshte, Bunga, Dhahabu, Fuli, Kion, Kovu, Kuchimba, Ma Tembo, Makini, Muhangus, Nala, Ono, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Simba, Thurston, Tiifu, Timon, Vitani, Vuruga Vuruga, Zazu, Zuri


Scar, Zira, Cheezi (formerly), Chungu (formerly), Janja (formerly), Mzingo (formerly), Nne (formerly), Tano (formerly)

A wise king once told me, "We are one." I didn't understand him then... Now, I do.

Kiara is a female lion. She is the princess heir of Pride Rock. She is the daughter of Simba and Nala, the elder sister of Kion, and the mate of Kovu.

Shortly after her birth, Kiara was presented to the Pride Lands as part of a traditional royal ceremony. Growing up, she was sheltered from an enemy pride, the Outsiders, by her father, Simba, who forbade her to visit the Outlands. Her adventurous spirit one day prompted her to disobey her father's orders, and she encountered an Outsider in the Outlands named Kovu. The two developed a fast friendship but were promptly separated by their warring parents.

As a young adult, Kiara attempted to hunt solo for the first time. During this time, Zira, the leader of the Outsiders, took advantage of her solitude by setting fire to the nearby grasslands, which effectively trapped Kiara in the blaze. Kovu arrived under Zira's instruction to rescue Kiara and return her to the Pride Lands. Once there, he asked Simba to join his pride, and Simba begrudgingly obliged, though he reserved judgment on Kovu's character.

During Kovu's time in the pride, Kiara developed a friendship with him, which eventually blossomed into a romance. Zira sensed Kovu's betrayal and framed him for leading Simba into an Outsider ambush, which led to his exile from the Pride Lands. Kiara pursued Kovu and convinced him to return to the Pride Lands to unite their feuding prides. Together, the two confronted their parents, and Kiara convinced her father to end the bloodshed. The Outsiders promptly abandoned Zira, who made one last attempt on Simba's life but was thwarted by Kiara and fell to her death. With Zira dead and the prides reunited, Kiara took Kovu as her mate, and the two became Simba's successors to Pride Rock.


Early life

Timon: I'm telling ya, buddy, it's gonna be like old times. You, me, and the little guy.
Rafiki: It is a girl.
Timon: Girl.
Timon and Pumbaa: Girl?! Oy!
Timon, Pumbaa, and Rafiki on an infant Kiara[src]

Kiara was born to Simba, the king of Pride Rock, and his mate, Nala.[1] She had a younger brother named Kion.[2]

Kiara is presented to the animals of the Pride Lands.

As an infant, Kiara was presented to the Pride Landers as part of a traditional royal ceremony. She was carried to the edge of Pride Rock in her mother's mouth before she was taken into the arms of Rafiki, the Royal Mjuzi. She was raised up for all the animals to see, and the gathered Pride Landers erupted into cheering, after which they bowed before their new queen.

After the presentation was over, Rafiki marked Kiara's forehead, and her parents nuzzled her affectionately. Timon and Pumbaa were excited about the young cub and started to talk about all the things they were going to do with "the little guy." Rafiki laughed and informed them that Kiara was a girl. They were both shocked and dismayed at this turn of events and fell over in dead faints.[1]


Befriending Kovu

If there's so much I must be, can I still just be me, the way I am? Can I trust in my own heart? Or am I just one part of some big plan?

Kiara ignores Simba's instructions to be careful.

Kiara grew into a headstrong young cub. One day, she emerged atop Pride Rock, ready to embark on an adventure. However, Simba stopped her with a paw and gently asked her where she was going in such a hurry. Annoyed, Kiara told him to let go of her, and Simba reminded her that he just wanted her to be careful. Kiara got distracted by a butterfly, and Simba struggled to get her attention, after which he again reminded her that accidents could happen. He started to name off a bunch of dangers, but Kiara finished for him. She then asked if she could just go, but Nala came up to join them and reminded Kiara to mind her father. Kiara acknowledged her mother's words, and Simba added that she had to stay away from the Outlands.

Just then, Zazu flew up to join the group and commented that there was nothing in the Outlands but "a bunch of backstabbing, murderous Outsiders." Simba commented that one could never turn his back on an Outsider, which prompted Kiara's curiosity. However, Simba told her to never mind him and just run along. Kiara insisted that he could tell her, but Simba promised that she would understand when she was older. He then told Kiara to run along again and, with a final nuzzle, sent her off, yelling after her to stay on the path that he had marked for her. Noticing how protective Simba was acting, Nala laughed and teasingly asked her mate who Kiara reminded him of. When Simba was clueless, Nala told him that Kiara was just like Simba had been when he was young. Nala then assured Simba that Kiara would be fine. However, as soon as Nala was gone, Simba sent Timon and Pumbaa to keep an eye on Kiara.

Kiara meets an Outsider cub named Kovu.

Meanwhile, Kiara ran into the open savanna and began chasing a butterfly through the tall grass. It landed on a rock, and she snuck forward and pounced. As the butterfly fluttered away, Kiara peeked over the rock and saw the Outlands stretching before her. She was awestruck and wondered what was out there. But as she was staring at the land beyond, she did not notice Timon and Pumbaa sneaking up behind her. After a huge fright, Kiara fell off the rock and landed in a pool below. Pumbaa jumped in after her but accidentally sat on top of her. Kiara eventually spluttered to the surface and began limping toward shore.

As Kiara shook out her fur, Pumbaa reminded her that she knew better than to go off all alone, as she could have been hurt. Timon exclaimed that Simba would be furious with them if she ever got hurt. He then went off on Kiara, asking her if she was hurt or sick. Kiara was annoyed, but Timon persisted and hung a fern over her head to keep the sun out of her face. Kiara swatted it away and asked them to just listen to her. Timon asked for clarification, and Kiara explained that she was more than just a princess, as that was only half of who she was. Pumbaa asked who the other half was, but Kiara was unable to answer. Timon then went to dig up some grubs.

Kiara and Kovu flee a float of hungry crocodiles.

Timon showed his insects to Kiara, who was disgusted and turned down his offer to snack on one. He then got into an argument with Pumbaa over which grubs were tastiest, and Kiara, grasping the opportunity, snuck away. Once she had abandoned Timon and Pumbaa, she set off down the path into the Outlands, away from the path that Simba had marked for her. As she was crossing a log, Kiara suddenly tripped and bumped into an Outsider cub.

The cub immediately bared his teeth at her and began backing her up against the log. Remembering her father's advice to never turn her back on an Outsider, Kiara tried to maneuver her way around the cub without turning her back on him. He asked what she was doing, and Kiara determinedly told him what her father had explained to her. The other cub mocked her and accused her of "always doing what Daddy says." Kiara vehemently denied this, but the cub just laughed and called her "Daddy's little girl."

Kiara befriends Kovu.

The cub then bragged that he could take care of himself and walked confidently onto a log in the middle of a swamp. Kiara followed, unaware that the log was actually a crocodile. The Outsider cub then turned and saw a crocodile about to swallow Kiara whole. The two cubs were terrified and began bolting across the swamp. A chase instigated, and the cubs managed to find a dead tree sticking out of the swamp. They scrambled up its branches, and Kiara barely made it onto dry land.

