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Tama: I have never seen so many beautiful flowers at once!
Nala: Look at all the colors.
Nala and Tama on the Hidden Valley[src]

The Hidden Valley is a location. It is a fertile, tropical valley near the Pride Lands. It was discovered by Nala.


When Nala and Tama go through a gap in a cliff, it reveals the Hidden Valley's beautiful features. However, when Simba follows them in, he is unimpressed and lies down for a nap. Later, Nala and Tama hear Simba's cry for help and race to find Simba surrounded by multiple snakes. When they come to his aid, the two cubs climb up a nearby tree and bend one of the branches down to Simba. Simba climbs on, and the cubs decide to jump off the tree and climb onto some rocks on the side of a waterfall.

Meanwhile, Zazu notices the cubs and wonders why they are here. The cubs climb up a waterfall, but the snakes pursue them until Tama jumps onto a loose rock, which knocks the snakes down. Simba, Nala, and Tama successfully climb on top of the waterfall, and Zazu assists the cubs in exiting the valley so they can return home to Pride Rock.

After the rescue, Zazu explains his knowledge of the valley and suspects that Simba had known of the entrance to the valley. Simba claims that he had followed Tama and Nala there. Finally, Simba states that the valley is no playground for cubs, prompting Nala and Tama to react with irritation.

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The Hidden Valley is a valley filled with lively colors, butterflies, and beautiful flowers. It is hidden in a wide gap in a cliff, which was discovered by Nala. The valley contains a steep waterfall.

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