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The Chief Warthog's Sounder

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Growler (son)
Unnamed (children)

Growler's mother is a female warthog.



Pumbaa, Growler's Mum, Simba, Timon, and Warthogs

Growler's mother with her children and Pumbaa

Growler's mother lived in the jungle during Scar's reign. She had five children, including Growler.

The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Growler's mother befriends Pumbaa and becomes determined to teach him how to be a real warthog, something her son disapproves of.

When Growler attempts to get Pumbaa killed at the Rocks, Growler's mother banishes him from the sounder.


  • She is most likely the mate of the alpha, since she has the power to welcome and banish, shown when she accepts Pumbaa and casts out Growler after the latter tries to get Pumbaa killed by the chief. That being said, she could be the mate of the chief.

Physical appearance

Growler's mother has red eyes, a black mane, and stubby tusks. Her coloration mirrors Pumbaa's.

Personality and traits

Growler's mother is a no-nonsense individual, being willing to oust her own son from her sounder, but she is easy-going and patient when needed, especially with Pumbaa.

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