Keeper of the Egg
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John Jackson Miller


Danilo Antoniucci


Danilo Antoniucci

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United States


Dark Horse Books


Wild Schemes and Catastrophes


June 4, 2019



I was wrong — it isn't eggs — it's just one egg! One big, glorious egg!

Keeper of the Egg is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published by Dark Horse Books on June 4, 2019, as part of Wild Schemes and Catastrophes.


Timon and Pumbaa are taking a stroll, chatting with one another. Suddenly, Timon catches a scent and goes looking for its source. Eventually, he stumbles upon a giant egg, rolled away from its nearby nest. Pumbaa tells an enamored Timon that he'll be the envy of every egg-eater in the jungle, which immediately makes Timon nervous. He rolls the egg up to a tree, but is startled by a baboon. Timon loses control of the egg, which rolls back down the hill and right into a spread of egg-shaped rocks.

As Timon is searching for the egg, he runs into a hungry jackal, who attempts to eat him. Timon tricks the jackal into thinking that a nearby rock is an egg, and he throws the rock into the jackal's mouth while he makes his own escape with the real egg. Furious, the jackal charges after him, but runs into Pumbaa, who is following Timon, instead. Pumbaa asks where Timon went, and the disgruntled jackal points him in the right direction.

Some time later, Pumbaa catches up with Timon, who has painted a face on the egg's surface and named the egg "Asha." Just as Timon admits that even after all the trouble of keeping the egg safe he doesn't want to eat it anymore, the egg begins to hatch. In a few seconds, a baby ostrich emerges just as the mother ostrich approaches. The mother ostrich thanks Timon for taking care of her baby, and she and Asha leave. Pumbaa is glad to be done with the whole fiasco, but Timon watches Asha leave, admitting that it was a nice feeling to be needed.


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