When they were finally safe, Kiara was ecstatic and blew a raspberry at the crocodiles who were straining to reach them from the swamp below. The cubs raced away from the cliff, and Kiara started to go on and on about how fierce the crocodiles were and how scared she had been. Then she softened and told her new friend that he had been really brave. He complimented her as well and introduced himself as Kovu.

Kiara is scolded by Simba for running off.

Kiara told Kovu her name, then playfully tagged him. He did not understand what she was doing, and she picked up on this. She responded by growling playfully, and Kovu growled back. But as he did so, Simba appeared in front of his daughter, roaring fiercely at Kovu. At the same time, Kovu's mother Zira leaped in front of her own cub. The two parents roared at each other, with the cubs staring in horror at the turn of events.

Simba and Zira confronted one another as long-lasting enemies. The conversation grew heated until Simba finally growled, "We're finished here." Zira smiled menacingly and replied, "Oh, no, Simba. We have barely begun." She then stared down at Kiara and laughed sinisterly. Kiara was horrified, but Simba quickly picked her up by the scruff and carried her home. Kovu was given the same treatment. As the cubs were separated, they whispered goodbye to each other.

Kiara ponders who exactly she is meant to be.

On the way home, Simba stopped with Kiara and let Nala and the rest of the pride go on ahead. He set his daughter on a rock, and Kiara looked up at him, smiling innocently. She quickly sobered at his serious expression. Simba asked what she had thought she had been doing and reminded her that she could have been killed. Kiara started to protest, but Simba interrupted and told her that he loved her and did not want to lose her.

He expressed that if anything happened to her, he would not know what to do. He reminded her that he would not be there someday and that she would need to take over in his place. He reminded her about the Circle of Life, but she tiredly finished his sentence for him. He started to go on about the responsibilities of being queen, but Kiara interrupted him and spit out that she did not want to be queen because it was no fun. Simba told her that that was like saying she did not want to be a lion. He reminded her that they were part of each other, then taught her that "We are one."[1]

Dawn of the Lion Guard

I might not be if it weren't for Kion and his friends. I guess he knew what he was doing when he picked them.
―Kiara, after the Lion Guard saves her life[src]

Kiara stands atop Pride Rock with her father, Simba.

One day, Kiara sat atop Pride Rock next to her father, Simba, as he taught her about life as a future monarch. Just then, Kiara's younger brother, Kion, ran past, followed by his best friend, Bunga. Kiara started to remind Kion that she was training to be the queen of the Pride Lands, but he cut her off midsentence and remarked that he already knew. Kiara commented that at least she had her life figured out and mockingly asked Kion what he was going to grow up to be, to which he replied, "Happy." The two were then separated by Simba, who sent Kion and Bunga away so Kiara could focus on her lessons. After the two left, Kiara wondered how she and Kion were related.

Later, Kiara and her friend, Tiifu, watched as their friend, Zuri, got her claws stuck in a log. Kiara reminded Zuri that if she had not sharpened her claws on every tree they had passed, she would not be stuck. Before long, Timon and Pumbaa arrived to save Zuri, and Kiara expressed worry at the two's involvement. After the duo freed Zuri, Bunga arrived and told the group that Simba had made Kion the leader of the Lion Guard and that Bunga had been chosen as the team's first member. Kiara found the idea funny and asked her brother whether Simba knew about this or not. Kion replied that it had been Simba who had told him about the Lion Guard. Kiara then listened to Bunga explain his catchphrase, "Zuka Zama." Afterward, Pumbaa accidentally passed gas, which made Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri flee.

Kiara is trapped in the midst of a stampede.

After Kion assembled his team, Kiara told Simba about Kion putting Bunga in the Lion Guard and proved this to him when Zazu led them to Kion and his friends. Simba thanked Kiara for informing him of this before sending her and Tiifu to track gazelles.

Later, while Kiara and Tiifu tracked gazelles, Kiara told Tiifu that they could not take more than their fair share, as it would break the Circle of Life. When Janja and his clan attacked the Pride Lands, Kiara sent Tiifu to get Simba. She was then trapped in the midst of a gazelle stampede, and it was up to Kion and the Lion Guard to save her. Bunga eventually jumped into the midst of the stampede and used his stink to drive the gazelles away, after which Kiara reunited with her parents. She then expressed pride in Kion and his team.[2]

Baboon invasion of Pride Rock

Mom and Dad are not gonna be happy to find Pride Rock full of baboons.
―Kiara to Kion[src]

Kiara complains to Kion about the baboon invasion.

When Kion returned to Pride Rock and admitted his misgivings about the mashindano between Makuu and Pua, Kiara asked her father why he could not interfere. Simba gently replied that although he was king, he must recognize and respect the traditions of other animals. Later, Kiara witnessesed the mashindano between Makuu and Pua, with her friends Tiifu and Zuri at her side.

After the fight, Kiara informed Kion that Zazu had reported that the giraffes had encroached on the baboon's forest. Kion dealt with the problem and returned to Pride Rock, where Kiara revealed to him that the baboons had taken over Pride Rock. She expressed annoyance at the antics of the baboons and chastised Ono for sweeping Bunga's stink toward her.[3]

Temporary queenship

I am the queen. And I'll do what I think is best for the Pride Lands.

Simba puts Kiara in charge of the Pride Lands.

Kiara started an argument with Kion when he took the tree that she had found, but Simba soon approached and told Kion to back away, for Kiara was going to serve as queen for the day. When Kion reacted with confusion, Simba gently explained that his presence was needed at Kilio Valley for the funeral of Aminifu, an elephant friend of his. Though Kiara was unsure of herself in acting as queen, Simba reminded her that he had been nervous to rule the Pride Lands on his own too.

Shortly afterward, Kion was ready to go on a morning patrol with the Lion Guard, but instead of joining his team, Ono simply flew over them, en route to Pride Rock. The Lion Guard rushed after their friend, but when they arrived at Pride Rock, Kiara was given a royal announcement by her friends, Tiifu and Zuri. A thoroughly annoyed Kion asked Kiara what was going on, and she explained that she was getting the morning report from Ono since Zazu was away with the king and queen.

Ono delivers a morning report to Kiara.

Ono then reported that a herd of elands were moving along the river and that several new hives of bees had appeared on the trail along the river. Kiara quickly connected the dots and realized that the elands would run right into the hives, inciting chaos. She asked Kion to divert the herd rather than move the bees, and Kion reluctantly agreed.

Eventually, Kion made his way to the hives of bees, but instead of following Kiara's orders, he decided to move the bees. His plan backfired, and the bees chased the Lion Guard straight into the path of the elands, who panicked and ran away in fear. A bruised, defeated, and stung Kion returned to Kiara and tried to make the best of his report, but Kiara accused him of having ignored her orders. He was then forced to admit that not all of the elands had cooperated with them, and Kiara implored him to listen to her next time.

Mzingo offers a deal to Kiara.

As the cubs squabbled, Mzingo reported back to Janja, explaining that Kion and Kiara were fighting in the wake of Simba's departure. Janja decided to take advantage of the family struggles and instructed Mzingo to take a special message to Kiara.

