Just Lion Around
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John Green


Yancy Labat


Scott Koblish

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April 2002



Just Lion Around is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was originally published in April of 2002, as part of Disney Adventures. It was one of several comics featured in the issue which, as part of an April Fool's Day theme, had numerous out-of-place objects drawn into the story, such as Jafar's staff from Aladdin and Mickey Mouse.


Pumbaa and Timon ask Simba to hang out with them, but he says that he is too busy with his duties, so, they decide to trick him into playing with them without him realizing.


The story starts with Timon and Pumbaa begging Simba to go with them to the jungle, just like old times. Zazu tells them that Simba doesn't have any free time, because he has to take care of all of his responsibilities. Simba agrees with Zazu. Timon and Pumbaa keep begging Simba to go with them, because they haven't "palled out" in ages. Timon gets sad, saying that Simba will never hang out with them, because of his kingly duties. Pumbaa wishes hanging was on of Simba's duties. Thanks to Pumbaa´s wish, Timon suddenly gets an idea. Their plan is to trick Simba into hanging with them, meanwhile he thinks he is just taking care of his duties.

After a short while, they find Simba watching over the water hole and they decide to execute their plan. Suddenly, Simba hears strange noises coming from the shrub and he decides to investigate it. Then, he finds strange tracks, which he has never seen before and he decides to follow them. He also points out that he is familiar with those tracks. After a while, Simba stops at the end of the tracks and Timon manages to pour mud on Simba´s head. Simba gets quite angry and he hears a weird noise coming from the shrub right in front of him. He decides to jump into the shrub, but he ends up in a small lake just under the shrub. He starts to realize that someone might be playing games on him. A few seconds later, Pumbaa jumps into the lake. Then, he realizes that Pumbaa and Timon were behind all of this. After that, Timon comes back with a bunch of bugs and grubs for Simba, because that is a perfect way to complete the day.


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