Iron Joe
Iron Joe
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Physical information




Skin color


Fur color

Black, cream, and gray

Eye color


Distinguishing features

   Furless tail tip
   Scraggly body
   Stray hairs on head

Biographical information



Hakuna Matata (presumably)


Timon's colony



Don't close your eyes! Don't look away! Somebody's gotta guard us! Somebody's gotta protect us!
―Iron Joe[src]

Iron Joe is a male meerkat. He is a member of Timon's colony who serves as a sentry.


The Lion King 1½

All you have to do is watch for hyenas and yell if you see one. Look at Iron Joe.
Ma explains sentry duty to her son, Timon[src]

When Ma teaches her son, Timon, how to be a sentry guard for their colony, she indicates Iron Joe, who is currently filling the position. As Timon watches, Iron Joe frantically warns Timon to stay alert in order to protect the colony. He is then carried off by several meerkats, leaving Timon in discomfort. It is presumed that Iron Joe joins the rest of his colony in their move to the jungle.

Physical appearance

Iron Joe is scraggly and thin. His main pelt is pale gray, while his chest, neck, and lower jaw are cream. His front and back paws are gray, as is what is left of his tail; the tip is frayed so that only bald pink skin remains. Like most meerkats, he has dark stripes on his back.

Iron Joe is harried in appearance. His fur is unkempt, with only three strands sticking haphazardly out of his head. He has bulging black eyes with yellow sclerae, and often stands with his limbs contorted and jerky.

Personality and traits

Iron Joe is extremely anxious, jumpy, and paranoid. He takes his job seriously, as he passionately rants about the importance of a sentry's duty to Timon.



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