As Kiara looked out over her kingdom, Mzingo landed on the peak of Pride Rock and offered a peace proposal to the young queen. Though suspicious, Kiara listened as Mzingo told her that Janja wished to meet her at Broken Rock, which served as neutral ground between the Pride Lands and the Outlands. Kiara promised to think the offer over, and Mzingo flew away.

Janja and his clan surround Kiara at Broken Rock.

When Kion heard about the proposal, he desperately tried to talk his sister out of it, but Kiara pointed out that Janja had probably come to her because Kion was constantly running him off. Furious, Kion pointed out that she was not really the queen, but Kiara resolved to do things her own way. A frustrated Kion refused to take part in her plan and ran off into the savanna.

As Kion stormed away from his sister, he encountered the spirit of his grandfather, Mufasa, who encouraged him to support Kiara. He gently reminded the cub that Kiara needed his help, especially when she was wrong, and Kion realized that he should not have abandoned his sister. After thanking his grandfather, Kion raced off to rejoin Kiara, but when he returned to Pride Rock, Tiifu and Zuri explained that Kiara had already gone off to meet with Janja. Gathering the Lion Guard, Kion set out to stop her.

Kion and Kiara mend their relationship.

Having gotten a good head start, Kiara reached Broken Rock, where Janja surrounded her with his cronies. Just in time, Kion arrived with the Lion Guard, and Janja fled. As the hyenas scurried away, Kiara admitted that Kion had been right about Janja, and he reminded his sister that she had been right about the bees. With their argument settled, the siblings returned home.

When Simba and Nala returned to Pride Rock, Kiara asked how the tribute had gone, and Nala answered that everything had turned out fine. She then asked how ruling the Pride Lands had gone, and though Kiara began to stumble over her words, Kion jumped in, proclaiming that Kiara was going to make a great queen someday.[4]


At the Kupatana celebration, Kiara stood beside Kion and their parents as Simba gave his speech to the gathered animals. Shortly into the ceremony, Reirei's family attacked, but they were promptly defeated by the Lion Guard. Once the danger had passed, the Kupatana celebration continued.[5]

Learning to track gazelles

Ladies, follow me.
―Kiara leads the hunt[src]

Kiara and Fuli hunt together.

Nala brought Kiara, Tiifu, Zuri, Kion, and Fuli to a practice hunting session. As the session began, Nala tasked Kiara with leading the others, and Kiara asked Tiifu and Zuri if they were ready. In response to Zuri's annoyed remark, Kiara reminded her to focus, then began to stalk toward a gazelle. Tiifu and Zuri soon caught up with Kiara, and she ordered them to follow her. Fuli sidled up next to Kiara as well, and Kiara asked Fuli if she was ready. However, when it came time to pounce on the gazelle, Kiara merely roared, and the gazelle ran away.

Nala approached and complimented Kiara on her tracking skills. Kiara thanked Nala for the praise, and Nala revealed to Fuli that they had only been training for Kiara's first hunt. Kiara then left with Nala, Tiifu, and Zuri.[6]


Yeah, as in Dad's trying not to let Bunga drive him crazy.
―Kiara, on Simba being trapped with Bunga[src]

Kiara and Nala express concern for Simba.

In accordance with tradition, the royal family resolved to attend the elephants' concert at Mizimu Grove. As they began their journey, Kiara and Kion challenged each other to a race. Before long, Ono called Kion away on a mission, and the rest of the royal family proceeded to Mizimu Grove without him. As they walked, Kiara asked if the elephants would perform a song with loud trumpeting, and Nala answered that the song was a tradition. Simba added that, as king, one of his greatest duties was to uphold the Pride Lands' traditions, and Kiara commented that she would enjoy that duty herself someday.

Just then, the royal family found themselves on unstable ground, and Nala urged Kiara to move uphill. Simba quickly pushed Kiara out of harm's way, but in doing so, he fell into a newly formed sinkhole. To Kiara and Nala's relief, he emerged unscathed from beneath a pile of rocks. Before long, the Lion Guard arrived, and Bunga jumped into the sinkhole after Simba. Kiara nearly fell into the sinkhole herself, but Fuli rescued her. Nala asked Kiara if she was all right, and Kiara thanked Fuli for her bravery.

Kiara and Kion sing "Hakuna Matata" together.

Meanwhile, Simba and Bunga began to argue, and Nala explained that Bunga could be "trying." Kion asked what she meant, and Kiara replied that Simba was "trying" not to let Bunga drive him crazy. Meanwhile, Bunga caused more ground to collapse, and Kiara asked Simba what had happened. He explained that Bunga had believed that he could climb out of the sinkhole. As Kion ruminated on what to do, Simba insisted that Nala take Kiara to the elephant concert without him. Kiara pointed out that it was tradition for the entire royal family to be there, but Simba assured her that the elephants would be honored to have at least some of the royal family in attendance. Finally, Kiara and Nala gave in and left for Mizimu Grove.

After the elephants' concert, Kiara and Nala praised the herd for their performance. Just then, Simba arrived with the Lion Guard, Timon, and Pumbaa. To Kiara's confusion, Bunga called himself Simba's brother and urged her to call him her uncle. Together, the royal family, Timon, Pumbaa, and the Lion Guard performed "Hakuna Matata" for the elephants.[7]

Royal Buffalo Wallow

It's the first time I'm presiding over the Royal Buffalo Wallow. My mom and dad won't be there. It's just me. So I have to make a good impression.

Kiara's parents, Simba and Nala, tasked her with presiding over the Royal Buffalo Wallow. Before the ceremony, Tiifu and Zuri led her to Urembo Meadows and vowed to fix up her appearance for the Wallow. While the cubs were there, a storm hit, and Kiara worried that she would miss the ceremony. Just then, the rain stopped, and floodwaters surged across the plains, trapping Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri on a small island.

Kiara realizes that she and her friends, Tiifu and Zuri, are trapped by floodwaters.

Eventually, Ono spotted the trio and led the rest of the Lion Guard to the edge of the floodwaters. Kiara and Kion deliberated what to do, while Tiifu and Zuri decided to leave the rescue up to the Lion Guard. They attempted to give Kiara a mud facial, but she protested that she needed to leave in time for the Wallow.

Tiifu and Zuri soon began to sunbathe, but Kiara ordered them to help her make a path of stepping stones across the floodwaters. Together, the cubs attempted to push a large rock into the water, but it slipped down the other side of the island and disappeared into the water. Ono watched from afar and reported what had happened to Kion, who decided to combine Kiara's failed plan with his own failed plan to create a tree bridge.

Kiara and her friends push over a dead tree to make a bridge across the floodwaters.

After the Lion Guard pushed a large rock into the floodwaters, Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri pushed over a dead tree and crossed safely to the opposite shore. Once to safety, Tiifu and Zuri apologized to Kiara for having failed to give her a makeover in time for the ceremony, but Kiara assured the two that there were more important things than looks.

At the Wallow, Kiara greeted Vuruga Vuruga, the leader of the cape buffalo, who praised her for her disheveled appearance. Vuruga Vuruga added in an undertone that most royals acted too stuffy for the event but that Kiara understood what the Wallow was truly about. Kiara thanked Vuruga Vuruga for the compliment but credited her appearance to Tiifu and Zuri. She then announced the start of the Wallow, and the herd of cape buffalo charged down the hill and wallowed in the mud pit at the bottom.[8]

Trail to Udugu

Don't worry. I'll find it. I'm a better tracker than you.
―Kiara to Kion[src]

Kiara used her tracking skills to hunt down her brother, Kion, who was in hiding from her. She managed to find him crouched behind a boulder and tackled him to the ground, after which she boasted about her impressive tracking skills. Kion simply retorted that she had been lucky and playfully pounced on her, which caused the two to wrestle one another.

