Jackal (character)
Jackal (character)
Physical Attributes




Fur color

Black, brown, cream

Eye color


Biographical Information


The jackal is a male jackal.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Doubt of Africa"

The jackal is first seen when Timon and Pumbaa are walking along the desert after their attempts to help a widowed tigress. The duo see him and flee in the desert. When Timon asks, "Say, Pumbaa, why don't we go back and teach this guy how to hunt?" he laughs sarcastically and his mouth gets caught on a tree branch, leaving Pumbaa to keep on running, with the jackal right behind him.

Timon finds the tigress and asks her to help rescue his bestest best friend. At first, she reiterates what Timon said earlier by saying: "You only help someone if you get something in return. Ideally, what you get in return should be more than the effort you expended in helping. Besides, I'm useless, remember?" When Timon squeals, "Help!" she accepts.

The tigress gets between Pumbaa and the jackal and sneezes the wild dog right next to an elephant. When the jackal sees the elephant glaring at him, he screams in terror and tries to run away, but the elephant seizes him in his trunk and bangs him against the ground four times. He then throws the jackal to the tigress, who sneezes him again next to the elephant, who grabs him in his trunk and pounds him six times. The elephant then throws the jackal back to the tigress, who sneezes him again next to the elephant, who snatches the jackal and pummels him six more times before throwing him back.

The jackal regains consciousness, gets up on his hind legs, and, afraid of the tigress, backs away and runs off into the savanna with the cat chasing him. Whether or not the jackal got eaten remains unknown.


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