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Insects, fruit, seeds

Red-billed Hornbills are animals that inhabit the Pride Lands.


A red-billed hornbill named Zazu appears in The Lion King series. He appears as majordomo to the Lion King in the films.


Rafiki Remembers

A Witch Doctor for the Hyenas

During a clan meeting, the oldest hyena proclaims to the others that the clan needs a witch doctor who can forecast the future and heal them when they are ill. The other clan members are delighted with this idea and soon come to the consensus that Ground Hornbill should be their new leader.

The hornbill is flattered and promptly accepts. Since he doesn't know how to perform real magic, he decides to pretend instead in order to ensure his position as leader. Right away, he tells the hyena clan that he has gotten rid of the daylight, so now the nocturnal hyenas can hunt to their hearts' content.

That night, the hyenas plan a hunting raid on a nearby village. Throughout the night, they feast on caught prey, but come morning, the sun rises and the villagers awaken. The clan flees the village but not before several members are killed by hunters.

When the clan meets again, Ground Hornbill is nowhere to be seen, so they elect a new leader.

Other Hornbills