Kiara tracks the scent of her brother, Kion.

From the sidelines, the cubs' parents, Simba and Nala, watched proudly. Simba commented that Kiara had found Kion in record time, and Nala declared that they were ready for a special day. Together, the two descended Pride Rock to speak with their cubs, who were still playing and squabbling. Nala stepped forward and told Kiara and Kion that they were ready to accompany her on the Trail to Udugu, which was a special ceremony for royal siblings. Simba assured Kion that in the absence of their leader, the Lion Guard would be lead by Simba.

After the talk, Nala led Kion and Kiara along the Trail to Udugu. As they walked, Kion questioned Kiara on what she thought would be waiting for them at the end of the trail, and Kiara answered that it would probably be animals excited to meet their future queen and her little brother. Kion argued that as the leader of the Lion Guard, he would be received with such a reception, to which Kiara remarked that they would have to see. The two cubs then began to playfully race one another.

Kiara attempts to navigate the thorn patch by walking on top of the thorns.

Kion asked Nala how much farther they must travel, and she answered that Udugu was not an easy place to find. Kiara boasted that she would find Udugu first, and Kion took chase, unintentionally steering them toward a steep cliff. Nala yelled a warning, but too late, the cubs tumbled over the edge and hung on by their claws. Just in time, Nala pulled them to safety and reminded them that they must find Udugu another way.

After the rescue, Nala led Kion and Kiara to a patch of thorns, which she insisted was part of the Trail to Udugu. The cubs rushed into the thorns and each tried to take different paths, but both found themselves in too great of pain to continue. Suddenly, the two realized that Nala was gone and began to cry out for her. Nala, however, watched them from the bushes and commented that they were now truly on the Trail to Udugu.

Kiara and Kion work together to find their mother, Nala.

Together, Kion and Kiara searched for Nala, who was still missing. When neither cub turned up any leads as to where she was, Kion lamented how they did not know where Udugu was and thus could not possibly know where to find Nala. This gave Kiara an idea, and she began sniffing for Nala's scent in the underbrush. She picked up her trail on a path through the trees, and she and Kion began to follow it through the woods.

Once on the trail, Kion spotted Nala's pawprints, and the cubs tracked them to the bottom of a steep cliff. Confused, the cubs wondered where Nala could have possibly gone. The cubs mused over where Nala was, and Kion pointed out that Nala could have climbed up on a nearby ledge and followed a trail along the cliff. The cubs attempted to leap onto the ledge themselves but were unable to get a firm grasp on the edge of the cliff. Realizing that they could not reach the ledge on their own, Kion suggested that he give Kiara a boost so that she could continue tracking Nala. Kiara asked Kion how he would reach the ledge, and he admitted that she was the better tracker and should therefore be the one to continue searching for their mother.

Kiara and Kion survey their future kingdom from Pride Rock.

Kiara then clambered onto Kion's shoulders and strained to reach the edge of the cliff. Eventually, she got a firm hold on the ledge and pulled herself to the top of the cliff. There, she saw Nala, who greeted her cubs warmly and bounded down from the ledge. A confused Kion questioned why Nala had left them and not helped them find Udugu, and Nala explained that the cubs had found Udugu on their own. When the cubs reacted with puzzlement, Nala explained that "Udugu" was another word for "kinship" and that the two had found Udugu while working together to find her.

Once the three returned to Pride Rock, Simba reunited with them. He asked whether they had found Udugu, and the cubs explained that they had learned to work together as brother and sister. Kion then questioned how Simba had fared with the Guard, and Simba admitted that working with Kion's team had helped him find Udugu as well. He stressed the importance of Udugu and reminded the cubs that they would one day be responsible for the kingdom of the Pride Lands.[9]

Kidnapped by Janja

I don't know what you're up to, Janja, but it's no good!

Kiara is captured by Chungu.

One day, the royal family gathered at Pride Rock to meet Makini, the new Royal Mjuzi of the Pride Lands. Kiara asked about Ma Tembo's search for a new water source, and Kion replied that she had not had any luck so far. Tiifu and Zuri called the search "boring," but Kiara reminded them that it would not be so boring if they were thirsty. She then asked her parents if she could help Ma Tembo, but Kion told her that there would not be much that she could do. Kiara insisted that she would like to try, and Simba and Nala agreed that, even though she would not be able to find the water, it would be a good experience for her. Just then, Makini appeared, introduced herself, and requested to join Kiara on her mission. An exasperated Rafiki followed Makini out onto the promontory and formally introduced her as his apprentice.

After the introductions, Kiara asked her parents if Makini could accompany her on her mission to help Ma Tembo, and Nala encouraged Simba to grant the request. Simba agreed, and Kiara and Makini started to leave. As they departed, Tiifu and Zuri tried to follow them but were halted by Nala. Kion then wished Kiara good luck, and she remarked that she might need it. Meanwhile, in the Outlands, Janja and Ushari plotted to steal Makini's bakora staff, since she was too inexperienced to be a threat, and to attack Kiara and bring her to the volcano as a trap for Kion.

Kiara is saved by the Lion Guard.

Kiara and Makini met with Ma Tembo, and Kiara asked if they could do anything to help. Makini suggested that they search for wet rocks, to which Ma Tembo agreed and thanked Kiara for her help. Kiara told Ma Tembo that they were happy to help, then left with Makini to find the water. While searching with Makini, Kiara noticed a strange presence and ordered Makini to be quiet. Just then, Janja's clan emerged from the bushes and grabbed Kiara. She ordered them to let her go, but they dragged her away to the Outlands, ignoring her cries for help. Upon being imprisoned in the volcano, Kiara told Janja that, though she did not know what he was planning, he would not get away with it. She tried to escape her prison but was unable to get past a ring of steam vents. Before long, the hyenas started to sing, and Kiara called it a form of torture.

At that moment, the Lion Guard arrived at the volcano. Kiara thanked them for their assistance but told them that, since she had burned herself on one of the geysers, she could not run fast. As a result, Beshte carried Kiara out on his back. Upon escaping the volcano, Kion asked Kiara if she was all right, and she confirmed that she was, then thanked the Lion Guard for their help. Kiara then rejoined Ma Tembo and looked on as the elephant located a new source of water for the Pride Landers.[10]


Kiara watched the mashindano between Kiburi and Makuu.[11]

Makini's portrait

Kiara watched as Makini painted a portrait of the royal family at Pride Rock.[12]

Ukumbusho Tradition

Kiara attended the Ukumbusho Tradition with her pride. During the ceremony, a horde of bees attacked the elephants, and Kiara shielded herself from the swarm. Eventually, the Lion Guard managed to calm the elephants down, and the celebration continued.[13]


Merry Christmas, Kion.

