Hakuna Matata!
Timon n Pumbaa comic 1
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Hakuna Matata! is a series of comics inspired by The Lion King.


Comic 1

When Pumbaa complains that he's hungry, Timon waves the comment aside, pointing out that Pumbaa is always hungry. Nala adds that there's more to life than food, and Timon tries to prove the point by hypnotizing Pumbaa. However, Pumbaa is unaffected by the hypnosis and continues to fantasize about food.

Comic 2

Rafiki's unusual behavior prompts much concern from Simba and his friends, Timon and Pumbaa. After the friends make several guesses as to what could be wrong, Timon announces that Rafiki is performing a rain dance in his honor.

Comic 3

Simba suggests that the trio play a game together, but a fight breaks out between Timon and Pumbaa over whether they should play baseball or basketball. In order to stop the friends from arguing, Simba suggests that they play a different game, but then Timon and Pumbaa launch into another argument over whether they should play golf or football.

Comic 4

In the middle of a nap, Simba and Timon are awoken by a strange cry. The friends rush to the source and find animals fleeing in all directions. That's when they catch sight of Pumbaa impersonating Tarzan by swinging on a jungle vine.

Comic 5

When Pumbaa hears a bird's call, the knowledgeable Timon explains that it is the call of the lesser spotted binkaboona bird. He goes on to say that the bird is identified by its vibrant head feathers, spotted underbelly, and large eggs. Just then, an egg splats on Timon's head.

Comic 6

While taking a stroll through the jungle, Timon and Pumbaa come across a stampede of animals. Timon cautions Pumbaa to look left and right before he crosses their path, but when Pumbaa gets trampled, Timon adds that he must always watch out for latecomers.


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