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Joshua Rush
Joshua Rush
Biographical Information

Joshua Rush


December 14, 2001


Houston, Texas

Career Information

2002 – Present


The Lion King work

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar
The Lion Guard

Joshua Rush is an actor who voices Bunga from The Lion Guard.


Rush made his first appearance as a ten-month-old infant in a local television special. Shortly after this, he appeared in several ads and catalogs, and before long, he had the ability to identify cars by body and logo style, which led to him being featured on the KHOU morning news in a segment on how to raise "smart kids."[1]

Since then, Rush has appeared in many films and television series, among them Criminal Minds, November Christmas, and Parental Guidance.

Personal life

Rush's father is a marketing strategist, while his mother is a corporate documentary producer.[2][3] Rush himself is Jewish, and enjoys spending time with his bird, Salsa.[1][4]

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