One day, Kion spoke to his family about partaking in a Christmas celebration for Timon and Pumbaa. Kiara and Nala enthusiastically agreed to the proceedings, but Simba showed little interest in attending. Nala told him that he could enjoy himself, and Kiara added that it could be fun. This made Simba reluctantly agree to join in on the festivities, though he told his family that if he was going to do it, then so would they. Kion asked his family to bring along Tiifu and Zuri, and Kiara replied that they could all participate together. Kion then wished his family a merry Christmas, and Kiara returned the gesture.

Kiara expresses excitement at participating in Bunga's Christmas celebration.

That night, Simba, Nala, Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri arrived for Bunga's rehearsal. At the sight of Bunga's Christmas tree, Simba mentioned that it looked strange, but Kiara added that it did look pretty. Come sunrise, Kion expressed satisfaction with the animals' performances, but Bunga declared that they still needed more practice. Everyone started to lean toward abandoning the project, but right before the animals could depart, Bunga desperately explained the importance of the performance to both himself and Timon. This prompted the Pride Landers to change their minds and keep practicing.

Shortly afterward, the royal family partook in the "The Twelve Ways of Christmas" performance. After the performance, Timon lamented that Dandy Claws would never come, only for Pumbaa to appear in costume. Pumbaa apologized for his lack of gifts, but Timon pointed out that their family and friends were the gifts. The Lion Guard decided to make Christmas an annual holiday in the Pride Lands, and the gathered Pride Landers yelled, "Merry Christmas!" in unison.[14]

Kumbuka celebration

Kiara attended the Kumbuka celebration. During the festivities, Simba got stung by Sumu the scorpion and subsequently collapsed. While the Lion Guard left to fetch the antidote, Kiara and Nala remained at Simba's side. Upon the Lion Guard's return, they administered the antidote to Simba, and he began to recover, to Kiara and Nala's relief.[15]

Trapped underground

Tiifu, what happened? Kion said we were safe. Why did you run?
―Kiara, after Tiifu has a freak-out[src]

Kiara scolds Tiifu and Zuri for their false alarm.

The Lion Guard rushed to Pride Rock, following the sounds of Tiifu and Zuri yelling for help. However, once they arrived, they found that the cubs were simply distressed about how the heat was messing up their fur. Kiara arrived with her mother, Nala, who chastised the cubs for calling the Lion Guard for a non-emergency. Beshte suggested that Tiifu and Zuri visit the mudpots at the edge of the Pride Lands to moisturize their fur. They agreed enthusiastically and invited Kiara to join them. Nala sent Kion and Bunga to watch over the cubs.

Together, the five travelled to the mudpots and played in the mud. Muhangus the aardvark, who lived in a warren nearby, became annoyed at the noise and ordered the cubs to keep quiet. Unbeknownst to the cubs, Scar ordered Mzingo the vulture to set fire to the grasslands near the cubs. Mzingo did as he was commanded, and the cubs found themselves walled in by flames. Kion, Bunga, and Kiara attempted to create a fire line, but the flames spread too quickly, and the cubs were forced to escape through Muhangus's burrow.

Kiara and Kion track Muhangus's scent.

Once underground, they searched for a way out. Along the way, the friends encountered Kuchimba, a golden mole, who tried to protect his tunnels from them. Once he realized that they were simply passing through, he offered to help them find their way out. Eventually, he led them to the end of his tunnel and instructed them to take the main tunnel out into the Pride Lands.

Once Kuchimba was gone, Kion realized that there were several tunnels to choose from. As the friends continued navigating the tunnels, they heard nearby hooves pounding and ran into Thurston the zebra. Just then, Kion got the idea to track down Muhangus and ask him for directions. Kiara helped track him down. Muhangus eventually consented to lead them to the end of the tunnel.[16]

Dhahabu's visit

Well, everyone in the Pride Lands is grateful for your help. This dry season is especially bad. So you can see how important the water treaty is for us.
―Kiara to Dhahabu[src]

Kiara takes Dhahabu on a tour of the Pride Lands.

Dhahabu, the queen of the Back Lands, arrived in the Pride Lands to discuss a water treaty between the kingdoms. After meeting with Simba atop Pride Rock, Dhahabu was escorted on a tour around the kingdom by Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri. The Lion Guard tagged along at Dhahabu's insistence.

In the middle of the tour, a bolt of dry lightning ignited the plains, endangering Dhahabu. While Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri managed to escape, Dhahabu hesitated, and Fuli was forced to shout at her to jolt her out of her panic. Together, the two jumped over the fire to safety, and the rest of the Lion Guard successfully put out the fire. Afterward, Kiara left to take care of a few things.

That night, Kiara watched as Dhahabu renewed the water treaty.[17]

Attack on Mizimu Grove

Kiara was present at Pride Rock when the Pride Landers gathered to discuss whether they should leave the Pride Lands for good. At Kion's prompting, the assembled animals journeyed to Mizimu Grove, where they saw that Makini's baobab seed had survived a fire that had been started by Scar and his minions. The seed's survival inspired the Pride Landers to remain in the kingdom and work together to defeat Scar. Makini then planted the seed while the Pride Landers looked on.[18]


Battle for the Pride Lands

Hey, wait! Whoa!
―Kiara, as Anga carries her off Pride Rock[src]

Anga helps carry the royal family to safety.

When the members of Scar's army set fire to Pride Rock, Kiara got trapped on the promontory with Simba and Nala. Sensing his family in danger, Kion sent Ono to save them, and the egret hastened to the rescue, with Anga and Hadithi at his side. Upon reaching Pride Rock, Anga picked up Kiara in her talons and carried her to safety. Once Kiara had been rescued, Anga and Hadithi carried Simba and Nala to safety as well.

After the rescue, the royal family witnessed the emergence of Scar's spirit in the flames. Scar taunted Simba about the Lion Guard's demise, and Kiara expressed horror and shock at the purported death of her brother. No sooner had Scar revealed this when Kion appeared before the Pride Landers, unharmed, to his family's relief.[19]

Lion Guard's trip to the Tree of Life

Good luck, Kion.
―Kiara bids Kion farewell[src]

Kiara bids farewell to Kion.

During the battle between the Pride Landers and the Army of Scar, Ushari bit Kion, scarring him across one eye and injecting him with venom. Kiara, Simba, and Nala hastened to his side, and Kiara expressed shock at Kion's scar. Rafiki explained that the venom in Kion's scar could corrupt him if left untreated and that there was no cure in the Pride Lands. Though Kiara was horrified, Rafiki assured her that Kion could go to the Tree of Life for healing.

Later, the royal family saw the Lion Guard off at Pride Rock. Before her brother's departure, Kiara wished him luck, and Kion told her to keep Tiifu and Zuri out of trouble while the Lion Guard was gone. Kiara agreed, and Kion voiced his hope that he would return in time for her first hunt. Afterward, the Lion Guard set off.[19]

Young adulthood

Romance with Kovu

Our place is with our pride. If we run away, they'll be divided forever.
―Kiara to Kovu[src]

Kiara prepares to embark on her first hunt.

On the day of Kiara's first hunt, the pride gathered at Pride Rock. The lionesses lined up on either side of the rock face, and the royal family walked down in-between them. The lionesses were all impressed with how Kiara had grown, and Nala assured her daughter that she would do fine on her hunt.

