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Fellas! Fellas! Where's the king? Where'd he go?
―Haraka about Simba

Haraka is a male ostrich. He is a Pride Lander.



Haraka is an ostrich who lived during the reign of Simba.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Follow the Leader

All I can say for sure is that the baboons in Grass Walls are in deep trouble. Gotta go! Gotta go!
―Haraka to Rafiki
When Simba goes to settle a dispute between Nassor and Pembe, Haraka comes rushing up to Rafiki and Zazu, demanding to know where the king has gone. Zazu informs Haraka that the king has gone to talk with the elephants, then asks what's going on. Haraka breathlessly announces that he has bad news, and Rafiki gently prompts the ostrich to continue. It's said that Haraka's long legs get him around and that he is usually the first to hear important news. Haraka stumbles over his words for a moment but finally tells them that "it's about the baboons."

Interested, Rafiki leans forward and asks where the baboons are. Haraka tells him that they're in "Fast Falls," then corrects himself and says, "Grass Walls." Rafiki asks what's going on, and Haraka tries hard to remember what the baboons are having trouble with. He contemplates locusts being the cause of the problem, then hyenas, then wonders if it is both. He begins going into a spiral of guesses until Rafiki finally demands him to think, for it is important. Haraka, still confused, admits that he doesn't remember and that all he knows is that the baboons are in deep trouble. With a hasty goodbye, he takes off.

Physical appearance

Haraka looks like an ordinary ostrich. He has a dark gray body, long legs, a white neck, a white tail, and dark gray wings with white tips.

Personality and traits

Haraka: It's, uh...uh...oh, golly. I want to get this right. It's about the baboons!
Rafiki: Baboons! Where?
Haraka: Fast Falls! No, wait. Make that Grass Walls. The baboons in Grass Walls are in big trouble!
—Haraka and Rafiki
Haraka is shown as being absent-minded and a little gossipy. His long legs get him around the the Pride Lands, and this leads to him learning and passing around a lot of stories in very short time. He also has trouble focusing on a task, as is seen when Rafiki keeps prompting him for information about the baboons in Grass Walls.


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