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The Chief Warthog's Sounder (formerly)

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Unnamed (mother)
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Growler is a young male warthog.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Pumbaa's New Friends


Growler and his siblings

Growler strongly dislikes Pumbaa and considers the older warthog a disgrace to the entire species, as he is poor at hunting and many other things warthogs are supposed to excel at. His mother, however, enjoys Pumbaa's company and patiently teaches Pumbaa how to be a real warthog. Annoyed that his mother and siblings don't share his mindset, Growler instigates a conflict between the chief warthog and Pumbaa by lying and telling the chief that Pumbaa plans to take over their land.

Growler leads Pumbaa into an area referred to as "The Rocks" and into a trap, promising a fun game to the older warthog. Leaving Pumbaa surrounded by the chief and other males, Growler creeps off, but Simba and Timon catch up to him and force Growler to tell them where Pumbaa is. After hearing that Growler has led Pumbaa into a trap, his mother banishes him from the sounder after calling him a disgrace.

Physical appearance

Growler is a dark gray-brown warthog with growing tusks, a black mane, and dark red eyes.

Personality and traits

Growler is a conniving and scheming young warthog. He is very aggressive, especially toward the weak.

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