Despite the festive mood, Simba was downcast and worried about his daughter. Kiara suspected that he was anxious and told him to promise her that she could do this on her own. Simba reluctantly submitted, and Kiara nuzzled him affectionately. She then leaped to the edge of Pride Rock and gave the Pride Lands a determined smile. She looked back at her father, and he nodded. But as she bounded away, Simba turned and whispered to Timon and Pumbaa to make sure that she did not get hurt.

Kiara resolves to hunt away from the Pride Lands.

Kiara emerged into the Pride Lands and began to hunt. Trying to be quiet, she snuck up on a herd of antelope but accidentally stepped on a branch. It cracked, and the herd of antelope dashed away. Kiara ran frustratedly after them. Meanwhile, Timon and Pumbaa were stealthily trying to keep pace with her. They spotted the young lioness failing to bring down an antelope, as she accidentally kicked over a rock and frightened the herd. But the antelope ran right into Timon and Pumbaa, and Kiara spotted them hiding in the grass. She demanded to know what they were doing, and Timon tried to make up an excuse.

Kiara soon realized the truth: that her father had lied to her, even though he had promised to let her do this on her own. Timon gently told her that her father just did not want her to get hurt, but Kiara stated that she should have known that he would not give her a real chance. Angry, she ran away and yelled over her shoulder that she was going to hunt away from the Pride Lands. Timon and Pumbaa tried to catch up with her, but Kiara soon disappeared into the grasslands.

Kiara tries to find a way out of the rapidly-spreading fire.

Meanwhile, Nuka and Vitani set the Pride Lands ablaze in an effort to trap the princess. Kiara, who was still hunting, once more failed to be silent and frightened the herd away. As they disappeared over the crest of a hill, Kiara gave up the chase. But the next moment, she saw them running back toward her, chased by a wall of blazing flames. Kiara realized what was going on and ran after the retreating animals but was soon trapped in the raging flames and made a last desperate attempt to escape. She jumped onto a ledge, nearly falling off, and managed to haul herself onto the ground above.

Once safely on the ledge, she collapsed onto her side, too weak to move, and saw a young lion stalk up to her. However, she was too weak to run away. The lion growled, and Kiara fainted from exhaustion. The lion examined her, unimpressed, then picked her up and threw her onto his back. He carried her through a burning forest and threw himself off a cliff into a lake below. He saw Kiara disappear under the water and hastened to bring her to the surface, after which he hauled her back to land.

Kiara realizes that the lion who saved her is her childhood friend, Kovu.

The stranger dragged her to shore, and Kiara woke up, gasping for breath. She asked where she was, and the young lion told her that she was "safe in the Pride Lands." Kiara was stunned but soon became angry. She demanded to know why he had brought her there and who he thought he was. Her rescuer was offended and reminded her that he had just saved her life. Kiara told him that she had had everything under control, but the stranger replied, "Not from where I'm standing." Kiara retorted, "Then move downwind." She attempted to walk away, but the other lion blocked her. She tried once more, but the stranger jumped in front of her again. Kiara prepared herself for a fight, but the young lion suddenly asked, "What are you doing?" Kiara then realized that the young lion was her childhood friend, Kovu.

Before Kovu could respond, Simba arrived and roared at him. Nala, who had come with Simba, rushed up to Kiara, relieved to see that her daughter was all right. Kiara asked Simba why he had broken his promise, and Simba replied, "It's a good thing I did." He then lamented how he had almost lost her and strictly told her that there would be no more hunts for her ever. Kiara protested and pointed out that she had been doing just fine, even before Kovu had intervened. At the mention of Kovu's name, Simba roared at the young lion, and Kovu roared back. Nala was surprised by Simba's ferocity, but before the argument could get worse, Rafiki appeared on a nearby hill and indirectly told Simba that Kovu had saved his daughter's life.

Kiara listens carefully as Kovu shows her how to hunt.

Simba questioned Kovu's motives for saving her, to which Kovu replied that he had left the Outsiders and was a rogue. He asked to join Simba's pride, but Simba forcefully reminded him that he had been banished with the rest of his pride. Kovu told Simba to judge him for who he was and asked if Simba was going to blame him for a crime he had not committed. Simba growled, thinking over the proposition. Nala reminded her mate that Kovu had saved Kiara's life, and Zazu added that "royal protocol demanded all debts be paid." The bird added under his breath that Simba might want to make an exception. Simba reluctantly accepted Kovu's request, following the law of his father, but decided to reserve judgment until he saw who Kovu really was. Kiara was delighted at the news.

That night, the pride returned to Pride Rock with Kovu. Simba noticed Kovu about to go into the inner cavern with the lionesses and quickly jumped in front of him with a growl, intimidating him away from the cavern opening. Kovu scowled at Simba before walking to the rocks outside the cavern to sleep.

Kiara and Kovu accidentally kiss while hiding from an angry crash of rhinoceroses.

Kiara was the last of the lionesses to reach Pride Rock and saw Kovu lie down beside the rocks. She approached the young lion and thanked him for saving her life. Kovu smugly asked her what kind of a hunter she thought she was and pointed out that she could have been killed. He then told her that she could not last three days on her own. Provoked, Kiara asked if he could teach her how to hunt, to which Kovu answered confidently. Simba then called for Kiara, and she quickly told Kovu to "impress her," for they would start at dawn. Kovu smiled smoothly as she walked away and commented that he would be looking forward to it.

The next morning, Kovu saw Simba taking a drink at a water hole. He prepared to attack but was interrupted by Kiara, who jumped in front of him and cheerfully told him good morning. She excitedly jumped around him and told him that she was ready for her first lesson. Kovu looked at the water hole and saw that Simba was gone. He growled to himself as they walked away.

Kiara and Kovu bond while finding pictures in the stars.

While tirelessly training Kiara, Kovu waited in the grass for her to pounce on him by surprise. He rolled his eyes and counted to three. He then ducked, and Kiara leaped over his head, landing on the ground a few feet away. Kovu stepped toward her and looked down at her. Embarrassed, she asked if he had heard her, to which Kovu replied, "Only...a lot." He then told her that she was breathing too hard. He urged her to feel the earth beneath her paws so it would not shift and make noise. He then decided to show her an example. He saw a flock of birds alighting on a nearby hillside and ran up the side of the hill. He roared and unintentionally pounced on Timon, who cried out in fear and begged Kovu not to eat him.

Kiara rushed up after Kovu and asked Timon what he was doing. Timon was relieved to see her and explained that he was not following her for once. He told the lions that the birds were eating all their grubs and gestured to the numerous birds poking at the ground. He asked Kovu to lend a voice, but the Outsider did not understand. Kiara showed him what Timon had meant by roaring at the birds, which scattered them into the sky. Kovu tried, and together, the two lions followed Timon and Pumbaa down the hillside, scattering birds in all directions. Kovu was still confused and asked Kiara what the point of this training was. Kiara laughed and told him that it was just for fun. Kovu was flustered, but Kiara's laughing and Timon and Pumbaa's whooping eventually brought him out of his shell, and he whooped and yelled right alongside them.

Kiara and Kovu realize their feelings for each other during the "Upendi" musical sequence.

