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Elephant Graveyard


Shenzi's clan

Would you two cubs like to stay for dinner?

Kamari is an adult male hyena. He is a member of Shenzi's clan.


The Lion King

When Simba and Nala wander into the Elephant Graveyard, Kamari and his clan surround them. Kamari attempts to distract the cubs, but Azizi butts in, declaring that he wants to eat them. An irritated Kamari reprimands Azizi.

2019 Hyena's

Azizi and Kamari close in on Simba and Nala

Just then, Shenzi appears and orders her clan to attack the cubs. Kamari and his fellow hyenas chase Simba and Nala through the Elephant Graveyard until the cubs are surrounded. However, before they can attack, Simba attempts to frighten them with a roar, which amuses Kamari and Azizi. In the nick of time, Mufasa arrives and fends off the hyenas. He warns Shenzi to never come near his son again.

Later, Azizi annoys Kamari by not giving him his personal space. He then mistakes an approaching Scar for Mufasa, which frightens Kamari. Scar offers an alliance to Shenzi, promising the hyenas free reign of the Pride Lands if they help him kill Mufasa.

2019 Scar & Hyena's

Kamari and his clan prepare to kill Simba

The next day, Kamari helps start a wildebeest stampede that results in Mufasa’s death. Scar sends the hyenas to finish Simba off, but the cub escapes over a cliff. Shenzi orders Azizi and Kamari to confirm the cub’s demise, but the two do not follow through, as they figure that no cub could survive such a fall.

With Mufasa dead, Scar becomes the new king, and Kamari and his clan are allowed into the Pride Lands. Over the years, the kingdom becomes a wasteland, as the hyenas overhunt the herds.

One night, Nala attempts to sneak out of the Pride Lands. Kamari, Scar, and several hyenas almost sniff her out, but are distracted by Zazu.

Not long after, a full-grown Simba returns to the Pride Lands and challenges Scar’s kingship. Kamari and the hyenas join Scar in battle against the lionesses.

During the fight, Scar attempts to frame the hyenas, which Kamari, Azizi and Shenzi overhear. After Simba defeats Scar and heaves him from Pride Rock, the hyenas attack and devour him in revenge.

Personality and traits

Kamari is tougher, meaner, and smarter than Azizi, but less so than Shenzi, whom he seems to both fear and respect. He has very little patience for Azizi's stupidity and his tendency to invade his personal space. He also has a sarcastic but malicious sense of humour.

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