Journey of Memories
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September 22, 2019

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Makini is the only one of us who's been to the Tree of Life before. Isn't that why Rafiki sent her with us?

"Journey of Memories" is the seventh episode of Season 3 of The Lion Guard. It premiered on September 22, 2019.


"The Lion Guard must rely on Makini's memories of her first visit to the Tree of Life with her parents to venture across a vast desert and continue on their journey."[1]


On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard finds a moja kwa moja stone at a dry riverbed. Bunga questions why the stone shows a river, and Ono explains that landscapes can change with the seasons. Makini recalls having visited the river before with her parents, Fikiri and Kitendo, when they'd journeyed to the Tree of Life to present Makini to Rafiki.


The Lion Guard finds the next moja kwa moja stone next to a dry riverbed

While reminiscing, Makini remembers a waterfall that she'd visited with her parents. She implores the Lion Guard to take a brief detour to visit it, and Kion agrees. However, when the team arrives, they find that the waterfall has dried up. Anga spots the next moja kwa moja stone, and the Lion Guard continues on its way.

Along the way, Makini excitedly points out a rock that has a hole in it. However, once she ventures closer, she realizes that she must have made a mistake, for the rock has no hole. Bunga gives the rock a kick, and the Lion Guard moves on, missing how the rock cracks and reveals a hole. Not long after, she tries to point out a mountain that looks like a monkey's face, but the Lion Guard cannot see it. It is only after they walk away that the sun reveals a face in the mountain.


Makini attempts to show the Lion Guard her memories of the area

Eventually, the Lion Guard reaches the next moja kwa moja stone, which is located at a dry pool. Ono explains that the next landmark is a patch of four flowers in the shape of a diamond. Makini admits that she does not remember any flowers and starts to tell a story about another subject, but the team interrupts her in annoyance. Beshte comforts her and tells her that her detours are fun, to which Makini remembers the first time her parents had told her that she might become a Royal Mjuzi.

Anga reports that she cannot find any white flowers, only a desert. Makini exclaims that she had to cross the desert in order to reach a series of cliffs. The team is doubtful of her memory, but with little else to go on, they let her take the lead.


The Lion Guard crosses the desert, in search of the next moja kwa moja stone

The Lion Guard crosses the desert, enduring extreme heat and sandstorms. In the middle of their journey, they encounter a booming sand dune, or a sand dune that makes a hollow, echoing noise when bounced on. Makini starts to play on it, but accidentally gets sand in Kion's eye, which severely irritates him. When Kion seems to calm down, Bunga takes a turn playing, but the disturbance awakens a jerboa named Tupp, who yells at the team for interrupting his sleep. A short-tempered Kion growls and scares Tupp off.

After Tupp's departure, Kion decides to go back the way they had come. However, another sandstorm strikes, erasing their footprints and shifting the landscape so that they do not recognize where they are. Makini offers Kion some Tuliza, but he spits it out due to the sand in it. Ono then suggests that they build a shelter for the day and wait until nighttime to continue their journey.


Makini recognizes the stars as their true guide to the next moja kwa moja stone

That night, as the Lion Guard sleeps, Makini remembers her parents' life lessons ("As You Move Forward"). Beshte approaches, and Makini vents her frustration about how poorly her memories have served the team. Beshte reminds her that things have changed since her childhood, to which Kion approaches and agrees.

Just then, Tupp appears and leads them to a plant with water on its leaves. The Lion Guard drinks, and Makini washes off enough Tuliza for Kion to have a dose. Anga questions how Tupp had found the plant, and he explains that desert creatures use the sky to navigate their surroundings. This causes the team to realize that the four white "flowers" are really stars. They follow the stars to a series of cliffs, confirming that Makini's memories had been right all along.



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  • The episode was released early on August 3, 2019, on DisneyNOW.


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