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Herr Rhino is a male rhinoceros.


King of the Jungle

In J.T. Allen's early script for The Lion King, after Banagai, Baasho, and Scar murder Mufasa, Baasho pursue Simba as he flees from his homeland. Simba runs into what he mistakens to be a rock, but finds out to be a rhino. Simba asks help from the rhino, in which the rhino agrees. Herr Rhino charges at the hyenas creating a cloud of dust, but he makes Baasho go in Simba's direction.

Simba allies in KOTJ

Herr Rhino among Simba's allies

Soon after Simba leaves Timon and Tesma's colony, Simba asks Herr Rhino to help assist him along with Kwashi and Zazu in taking back the Pride Lands. The rhino agrees, and Simba orders him and Zazu to lie down among some rhino boulders. Zazu whispers into Simba's ear telling him the rhino is not so swift, but Simba instructs him that he will be swift when the time comes. After Simba's fight with Scar ends with his opponent crushed by a tree branch, Herr Rhino and Zazu stand next to Simba, and the new king congratulates their work.

Physical appearance

He is large and gray, as he is initially mistaken as a rock by Banagi. Herr Rhino also has a needle sharp horn.

Personality and traits

Herr Rhino is an easily ticked off rhino, but does have a sense of justice about him. He has a "mustard-thick German accent."


  • Herr means Mister or Mr. in English.

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