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Kesho is a male cheetah.



Kesho is a cheetah who lived during the reign of Simba. He met Fisi when he was near death, and the hyena saved him from starvation.

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Fight for the Throne

In return for being saved, Kesho is half-forced, half-eager to challenge Simba and take the crown of the Pride Lands, as he enjoys the thought of having power and romancing the lionesses. He and Simba battle in the Valley of the Thousand Eyes, where the cheetah cheats and uses thorns to weaken and defeat Simba. He takes Simba's crown, but he has no power, as the hyenas utterly control him.

Eventually, an elephant named Kia forces Kesho off the throne, and the royal family regains their positions, sending Kesho and his hyena friends fleeing.

Physical appearance

Heh, heh, yes, I see him, Ed. That horrid yellow is blinding me! Wonder what he wants?
Fisi on Kesho
Though Kesho never formally appears, Fisi comments that Kesho's coat is of a blinding yellow.

Personality and traits

Arrogant and cocky, Kesho is overly confident in his running skills. However, in a fight, he is a coward, as he is worried sick after losing to Simba, and submits easily when surrounded by hyenas. He even admits to cheating during the fight with Simba when confronted by the much larger Kia. However, Kesho is better than his hyena cohort, Fisi, as he firmly believes in honor, while Fisi merely snickers at the thought.


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