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   Pride Lands
   Outlands (temporarily)


   Mjomba's pack
   Pride Landers
   Outlanders (temporarily)

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Still think they're just passing by?
―Haya on the Lion Guard[src]

Haya is a male aardwolf.

When Haya and his fellow aardwolves are scrounging through the aardvark dens, the Lion Guard mistakes them for hyenas and banishes them to the Outlands. There, they take shelter with Goigoi and Reirei, who betray and attempt to eat the aardwolves. Just in time, the Lion Guard arrives to rescue the pack, and together, the aardwolves and their saviors return to the Pride Lands.


The Lion Guard

"Too Many Termites"

Mjomba: They thought we were hyenas!
Haya: Hyenas? That's ridic... Okay, now I see it.
—Haya on his pack[src]

The aardwolves seek shelter from the Lion Guard in an empty cave

One night, Haya and his fellow aardwolves are scrounging around Muhangus and Muhanga's den when they are confronted by the Lion Guard. Kion steps forward, erroneously referring to the aardwolves as hyenas, and blasts them into the Outlands with the Roar of the Elders. There, they take shelter behind a large boulder, too afraid of the Lion Guard to return to the Pride Lands.

A few days after the incident, the Lion Guard enters the Outlands to bring the aardwolves back to the Pride Lands, but the pack believes that the Lion Guard simply wants to hurt them further. The pack races away in fear of the Lion Guard until they reach a cave, which they take shelter in.

Haya and Ogopa lounge with Goigoi the jackal

Not long after escaping the Lion Guard, the aardwolves meet Goigoi and Reirei, their new neighbors. The jackals put Haya and his friends at ease with the welcoming song "We'll Make You a Meal", in which they trick the aardwolves into trusting them. After the song, a member of their pack, Mjomba, arrives with news that the Lion Guard wants the aardwolves back in the Pride Lands.

However, before Haya and his friends can leave the cave, Goigoi heaves a rock into the cave entrance, and the jackals launch an attack on the aardwolves. Just in time, the Lion Guard arrives and defeats the jackals, saving the pack. With the Lion Guard now on good terms with the aardwolves, the two groups return home to the Pride Lands, where Haya and his pack proceed to clear the kingdom of termites.

Physical appearance

Like the rest of the aardwolves, Haya bears a striking resemblance to a hyena. He is small and thin, with a purplish-gray pelt, a pale underbelly, and black stripes along his back, head, and legs. He has a short black mane that runs up his back and dark eyes.

Personality and traits

Haya is skittish and untrustworthy, with a grudge against the Lion Guard. Like the rest of his pack, he is jumpy and distrustful, though he briefly lets his guard down around Goigoi and Reirei.


  • Haya is voiced by Ogie Banks.[1]
  • Haya's name means "these, these ones" or "shame, modesty, bashfulness" or "disgrace" or "humility, respect, compunction, reverence" or "OK, alright, come on" in Swahili.[2]


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