The group accidentally ran into a rhinoceros herd, with the birds sitting atop the creatures' horns. The rhinoceroses snorted loudly, and Kiara and her friends raced back the way they had come, with the rhinoceroses in hot pursuit. The four friends managed to squeeze into a crevice, and the herd of rhinoceroses shot past. They all laughed uncontrollably, and even Kovu expressed excitement. But as they were struggling to get out, Kiara and Kovu accidentally touched muzzles. They were both a bit flustered and smiled in embarrassment. All the friends climbed out of the crevice and began making their way out of the gorge.

That night, Kovu and Kiara were lying on the grass, gazing up at the stars. While trying to decipher pictures in the stars, Kiara spotted a cluster of stars that looked like a baby rabbit, and Kovu saw a cluster of stars that resembled two battling lions. Kiara grimaced, but Kovu laughed and admitted that he had never done this before. Kiara was surprised and told Kovu that she used to do it all the time with her father, who had told her that the Great Kings of the Past looked down on them from the stars. Kovu wondered if Scar was up there, but Kiara looked confused and did not answer. Kovu admitted that, though Scar was not his father, he was still part of him. Kiara admitted that her father had told her that there was a darkness in Scar that he had been unable to escape. Kovu wondered if the same darkness was in him, and Kiara nuzzled him.

Kiara watches happily as Simba and Kovu leave to talk.

After a moment, Kovu pulled away from Kiara, and she asked what was wrong. Kovu started to tell her his part in Zira's plan but decided against it and began to walk away again. Kiara softly urged him to stay, and Kovu hesitated, then started to leave again. Suddenly, Rafiki appeared out of the grass and asked Kovu where he thought he was going. Kovu was flustered and replied, "Nowhere." Rafiki laughed and said, "That's what you think." He then disappeared into the grass, and Kovu searched frantically for him. He then asked who the mandrill was, and Kiara laughed nervously, explaining Rafiki as "a friend of the family." Rafiki then appeared on Kovu's back. The mandrill slipped off him and pulled his tail, urging him to follow. Kovu asked where he was going, and the mandrill told him that if he would follow, he would see. The mandrill then sprang away, and Kiara followed after him, giggling. Kovu ran after her, and Rafiki encouraged the two to romance one another.

That night, Kovu and Kiara returned to Pride Rock, where they gave each other an affectionate good night. As Kiara went into the cave, she looked back at Kovu and sighed pleasantly. The next day, Kovu was debating whether he should tell Kiara his part in Zira's plot or not. He finally convinced himself to do so because he loved her. But just as he was about to talk to her, Simba interrupted them and told Kovu that he would like to talk with him. Kiara was pleased to see that her father wanted to talk to Kovu and watched them leave with a smile.

Kiara expresses disbelief at Simba's claim that Kovu was responsible for an ambush against him.

Later, Kiara saw her father limping back to Pride Rock. Immediately worried, she sent Zazu for help, then rushed out to aid her father, with the help of Timon and Pumbaa. Timon asked Simba what had happened, but the king could barely speak and wheezed painfully, "Kovu... Ambush." He then fell onto his side in pain. Kiara stared at him in horror and disbelief. Timon and Pumbaa then helped carry Simba back to Pride Rock.

After Simba recovered, Kiara could not believe that Kovu would lead her father into an ambush. Just then, Kovu came back to Pride Rock with a fresh scar inflicted by Zira. Kiara was delighted to see him and started to run out to him, but her father snarled and blocked her path. Meanwhile, Kovu walked between the many animals who had gathered around the base of Pride Rock. Simba demanded to know why he had come back, and the young lion started to explain that he had had nothing to do with the ambush. However, Simba interrupted him and forcefully told him that he did not belong in the Pride Lands.

Kiara pleads with her father to reconsider his decision to exile Kovu.

Kovu asked for Simba's forgiveness, and Kiara begged her father to listen to him, but Simba harshly yelled at Kiara to be quiet. He then turned back to Kovu and said that he had told the Outsider that he would wait on judgment but would pass it now. Kiara was terrified as Simba shouted, "Exile!" The animals on Pride Rock then helped drive Kovu out of the Pride Lands. Kiara tried to reach Kovu, but two lionesses blocked her way. She eventually managed to push past them, only to be stopped by two more lionesses.

After Kovu was driven away, Kiara begged her father to reconsider, but Simba stubbornly refused and told her that she was not allowed to go anywhere without an escort from then on. Kiara started to protest, but Simba told her that Kovu had used her to get to him. Kiara protested again and said that Kovu loved her for who she really was, but Simba told her that Kovu "loved" her because she was the daughter of the king.

Kiara leaves Pride Rock to search for Kovu.

Simba told Kiara that she was not allowed to leave Pride Rock; rather, she would have to stay where he would keep an eye on her, away from Kovu. Kiara tried one last time, telling Simba that he did not know Kovu, but Simba told his daughter that he knew Kovu was following in Scar's paw prints and that he himself must follow in his father's. Kiara cried out, "You will never be Mufasa!" Simba was stunned and horrified at this comment, and Kiara ran into the cave, weeping.

While crying, Kiara saw a hole at the back of the cave and escaped Pride Rock without her father seeing. She began searching for Kovu but could not find him anywhere. As she despaired, Kovu found her, and they reunited. They laughed together and lay down next to a pool. Kovu looked at their reflections, which had merged through the ripples, and said, "We are one."

Kiara and Kovu rush to stop the battle between their prides.

Kovu smiled at Kiara, and she smiled back, then realized what Kovu had just said and looked shocked. Kovu leaped away from the pool and announced that they should run away together and start a pride of their own. Kiara smiled affectionately and reminded him that they had to go back. Kovu thought she was kidding and reminded her that they were finally together. She told him that their place was with their pride and that if they left, their families would be divided forever.

The battle of the prides began, and Kiara and Kovu raced back to stop their feuding families. They ran down an embankment covered with fallen logs. The battle continued until Simba and Zira started a showdown. Just as they raised their paws to inflict blows, Kiara and Kovu jumped in front of them.

Kiara pleads with her father to stop the war.

Simba was surprised at his daughter's sudden appearance and told her to stand aside, but Kiara told him that the fight must stop. He ordered her to stay out of the fight, but Kiara reminded him that "a wise king" had once told her, "We are one." She confessed that, at first, she had not understood what he had meant, but now she did. Simba started to protest about the Outsiders, but Kiara told him to look at them. She informed him that they were the same and asked him to name any differences he could see. At her words, the clouds parted, and the rain stopped. Simba smiled at his daughter and reconciled with her as they nuzzled and embraced.

Zira tried to get her pride to attack, but Kiara's words had hit a soft spot. Starting with Vitani, all the Outsider lionesses crossed over to stand with Simba's pride. Simba told Zira to put the past behind her, but she refused to let it go. In a last attempt to avenge Scar's death, she leaped at Simba, but Kiara jumped in the way. The two lionesses tumbled down an embankment and began falling into the gorge. Simba jumped down the slope, trying desperately to reach Kiara, but she and Zira had already fallen too far down the ledge. Kiara managed to catch onto the ledge, slowing her descent enough for her to jump onto a small ledge, but Zira was not so lucky and clung to the rocks some distance below.

Kiara tries to save Zira.

Meanwhile, Simba was still trying to reach Kiara. Nala yelled for her daughter, then noticed that the logs blocking the gorge had broken and were letting in a flood of water. The river was rapidly rushing to fill the canyon. Zira hung precariously from the rock face while Kiara stood on the ledge above her. She reached down a paw and told Zira to take hold of it. Zira swiped angrily at it and lost some of her hold on the cliff.

