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Kahuna Pumbaa
Kahuna Pumbaa
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Bobbi J.G. Weiss


Cosme Quartieri


Eduardo Campadres

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United States




Disney Adventures


October 1995



Surfers need to be slim and sleek and have masterful coordination like... well, like meerkats, for instance!

Kahuna Pumbaa is a comic inspired by The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. It was published in October of 1995 as part of that month's issue of Disney Adventures.


During their trip to Hawaii, Timon and Pumbaa are watching people surf, with Pumbaa wondering what it would be like if he were a surfer. Timon tells his friend that warthogs can't surf and that he needs to be slim and sleek and have masterful coordination, like meerkats as he claims. While Pumbaa agrees with the slim and sleek part, he believes he does have masterful coordination.

Timon and Pumbaa fall off the edge of the cliff and land on a surfboard, which gets dragged to the ocean. The two accidentally run over Kahuna Quint, who is not happy with the two. When Timon and Pumbaa get back on the shore, Pumbaa gets congratulated by the beach goers, with Timon telling them that he taught his friend how to surf, claiming himself to be a world champ.

Kahuna Quint appears and challenges Timon and Pumbaa to a contest of skill and courage. When he calls Timon a rodent, the meerkat agrees with the competition. While Timon whispers to Pumbaa on how they will the contest, Quint attaches a shark lure to the end of their board.

As the contest begins, a shark appears and destroys Timon and Pumbaa's board, causing the two to land on the fish. The shark then chases Quint and eats half of his swimsuit. Pumbaa suggests that they should rescue Quint, but Timon suggests that they should just bail out. Pumbaa makes the shark turn around and run into a rock, much to Quint's disbelief that the warthog rescued him.

When Pumbaa (and later Timon and Quint) gets back on the shore, the beach goers reward the warthog as King of the Beach. Pumbaa, however, declines the reward and gives the title to Quint. As Quint is crowned king, Timon and Pumbaa leave the beach, with Timon telling his friend that he can surf after all.


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  • Hawaii



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