12 inches at the shoulder


4 to 11 pounds


Up to 12 years







Hyraxes are creatures that appear in The Lion King universe.

In the Universe

In The Lion Guard

In "The Rise of Makuu"
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Ushari the Egyptian cobra hunts an unwary hyrax

The Lion Guard rescues a hyrax from a thorn bush. After its rescue, the hyrax begins rubbing itself with snake skin in order to hide its scent, but Ushari the Egyptian cobra sneaks up behind it and eats it. Bunga forces Ushari to let the hyrax go, and the hyrax hugs Bunga in gratitude. Shortly into the hug, the hyrax flees from Bunga's stink.

Later, the Lion Guard rescues the hyrax from a tree so that it will not be harmed by the Roar of the Elders. With Bunga having gotten rid of his stink with mint leaves, the hyrax clings to his back happily.

In "Can't Wait to be Queen"

A hyrax bows to Simba during "Duties of the King".

In "The Kupatana Celebration"

Reirei the jackal chases a hyrax during Kupatana, but is thwarted by Kion.

In "Fuli's New Family"

During "My Own Way", several hyraxes can be seen racing past Fuli.

In "Follow that Hippo!"

A group of young animals chases hyraxes, pretending they are hyenas. The hyraxes eventually escape.

In "The Call of the Drongo"

Tamaa the drongo imitates Janja, causing a hyrax to flee in terror. Later, during "Bird of a Thousand Voices", a hyrax hides its food from Tamaa.

In "Paintings and Predictions"

A group of hyraxes sleeps as a herd of zebras stampedes toward them. Just in time, the Lion Guard diverts the herd and saves the hyraxes from harm.

In "Too Many Termites"

Goigoi questions Reirei on where their hyrax neighbors had gone, and Reirei reminds him that they had not moved out. Goigoi then remarks that they had been delicious.

Notable Hyraxes

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