Kiara urged Zira to take her paw and told the Outsider that she would help her. Zira slid farther down the rock wall, scrabbling at the cliff, but was unable to climb up. Finally, she lost her grip and fell into the churning water below, leaving Kiara horrified and saddened. As Zira disappeared beneath the surface, the river calmed, and Kiara watched the logs bob away. Simba then reached her and held out a paw. Kiara sadly told him that she had tried.

Kiara and Kovu are married.

Simba then helped Kiara back up the cliff, where she was greeted enthusiastically by her worried mother and the two prides. Kovu and Kiara embraced, relieved to have fulfilled their mission. As Simba watched his daughter embrace the Outsider, he softly told Kovu that he had been wrong, for Kovu did belong with the pride. The two prides joined together and went back to Pride Rock as one.

They then gathered on Pride Rock, where Rafiki shook his stick over Kiara's and Kovu's heads, solidying their union. Simba and Nala led the procession through the pride members, who were lined up along Pride Rock with bowed heads. Kiara and Kovu followed behind them. Both couples made their way to the tip of Pride Rock. First, Simba roared, then Kovu. Finally, all four roared together, while the rest of the pride roared in answer.[1]

Battle of the Lion Guards

No, Kion. You don't understand. Kovu has joined our pride. So has Vitani and the rest of Zira's pride.
―Kiara halts the fight between Kion and Vitani[src]

Kiara defends Kovu and Vitani from Kion.

As the Lion Guard crossed the border of the Outlands and the Pride Lands, they got attacked by Vitani and her Lion Guard. In the midst of the battle, Kiara appeared on a nearby ridge and called for Kion to stop. At first, Kion was happy to see Kiara, but his joy turned to fear when he noticed Kovu following Kiara down the ridge. Kion warned his sister about Kovu's advance and prepared to attack, but Kiara commanded him to stop and jumped in-between him and Vitani's Lion Guard. Kion insisted that Kiara get out of the way, but she revealed that Kovu, Vitani, and the other members of Zira's pride had joined Simba's pride. Kovu added that Zira had died. In the face of Kion's shock, Kiara urged him to return to Pride Rock, where he could hear the full story.

Back at Pride Rock, Kiara, Kovu, and Rafiki explained everything that had happened with Zira's pride while the Lion Guard had been away. Kiara emphasized that, as lions, they were one, and Simba concluded by saying that Kovu and Kiara would become the king and queen of Pride Rock someday.

Kiara has a heart-to-heart with Kion.

That night, the royal family witnessed the appearance of Mufasa's spirit in the heavens above Pride Rock. As the rest of the family retreated into Pride Rock, Kiara noticed that Kion had stayed behind to look at the stars, so she opted to remain outside with him. Kion told her that the stars had helped him find the Tree of Life, then admitted that her relationship with Kovu had reminded him of his friend, Queen Rani. He went on that Kiara would like her, and she replied that it seemed like he liked her as well and that he missed her. Kion admitted that he did, and Kiara assured him that he could meet Rani again someday and that their parents would understand.

The next day, Kiara witnessed the onset of the Battle of the Lion Guards at Mizimu Grove. She watched Beshte's, Fuli's, and Anga's individual challenges and witnessed Kion's mashindano with Vitani. Kiara reacted with awe when Askari's spirit appeared in the sky and when Kion lifted Pride Rock with the Roar of the Elders.[20]

Kion's coronation

Yay, Kion!
―Kiara, during Kion's coronation[src]

After Kion willingly relinquished his role to Vitani and her Lion Guard, Kiara attended Kion and Rani's wedding at the Tree of Life. When Makini officially announced Kion as the king of the Tree of Life, Kiara cheered for her brother.[21]

Physical appearance

Every day, Kiara grows more beautiful...

A side-profile view of Kiara.

As an infant, Kiara was small and slightly pudgy. She had orange fur, with a cream chest, muzzle, and paws. Her eyebrows and tail tip were light brown, while her nose was dark pink. She had reddish-brown eyes, which were framed by eye rims, the top of which were dark tan and the bottom of which were pale cream. As a cub, Kiara retained her coloring but grew larger and lither. However, she was slightly smaller and skinnier than her fellow cub, Kovu.

As a young adult, Kiara did not lose her coloring, but her build became sturdier and stronger. Despite this, she is still much smaller than the other lionesses of her pride, likely because of her age. Also, unlike her parents, her pelt did not darken with age.[1]

Personality and traits

Kiara: Would someone please just listen to me?
Timon: I'm sorry. I wasn't listening. Did you say something, princess?
Kiara: I'm not just a princess, you know. That's only half of who I am!
—Kiara and Timon[src]

As a cub, Kiara was curious, headstrong, and rebellious. She constantly sought new adventures, to the point that she would disobey her father, Simba, to explore new places. When confronted by her mistakes, Kiara often reacted with defensiveness and pride, and strongly asserted her opinions. She questioned her own identity, wishing to be an individual rather than the role she had been born and molded to be. Even so, she was friendly and kind-hearted, showing respect for the Circle of Life as well as Outlanders, such as Kovu.[1][2]

As a cub, Kiara was headstrong and often disobeyed her father's orders.

Even when young, Kiara did not share her father's tribalistic views, as she was willing to befriend the Outsiders. She was quick to pick up on the cultural differences between their prides, such as when she offered to play-fight with Kovu after he responded blankly to a game of tag. Despite her father's warnings, she warmed to Kovu and expressed interest in being his friend.[1]

As an adolescent, Kiara came to accept her role as the future queen and started to pay more attention to her parents' lessons about ruling the Pride Lands.[2] She started to participate more in royal duties and trained relentlessly to become a better hunter.[6][8] She took her position seriously and was willing to assume leadership in her father's absence.[4] At times, she could be arrogant about her title, as she enjoyed boasting to her younger brother, Kion, and frequently looked down on him for being irresponsible.[2] Even so, the siblings cared for one another and protected each other in times of danger.[4][9]

Young adult Kiara's friendly and fun-loving nature had a profound effect on Kovu.

After growing into a young adult, Kiara retained her cheery persona, though she became even more rebellious and stubborn. Due to Simba's overprotective tendencies, she often chafed at his rules and would deliberately disobey him in order to feel independent. Somewhat prideful, Kiara yearned to be a good hunter and was willing to learn from Kovu in order to sharpen her skills. However, even while training, Kiara proved to be fun-loving and optimistic, which shocked and pleased the more stoic Kovu.

After Kiara realized her connection to Kovu, she assumed responsibility and convinced him to help her unite their feuding prides. She demonstrated newfound maturity and wisdom, having finally realized what "We are one," means. Her empathy and willingness to forgive ultimately convinced Vitani, followed by the other Outsiders, to defect and join Simba's pride. Because of Kiara's open heart and gracious nature, Simba accepted his enemies, and the prides finally merged into one.[1]



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  • During early production of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Kiara had several different names, including Aisha and Shani.[29]
  • Kiara originally had a brother named Chaka.[29]
  • In an early draft of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Kiara continually rejected suitors and was more rebellious and distant by nature, much to her father's frustration.[29]


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